Having recently signed a deal alongside Pat Corcoran, it’s no secret that the whole music world has its head turned toward 99 Neighbors right now. The expectations are high for the genre-blending collective, but as we’ve seen so far, they remain unphased, just as the art is sure to reflect. Today, acting as physical evidence of such, 99 Neighbors is back with one of my favorite releases of theirs to date, “F*ck No.”

Featuring contributions from Brasstracks and PhiloSofie, “F*ck No” checks off all the right boxes in regards to its sonic appeal, from soul-soaked brass contributions all the way to the silky smooth hook and even the natural allure of the deliveries. In addition, illustrated by the carefree, DIY nature of the music video, the group and its feature acts seem to be having genuine fun, boasting an unforced sense of chemistry that listeners simply can’t deny.

With this, while I can’t help but praise the aforementioned features, it’s important to zero in on the magic that 99 Neighbors, themselves, are delivering in their latest offering. The verses are more polished than ever and the lyrics as captivating as can be, pointing toward a severely fun future for the group’s creative direction. Unapologetically so, they’ve developed a gleefully-idiosyncratic style, and if not anything else, it’s clear that they’re not about to conform to expectations. Rather, 99 Neighbors is ready to keep pushing the ball forward, just as they’ve so successfully done with “F*ck No.”

Don’t sleep on this one — check it out for yourself at the link provided below!