Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
9 Mar 2020

“Longevity is key, I want to be the next mogul of my generation. I just want to keep pushing Hip Hop to the next level and push myself to be the greatest I can be.”


The evolution of Hip-Hop not only as a genre but as a culture overall has been something very interesting to witness. To see if blossom all the way from rapping in the park in New York, to the direction it’s headed now is nothing but amazing. Regardless of those who may live in fear of the genre diminishing its roots, there are always artists out there who strive in keeping a certain sound alive and paying homage to the greats before us. Chicago-native who goes by the name of Kenyadda has made a path for himself that strives in paying homage yet still evolving, and today he’s making his Lyrical Lemonade debut to with his latest release of his new visual titled “D.A.B.S. (Down Ass Bitch from the Start).

Sticking to those original roots of those who came before us is something that will always remain to be praised from those who can execute it well. Rapping over a classic J Dilla beat, D.A.B.S. places Kenyadda in the situation of reflecting on a previous relationship with someone that turned bad. After having expectations about this woman thinking she was the one for him, he soon found out that she was in fact the total opposite. The visuals show Kenyadda sitting around playing cards with his homies as he tells the story of what happened in that situation, while clips from the altercation play as well. In a short conversation with Kenyadda, he explained that her purposely wanted to drop the video on the anniversary of Biggies death–one of his favorite rappers of all time.

While speaking to him about the direction of the music video, Kenyadda stated:

“The music video for D.A.B.S. was inspired by the Biggie song “I Got A Story To Tell”. I always wanted to see a video to that song and it was another way of me paying homage to one of the greats.”

By listening to his back catalog, paying homage is something that stands very near and dear to Kenyadda’s heart. Last year, he released his latest album “Days After Homage” on all platforms, which served as a sequel to another project of his titled “Homage”, where each track was remade from older classic records from the greats that paved the way. On top of listening to classic Hip Hop and learning from the past, Kenyadda also stated that he draws a lot of inspiration rom comedy acts and stand up, for that is “the closest form of raw expression” for him. Rest assured, its greatly refreshing to hear someone who is a firm supporter in classic Hip Hop and can do it in a way that not only shows some of the past, but showcases a bit of the future as well–creating a flow that will be able to stand the test of time for many years to come.

Watch the visuals for D.A.B.S. below and be sure to connect w/ Kenyadda on Twitter!

Dir: Brandon Holmes