DETACHED – [Austin Skinner]

I love the underground music scene because once I find out about one artist, they almost always lead me to an entire world of new talents that I might’ve never found out about had I not known about the initial artist in the first place. It almost feels like a constantly growing tree, and the more branches I venture out into, the more unbelievable talent I discover, which I have turned into a mission of mine to put as many people on to these unbelievably skilled individuals as I can. Austin Skinner is definitely one of these artists, and while I was put onto him after his work with BIGBABYGUCCI and ITSOKTOCRY, I was fully engrossed in the sonic world he was creating. Not only that, but he has also introduced me to countless other artists he has worked with in the past as well which helps me continue branching out and diversifying my musical taste.

While I don’t think Austin can do any wrong whatsoever, he continues his hot streak with his brand0new album DETACHED, and after I realized it released, I stopped everything I was doing and tuned in. When I saw him hyping it up for the past month or two, I was nervous because some people have trouble living up to the hype, but I realized I never had anything to worry about with him after tuning in.

With 9 songs that span just about 23 and a half minutes long, Austin absolutely demolishes every single second of this project, never wasting an opportunity while using every last moment to his advantage as he cruises throughout this album. While I don’t think any of the 9 songs are even close to a miss, I would be writing a novel if I went into detail about each offering on this project, so I decided to choose just a few of my favorites to highlight and let you hear the rest on your own.

Early on, the second song “nervous” caught me pleasantly by surprise, because although it begins somewhat ominously and mysterious, the deep bassline and intense synths worked absolutely unbelievably next to Austin’s perfectly autotuned vocals. Following this track is “time 2 breathe”, a slightly brighter offering at first before very powerful, penetrative synths come in to switch up the vibe and create a bit more of an epic, all-encompassing ballad. While his natural talents are obvious throughout, the way he switches up cadences so naturally and smooth is something that even the most seasoned veterans have trouble pulling off at times, proving that Austin is one of a kind.

Finally, just over the halfway point, we arrive at “knew me”, which contains a bit softer guitar melody that is complemented by slightly bouncier, more poppy drums and percussion that shows us a different side of Austin that I truly appreciate because after listening to him crush his verses, it’s abundantly clear that he knows how to have fun as well as rip apart instrumentals.

As I said before, I could go on for days if I had the time to really dissect this album and share my thoughts on every single record on it, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time and I’d rather listen to it over and over moving forward. With only two features in Evn and BIGBABYGUCCI, this is pretty much a project where Austin takes center stage and showcases his dexterous, complex aptitudes that made me a fan in the first place, and they’re the reason why his fanbase is constantly amassing more and more followers as well. While I hope he makes his way out to Chicago so I can see him perform live as soon as possible, you can catch him on the 1 Night On Acid tour alongside GUCCI and various other acts, so if you see that they’re visiting your city, you can’t miss out. With that being said, DETACHED is the brand-new album from Virginia’s very own Austin Skinner, and you’re not going to want to miss out on this absolutely remarkable release.