GREENER KNOTS – [Maxo Kream]

Few artists are able to capture my attention quite like Maxo Kream. The Houston phenom has been making moves throughout the last few years, as he should be with the incredible catalog of music he has put out, and he seems to only get better with time. He is simply a natural storyteller, and someone who isn’t afraid to dive deep into his life of hardships and eye-opening experiences, but the way he is able to deliver these stories is truly what captivates me.

Maxo isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, which is why I’m beyond excited to hear his upcoming project Weight of the World which is set to release on October 18th, and that day couldn’t come soon enough. In order to get fans ready for this upcoming album, he decided to drop off a brand-new single entitled “GREENER KNOTS”, and this is yet another impeccable addition to his sonic repertoire that any listener of his needs to hear as soon as possible.

In the instrumental, there is a soulful vocal sample combined with gritty, chattering hats and claps as well as deep, powerful 808s that provide a relatively simple yet open foundation for Maxo to do his thing and share even more of his story yet again. Although his demeanor isn’t as ruthless as we’ve heard in the past, it’s clear that his story is honest and not always easy to talk about, and the more hard-nosed portions of the production complement his narrative wonderfully.

Maxo is never one to resort to the same flows in every song he puts out, with this track being no different considering he rotates through countless cadences that continuously keep things fresh and appealing, coming together for a song that you’re not going to want to pass up on whatsoever. Weight of the World couldn’t come soon enough, but make sure to tap in with some of the album’s singles such as “GREENER KNOTS” whenever you get the chance in order to prepare for what’s to come.