A period of self-reflection for musician and visual artist Garrett Seamans has led to the creation of his latest artistic pursuit as Postcard Boy. A blend of hip-hop, punk, indie and electronic sounds, Postcard Boy mixes these influences with a strong visual aesthetic as well, which comes to fruition in his new music video titled ‘Dazed’.

The lead single off of Postcard Boy’s forthcoming EP, ‘Limbo’, embodies the mood evoked by its title both musically and visually. Seamans distorted vocals simmer over heavy synth lines and disorienting instrumentation that captures the feeling of being stuck in a mid-afternoon stupor. The video accentuates this tone in its simplicity, showing the artist stumbling along the beach at sunset and holding on to a bouquet of flowers as if it were a microphone. The reflections of the cloudy sky in the sand function to mirror the ruminating nature of Postcard Boy’s songwriting, ultimately setting the tone for what seems like it will be a memorable debut EP from this promising artist.

Watch the music video for “Dazed” below, and keep an eye out for Postcard Boy’s ‘Coffin’ project in the near future.