Feel Some Type of Way Freestyle – [A$AP Ferg]

As a rapper, there are many different approaches you can take when making music. One of these methods is freestyling, which is never easy to do, and some artists do it better than others. Freestyling on a beat is somewhat like gambling in a sense because if you do it well, you become so much more respected and praised for your skills. If you do it poorly, however, you are mocked, and your respect goes out the window. Although I totally love when a great freestyle comes to fruition, I feel like artists who spend a good amount of time perfecting their words and styling them in such a way that they’re absolutely flawless by the time their verse is all said and done truly end up connecting with fans much more often.

As for A$AP Ferg, he has never been an artist who was afraid of a challenge, so I’m not shocked in the slightest that he’s back with his “Feel Some Type of Way Freestyle”. When artists add freestyles to their projects or drop off entirely finished songs and call them freestyles, I’m never completely sure if they’re actually spitting off the top of the head or not, but Ferg seems to be script-less in this offering. Some angelic vocal chops, filtered percussion, and background drums join with one another to piece together the production for this loosie. Ferg’s demeanor is much more passive and calmer than his typically energetic disposition, which could be because the beat isn’t extremely lively or because he’s really trying to focus on which lyrics he’s going to spit next. His words are somewhat choppy and spread out, as his delivery speeds up and slows down randomly throughout. His third verse is probably his most masterful one, as his flow begins to skip along in a sped-up tempo, demonstrating his best cadence throughout the track by far. As the title would suggest, Ferg makes it abundantly clear that he’s in his feelings with this instrumental, while also talking about all of the nice things he wants to buy for his girl, praising her for loving him for himself and not his wealth, and being jealous when he sees her with other guys.

One thing that’s unique about this freestyle is the fact that he actually decided to release a video to go along with it. Ferg heads to Australia for this visual, and the entire thing plays out in a monochromatic, black and white colorway. At first, clips of the artist performing at packed shows play out, showing him interacting with fans as the entire building shakes with excitement. This gives off the impression that it’s just going to be a video comprised of random tour footage, but the setting quickly changes to the bottom of the set of stairs in front of the world-renown Sydney Opera House, where he recites his lyrics after taking a moment to capture some pictures with a fan. Other than this main scene, the camera also shows Ferg at a bar or club of sorts, where he bought a whole bottle of Hennessy and dances along with the crowd. After this, clips of him hitting the casino, trying on an iced-out watch, and eating a luxurious meal while in Sydney are shown, demonstrating just how luxurious his life on the road really is.

Once again, I’m not entirely sure if this is all completely off the dome or if Ferg had a few bars written for this, but his flows and not overly impressive lyrics would suggest that he didn’t write these lines prior to recording. It’s not his most impressive offering and it won’t be a number one hit, but that’s not what he was going for when he made it. His comfort on the smooth beat is obvious, and he’s sure to impress some fans who didn’t know that freestyling was a skill of his. The visual is appealing and it’s intriguing that he decided to even create a video for this track, but I’m definitely pleased that he did. Ferg might surprise you with his “Feel Some Type of Way Freestyle”, so make sure to peep his latest offering.