Eastside – [Daisy]

Los Angeles based group Daisy premiered their newest visual to their addictive track, “Eastside,” on Oct. 8.

The vibrant and colorful video features an array of different videographic capture styles, allowing for a multiple creative perspectives and angles that viewers seldom see in short music videos. The production and editing crew emphasized color and tone in the montage as well, with vivid colors and textures as well as scene-setting shots that certainly provide an inviting experience for such a feel-good track. Clip segments that stood out were beautiful portrait shots of a group picnic in the park, and a follow-cam from the back-end of their convertible as they cruise through the L.A. hills. The visual has amassed nearly 100,000 YouTube views in the short time since. 

Daisy brings a groovy twist to modern pop, with beautiful inclusion of a combination of instruments that provide a rangy, vintage feel that can attract listeners of all preferences. The group has been known for its’ wide spectrum of style and influence, with several of their songs having distinct switch ups and redirects midway through. Not necessarily the case with this track, however, but make sure you hear and see the beautiful guitar changeup at the 3:06 mark. 

Watch DAISY – “Eastside” (Official Video) on YouTube below!