Danny Adams
Danny Adams
31 Jul 2020

Although I’m not overly familiar with Guapdad 4000 to be completely candid, I have been seeing his name everywhere recently, so I think that it’s about time I tuned in. Due to his name sounding like the coolest new technology of the year as well as the titles of some of his songs sounding nothing less than meme-worthy, I was expecting his offerings to be more of a parody than any sort of actually appealing music, but I was totally wrong after checking some of them out. There’s a reason why artists like Denzel Curry, Rich Brian, Chance the Rapper, 6LACK, JID, Smino and so many more mess with his music, and after turning on even just one song, it’s more than apparent as to why. He’s so abundantly talented and the fact that some of his song’s titles might sound like memes definitely doesn’t translate into a joke once you press play. This is just another way he shows off his personality because aside from being an incredible artist, Guapdad is truly one of the most entertaining and intriguing musicians in the entire music industry.

On his most recent single “Choppa Talk”, he recruited the skyrocketing sensation TyFontaine to assist him and I couldn’t have been more excited. I honestly only tuned in at first because of the Internet Money standout, but I was blown away by both artists by the time the song came to an end. The instrumental begins with what sounds like calm, filtered synths that almost remind me of some sort of melancholic elevator music. As Guap begins to sing, some hats, claps, and kick drums are introduced and add so much vitality to the beat, providing movement and rhythm that the singer/rapper takes in stride and shreds apart. As he sings, his voice is animated yet composed, and there seems to be a singular layer of vocals that provides a spotlight on the words he’s singing. At the end of each line, his words linger through reverberations as they echo into the distance, leading us into his next bar. There seems to be a mixture of Indie Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop music that is brought together through the style of the beat, his vocals, and the lyricism, but this genre mashup is so appealing, it’s hard to even put into words honestly.

As he moves on throughout his verse, he switches up his cadence multiple times, showing off his skills but also the dexterous styles of his that are on display throughout the entire track. When Ty comes in, he raises the pitch of his voice incredibly high, but his notes never waiver and they remain impressively pure the entire time. The beat almost completely cuts out for his entire portion except for the last few lines, and this truly singles out the notes he’s passionately nailing with each word he sings. His verse is a lot shorter than I was expecting and I definitely wish we had more where that came from on this track because it felt almost more like a bridge than a verse, but he made the most of his time and undoubtedly elevated this track. Within his lyrics, Guapdad seems to be talking about a night where he’s drinking a lot of alcohol, and his choices begin to become blurred as he sends some possibly regrettable texts and makes some questionable decisions to avoid the pain he’s going through, which Ty ends up backing up with some of the themes in his quick verse.

In all honesty, I was blown away by this song. I think it has an absolutely addictive instrumental, a pulsating rhythm, and both artists truly show out for this track. Guapdad’s falsetto voice is full of emotion and passion, and you can feel some of the pain he’s going through with every single word he sings. Beyond this, although there are clearly effects on his vocals, they’re never inhuman or completely unnatural which provides this purity and cleanliness that is completely appreciated. This also helps to highlight the lyrics he’s reciting, elevating the pain and torment he’s going through in his mind. My only qualm is the fact that I selfishly wish Ty had a longer verse, but he does incredible things with the time he was given, and I can’t complain too much at the end of the day. The fact that he heightened the pitch of his voice even higher just complimented Guap’s portions incredibly, so it makes sense why he was the perfect feature for this song. Whatever you’re doing, stop and tune into “Choppa Talk” by Guapdad 4000 and TyFontaine right now because it’s one of the best songs you’ll hear all day.