“gtfob” – [Cody Luv]

Both hip-hop and pop music are moving forward at extremely rapid paces respectively, leaving whatever signature aspects they once held so closely even as recent as one year ago in the rearview. But that does not mean that these genres still hold quite a lot of influence from their past eras; in fact, it seems that their current states tend to pull facets from a number of different time periods to conclusively secure these brand new sounds in the process.


For a striking example of a hip-hop artist paying homage to the past through the lens of the present, look no further than the ever-rising Cody Luv — who exemplifies this notion to a tee with their new single “gtfob.”


Though Cody has repeatedly made themselves out to be one of the freshest and most energetic figures in the greater underground scene as it currently stands – what with their membership in both the Novagang and Graveem1nd collectives respectively – they have come through with countless tracks that work to differentiate themselves from even their closest contemporaries. 


“Gtfob” is the latest item of evidence towards this fact, as nearly all of its aspects are more so reminiscent of past times in hip-hop rather than the one they are currently working in. This is a track straight out of the grander hip-hop landscape circa 2017-2018 — with Cody’s reverberated and slick verses topping a distorted and scattering instrumental produced by Starboyrob and Ninetyniiine. The beat truly stylizes itself off of those aforementioned years in perfect correspondence, all but complimenting Cody’s superbly energetic and gripping performance. 


It’s truly a call back to one of the most ignorant eras in rap history — and that is meant in the best manner possible considering how acclaimed the best tracks of that time were and still are to this day. Cody’s performance here truly stands up to the best of what rappers in this style were making back then, even to the likes of people like Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert. 


And in knowing this fact, it does nothing else but prove that Cody is without question one of the most important breaths of fresh air that the underground has to offer. It seems as though each and every scene is working to create only the newest and most unheard-of sounds yet, and though this is completely necessary and nothing but a good thing – the music world needs people like Cody to act as the perfect bridge between a time that’s almost been lost completely, and a time that has yet to even fully exist yet.