edamame – [bbno$] ft. [Rich Brian]

We really can never truly predict what bbno$ will do next. After dropping the silky smooth “wussup” with Yung Gravy, the Vancouver-based artist has turned things up a notch with a fast-paced, club-ready hit. A collaboration we have been eager to hear, bbno$ finally joins forces with Rich Brian to deliver one of this summer’s spiciest tracks titled “edamame”. Out the gate, trumpets lay down the foundation for a foot-stomping, body-moving beat produced by Diamond Pistols. Being the first collab between the two, the chemistry is top-notch in the way they effortlessly trade verses back and forth. This song keeps the energy at a high level from beginning to end, this is when bbno$ is at his absolute best. Already excited to see how wild the crowds at his first few shows go when “edamame” kicks in, this is one that will make people lose their minds at his already crazy concerts.

At this point, we can expect bbno$’s visuals to be a hilarious cinematic journey and the music video for “edamame” might be one of his best to date. A simple theme goes a long way, something as dumb as bbno$ and Rich Brian dressed in suits of armour wreaking havoc in the Hollywood Hills makes this one of the most standout videos I’ve seen in a minute. As they play ping pong and rap about droppin dumpers, the visuals bring this upbeat banger to another level as you can see their weird creative superpowers at full force. With a few strong singles under his belt, bbno$ is definitely leading up to one of his most anticipated albums to date. The crazy Canadian is already 2/2 with these releases, with him teasing a potential collab with Rebecca Black all bets are off in terms of what comes next.

Stream “edamame” on all platforms here and watch the video below!

Produced by Diamond Pistols
Directed by Reggie.