LXVI is an artist who made it onto our pages a few months back after the impressive release of his latest song titled, “WOAH”. That track alone was enough for me to instantly believe in everything the up and comer is building with his team. One of the characteristics I look for in promising talent is upside and after hearing that jam, it was clear to see that he boasts copious amounts of it. 

Today, LXVI decided to bless us with a brand new offering that just adds on to the momentum that was created from “WOAH”. The track that just dropped today is called “Convo” and it exudes a different energy than his last showing but shows us another side of the up and coming hit maker. Centered around an acoustic guitar melody, Levi Bazillo opens his heart to his fans and gives them a front seat to experience his feelings and deepest emotions. The slowed down and intimate piece is one that you’ll have to spin a couple of times just to truly experience the beauty that it boasts. It’s extremely refreshing to watch artists show off different sides of their artistry. Being able to express yourself within different styles and approaches is what really makes a difference when it comes to reaching listeners. “Convo” is an amazing song and I think y’all will agree with that statement. From the production to the vocals, every base is covered. 

I’ve attached the Spotify link down below for LXVI’s newest track. Make sure to stream “Convo” and let us know what you think!