A rapper by the name of Vagabond Hendo makes his first appearance on our page today with his latest track, “Clockwerk Orange”. I’d never heard of Vagabond Hendo before coming across this song, and upon hitting play, his name was engrained in my mind within seconds as one I ought to remember. My immediate first impression was how difficult it felt to place Hendo in an era, and while his deep-toned, steadily knocking flow delivers a dose of old school nostalgia, his output thus far feels more timeless than a nod to the past. On “Clockwerk”, he ruminates out loud, pondering his place in the world, his relationships, and his art.

It’d be criminal to not mention the ridiculously cold beat that’s enabled Hendo to do his thing. Philly/LA-based producer Swarvy has produced some of my favorite beats this year, and Hendo flips Swarvy’s track “Overdose” in a way that fits naturally. It’d be easy to get outshone by the beat, but instead, Hendo wields it to his advantage and raps his ass off in the process.