Especially in the past few weeks, I’ve thought a lot about what sparks my interest in a given song and further, why I choose to write about the song. While there certainly isn’t one cut and dry reason that applies to everything I’ve written about, I would say the general rule of thumb isn’t just that a song has to sound good, but rather, that it has to feel exciting in some sense of the word. In the case of Virginia artist Baby Sosa — one of my personal favorite recent discoveries — this excitement arrived through the vessel of unbounded creativity.

With this in mind, Baby Sosa’s music isn’t quite like anything else out there right now, and gleefully so. In singles such as her latest, “Emergency,” Sosa proves to be in a colorful, off-the-beaten-path world of her own creation, using eclectic sounds and striking sonic patterns to illustrate this vision and bring it to life. Not only is the playful tone of her vocals an exciting aspect of the music, but the production contributes just as much, bringing Sosa’s oddball charm into an atmosphere of sound that, in the oddest of ways, makes perfect sense for her artistry.

Needless to say, Sosa’s latest continues on the streak of great music that she’s been on lately, so don’t sleep. Make sure you click play on the unapologetic, electrifying new single “Emergency” below!

Produced by Senojnayr