Announcing his debut album on Warner Bros. Records, along with the news that he will be joining James Blake on a North American tour, the London based crooner, Khushi, delivers a spellbinding effort in “Freedom Falls that proves he is ready for the limelight.

I may not know every detail about being a music supervisor, but if this one is not in a movie trailer or HBO show (preferably Westworld) by the end of the month, somebody is fucking up, because the effort is brimming with energy and emotion.

As cinematic as it is, it’s not in the way you might expect. Khushi’s feathery vocals are gently draped atop a self-produced backdrop filled with space and moved along mainly by some light key-work. Soft and almost hypnotic, the effort lulls you in before closing out with a powerful crescendo that maintains the atmosphere of the track but delivers a serious gut punch.

The right song can make a scene or a movie trailer, and in the right moment “Hidden Falls” could take the power of a big reveal to the next level.

Cut the check HBO.