Do It! – [Egovert] ft. [Smokepurpp]

After one of the most stressful, unexpected years of all time, we all deserve to just kick back, relax, and enjoy ourselves as we venture on into the new year. That means, if there’s one person I trust to take over the New Year’s playlist, it has to be Egovert. Ego has become one of my favorite artists in general after I heard about him earlier this year, and he hasn’t even begun to reach his final form, which says a lot considering he already has an entire magazine of hits that I haven’t been able to stop listening to all year long.

He decided to ring in the year the only way he knows how, by dropping an absolute banger, and his fans are rejoicing to say the least. After long deliberation and a couple of bumps in the road, we finally received “Do It!”, a song that Ego teased various times featuring the one and only Smokepurpp. Now, I’ve been a fan of Purpp for years and years, so when I found out one of my previous favorite artists was teaming up with one of my new favorite artists, I didn’t sleep for weeks until I heard this anthem. Produced by his close friend and frequent collaborator mathiastyner, I knew this was going to be a hit even before I pressed play. The hitmaker utilizes an overly bouncy bassline, some loud and proud brass instruments, and groovy percussion to bring this track to life with a sliver of Latin flare, and it creates the foundation of an absolutely unbelievable party song.

Only two artists could match the energy of this instrumental, and Egovert and Smokepurpp are the two names that came to mind, so it goes without saying that their natural abilities come through effortlessly. As Ego comes in right off the bat for the hook, he provides some raunchy messages that are as catchy as they are full of life and personality. As he seamlessly leads us into his verse, he keeps up with a similar cadence as the hook while the beat cuts in and out, emphasizing his rhyme scheme and making sure that you’re not going to quickly forget about each and every word he spits.

Beyond this, his overly enthusiastic ad-libs provide even more vigor to the record, cause some aggressive hastiness that sticks out even more. When Purpp comes in for the second verse, he matches Ego’s energy unlike anyone else could, going off the rails from the moment he spits his first word and not stopping until his gas tank is on E. After he’s finished, the song pauses for a moment prompting you to believe it’s over, but Ego decided to provide one more memorable hook just to make sure he leaves a lasting impression on your eardrums one final time before ending the track perfectly.

When I heard that Ego and Purpp got together for a song, I couldn’t have asked for any better results. When I asked him how the duo linked up, he pretty much told me they got together at 4 am in the studio and recorded nonstop until 4 pm before Purpp had to leave for Miami and Ego had to head to a video shoot. Although I think it would be hard to even come close to topping this record, Ego confidently mentioned to me how this is the first of many songs that are to come from the tag team, and I’m on the edge of my seat to hear what else they’ve cooked up together. Additionally, he told me that his next big drop is going to be a project entitled EGODEATH (Vol. 1) which is going to be entirely produced by mathiastyner, the brains behind this song, as well as many of his other hits like “VELVET!”, “APPOLO!”, “SUEDE!”, and countless other anthems for artists like Craig Xen, Tokyo’s Revenge, Austin Skinner, and $NOT, just to name a few. So, I think it goes without saying that Egovert is going to have yet another unbelievable project that’s only going to strengthen his already bulletproof discography. While we await more details on the upcoming project, make sure you get 2021 started off right with Egovert and Smokepurpp’s brand-new song “Do It!”.