At 22 years old, Yung Baby Tate has already been making music longer than many of her peers who are just getting into the game. The Atlanta artist has been making her own beats when she was 13, and she dropped her debut ‘ROYGBIV’ project in 2015. Since then, Tate has been pushing genre boundaries, seamlessly playing with different styles to pave a lane with a sound that’s distinctly hers. This month, she’s come through with one of her most sonically diverse projects yet, dedicated to a subject that’s just as dynamic as the songs themselves.

‘Girls’ serves as a conceptual counterpart to Tate’s 2018 project ‘Boys’, and it’s even bolder than its predecessor. Tate finds her niche somewhere in the middle of bubblegum pop, ATL trap, and retro RnB, bending these genres in a way I’ve never quite heard before. The mix of her influences comes through most potently on highlights like “Bad Girl”–she slips into sticky, sugar-coated melodies before going bar-after-bar in a punchy verse delivered with cutthroat confidence. Her natural explosiveness is matched by the production all throughout the project, as distorted bass and buzzing saw synths cut jagged edges around her smooth vocal style. While the majority of the project finds its footing in a high-octane dreamy space, Tate closes things off on a more sentimental note, taking a turn with the confessional and self-aware “Lover Girl”. It’s in this final inning that she really asserts her versatility, proving that her style is just as strongly defined even in her most vulnerable moments.

For those who haven’t heard of her before, Yung Baby Tate makes a case for herself as a name you ought to keep on your radar with ‘Girls’. And for those who are already fans, she serves up a cold reminder that she’s clearly just getting started in her progression as an artist. Stream ‘Girls’ below and peep the video for the remix of her track “Pretty Girl” too: