LL intern
LL intern
13 Feb 2020

Zaytoven is all-around a one of a kind person and artist. Not only does he produce hit after hit with literally the biggest names you could possibly think of in the industry, but he also has a very keen eye when it comes to up and coming talent. He has discovered numerous artists over the last decade or more who have risen to stardom since their discovery, and they all have this one man to thank. I’m not sure if it’s his work ethic, his fine sense of talent recognition, or his willingness to go above and beyond for those he believes in that I respect most but no matter what, he’s an absolute legend.

Lil Gotit seems to be the next artist on Zay’s radar, as they link up for the lavish hit “Drip Jacker”. Zaytoven creates another banger with his production before Gotit even gets a chance to spit, but when you hear him rap, he ends up bringing the entire track to another level. Zaytoven’s production includes bells that give off the impression that you’re floating, while some quick, choppy, and heavy synths bring you right back down to earth. Gotit talks about the specific pieces of designer clothing he has, what size they are, how much they cost, and exactly what brands he’s loyal to, as if we couldn’t tell from the ‘fits he has pieced together in his other offerings. What I liked about this song specifically was the fact that Gotit seemed to be more subdued than usual as he delivered a consistent and catchy verse and hook ever so calmly.

The visual that comes paired with this hit begins with a nerdy guy looking at his computer perusing the internet, looking to steal someone’s style. He eventually comes across Zaytoven and Gotit dancing in an all-white room. Other settings include being in and around a Rolls Royce, which seems to be a car that has been prevalent in Rap music in the past but has been popping up more and more in recent videos. To go along with his lyrics, Certain garments that are being worn by the duo are pointed out and highlighted, including a display of the brand and that item’s price point.

I feel as if this video is a refreshing take on an otherwise classic music video. It included themes that can be found in almost any Rap video released in the past five years, but it remembers the title of the song with the scenes of the guy surfing the web to find a style to steal. The song on its own is destined to be a hit and it is sort of a precursor for Gotit. Although I think he was inevitably going to make it big, the fact that he has the support and guidance of Zaytoven now makes that an undeniable fact. “Drip Jacker” is bound to be everywhere in the blink of an eye, so stay ahead of the curve and check it out as soon as you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams