Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine – [BabyJake]

Many will undoubtedly be familiar with BabyJake. The Los Angeles-based artist has had several songs reach an insane amount of popularity, creating a free-spirited brand of alternative pop. His newly released album, Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine, is an exceptional project filled with engaging sounds and narratives, from unbreakable love, altitude euphoria, soured infatuation, and heartwarming bliss. Although many may be familiar with BabyJake’s more pop-centered sound, his new project exemplifies the beauty of ebbs-and-flows while remaining unshakably poignant towards its theme. Combining traditional elements of alternative and pop with a rock-spirited conductor, BabyJake’s album captures the true spirit of how explorative the pop sound has come and where we can expect it to go.

The seven-track project begins gradually with “Blue Cellophane,” a record that sets an unforgettable atmosphere with its subtle guitar chords and BabyJake’s melancholic lyrics and delivery. The album picks up its pace with “MadHappySad,” a groove-inducing showcasing of toxic love and its difficult circumstances. While the album’s second record is a more lively performance from Jake, it also manages to focus in on his alternative pop sound while expanding and exploring the depths and crevices within the genre. The finished product is overwhelmingly refreshing, and continues to be so throughout the rest of the album, such as on the previously released single, “Head In The Clouds.”

A special moment on Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine, is undoubtedly the inner-monologue style of its interlude-like fourth record, “(Consumption)(Addiction).” The spacey-sounding interlude does several things; first, it reconfigures the overall sound of the previously released single within the context of the album, and two, it primes listeners for the album’s more alternative rock b-sides. Proceeding forward, BabyJake delivers a self-aware and overall content performance on “Confidant.” Reverting to a more rap-adjacent cadence, the singer-songwriter finds a balance between a sway-inducing ballad and a poignant rap highlighting exhibition. 

The closing record’s of this impressive album, “Bread & Butter,” and “Anywhere” place BabyJake in a whole new tier for me. Production comprised of live-instrumentation that draw the senses to the likes of a Coldplay or The Wallflowers, comes to life in a new and refreshing way on both closing songs. “Bread & Butter” is lead by early 2000s reminiscent guitar chords that create an emotive base for BabyJake’s admiring delivery. His gritty voice is not only awe-inspiring but matches the happily content love narrative he weaves throughout the song’s memorable chorus. The final record on this album, “Everywhere,” for me, is nothing except incredible. It’s simple, but memorable lyrics, stadium-rock-feel transports you into another space entirely as you cannot help but sing along.

Listen to Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine by BabyJake below.