Brodie Harvey
Brodie Harvey
22 May 2020

The ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly effected everybody reading this in some way, shape, or form. People everywhere have had life through them a major curveball, but a certain group has had a time in their life put on pause that isn’t necessarily one you can simply relive. Kids everywhere finishing High School looking to move onto the next stage of their life, often celebrated with full force, have had to simply wave goodbye to some of the most profoundly confusing and fun years any of us live in their own isolated spaces. Up until now, I haven’t heard a song that contextualizes this feeling quite as well as Alley Coop on “End of Summer”.

One of the smoothest voices I have come across is Oklahoma’s Alley Coop, if you aren’t familiar you better fix that quickly. The artist has an incredibly powerful voice at 18, able to craft larger than life melodies that intertwine with the production seamlessly. Alley Coop begins the song about how the life he once knew is over, with coronavirus stealing his year alongside everybody else. It shifts to a more positive space, shining a light on the end of the tunnel later this summer where we can hopefully look to go back to living how we once did.

I have been waiting for music to really encapsulate the various struggles people are having throughout this time of quarantine. Thus far, Alley Coop has created one of the realest representations of how people feel about not being able to see their homies. We’ll be back soon, so until then get familiar with the back catalog of Alley Coop, he is definitely a name you should expect to see more.

Listen to “End of Summer” on all platforms here!