FW Deem – Not A Safe Place

FW Deem developed his passion for music in early 2015 after being inspired by a few of his older friends that went by the name of CloudSurferz. Deem would record his first song called “Just Chill” produced by Macklemore’s music producer, Zac Levine. He would go on to release several songs soon after. FW Deem would get his first live show In 2017, opening up for Kehlani at The Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS. Only one week after his performance, he would get arrested for armed robbery. Once again, FW Deem knew that this was not going to define him. He would hone his craft behind bars where he would write songs and practice singing during his free time. Upon being released in 2020, Deem went right to work writing new music and performing at major concerts.

Soon after, he dropped his hit single “Not A Safe Place” which would catch the attention of Rene Martinez better known as RGM150. RGM150 is the cofounder of Hoolie Nation, an independent record label based out of Texas.

In 2021 FW Deem stood out at SXSW and hopped on the Ragland Tour with SauceWalka and The Sauce Factory and landed a spot on Kevin Gates DJ, BWA Ron’s Mixtape. The singer-songwriter is gearing up to release a slate of new music this year. Take some time to check him out below.