Get Me Lit – [P-Lo]

In the current state of music, artists find their own ways of getting into rapping. For Bay Area talent P-Lo, he got his start through producing. His uncharacteristic West Coast style of production caught the ear of some major names in the Rap world including Yo Gotti, Wiz Khalifa, E-40, and G-Eazy, among others who he created hits with. Although producing is what helped him get his foot in the door, he has since taken a liking to actual hopping on his songs and spitting some bars. It’s abundantly evident that this was a smart decision considering he already knows the ins and outs of the beats he’s on, so he can definitely elevate his talents and create all-out hits.

Despite being locked in quarantine like the rest of us, he wanted to use his time effectively and productively, so he decided to drop off a new track entitled “Get Me Lit”. P-Lo uses speaker busting 808s, scratchy synths, and other West Coast reminiscent sounds to pave the way for this dance anthem. His voice is unique and juxtaposes the instrumental in such an interesting fashion. Although the beat is hyphy and bops all the way through, P’s delivery is passive and as cool as can be. It almost sounds as if he’s whispering, utilizing the natural rasp in his voice to play up the relaxed aesthetics within his speech. He just bounces along, never overthinking his delivery or feeling overwhelmed by the lively production. His wordplay is fun and inventive, sharing the fact that he’s different in the same way that someone who’s adopted is. Beyond this, he talks about a plethora of things like getting lit, as the title suggests, as well as fast, expensive Porsches, always making hits, and even doing so many numbers that he compares himself to Verizon.

The music video that comes along with this brand-new anthem gives us a bit of a look into P-Lo’s current life, as he’s social distancing within his home just like the rest of us. He made it clear when posting this video to his Instagram page that he wanted to make a visual with his loved ones and his fans, even though they weren’t physically able to be around each other. Instead, he must’ve invited fans to submit clips of themselves vibing out to the bouncy single, as there are short recordings throughout of his followers showing off their own unique moves while being stuck at home. As P-Lo begins, he puts his grills in and bops along to his own track before the cameos begin, the first of which is actually the San Francisco 49ers mascot. As the visual moves along, different individuals can be seen masked up, dancing with disinfectant wipes, and just enjoying this new music. P-Lo keeps in shape as well, doing pull-ups in his house in order to stay active before sifting through his sneaker collection and putting on a pair of Dunks. Other fans are thinking outside the box, dancing on roofs, twerking, or smoking blunts and drinking alcohol, bringing some classic Rap video themes to this quarantined offering.

I definitely have to tip my cap to P-Lo for this one. Not only is the song absolutely fire and beyond catchy, but he does a wonderful thing by bringing a sense of community to his fans during a time that can be so difficult for many. He makes sure people are up and moving as well as staying creative, connecting them with not only himself but with each other. The sound that this song has makes me think that it’s only a matter of time before it has an actual dance to it that might go as viral as the Dougie or the Jerk, and with TikTok being so prevalent in this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if it blows up on there, either. No matter what, “Get Me Lit” is an all-out West Coast Anthem delivered by a true Bay Area OG, so give it a spin, get up, and move along with P-Lo and the rest of his fans.