I probably overuse the word “anthemic” in my writing, but in all truth, there’s no better term to describe Baby Sosa’s incredible single, “EVERYWHEREIGO.” Clashing her off-the-wall, unforgettable vocal styles with a lethal concoction of melody and charisma, this Virginia native might just be one of the most entertaining artists I’ve heard all year long. “EVERYWHEREIGO” has the indescribable touch of personality that’s difficult to put your finger on, but quite naturally, it connects with listeners and transcends any sort of appeal that you can easily translate into words. In this way, Baby Sosa’s style feels right as opposed to just sounding right, and the only justifiable reaction to this single is to throw it on repeat, because what else can you do but scream “everywhere I goooo, they all know my name” when you hear a song this catchy.

That said, I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled on this fantastic cut from Baby Sosa; all I know is that this one is getting thrown into heavy rotation for the weeks to come, and I would encourage all of our readers to do the same. Stream “EVERYWHEREIGO” below and keep an eye out for new releases from Baby Sosa hopefully in the near future!