Couple Hunnid – [Fresco Trey]

When I saw Memphis star Fresco Trey pop up in my tiktok feed last week, I was a bit taken back, as the artist that this site and Elliot Montanez’s Lemonade Stand interview had introduced to me to, was now a viral sensation gaining traction across a multitude of platforms.

His latest single and accompanying music video “Couple Hunnid,” is absolutely taking off, after his obvious natural talent caught fire across media platforms.

The track is brilliant, with polished vocals rolling out lyrics surrounding themes of the true price and power of money. What really sparked my attention was the flawless hook, which also has seemed to clutch the ears of millions.

“Made a million just off of the sad songs, couple hunnid make her fall in love with me.”

On top of Trey’s natural gifts, the instrumental brings a unique strings-heavy beat that crosses genre borders and appeals the track to an even further audience. The video has reached nearly 500K views in a month, and shows no signs of slowing down as numbers and fanfare continue to rise.

The visual, directed by Lach, is more than just a music video, it’s a short film. It depicts Fresco Trey in old-fashioned gang attire, acting out a full movie-like scene involving money, guns, and retribution. It had me — and seemingly hundreds of thousands of others — glued to my screen for the near-four-minute masterpiece.

Listen to Fresco Trey’s new hit and see the movie yourself on YouTube below!