Cheater – [Saiah] ft. [Tom the Mail Man]

After getting to know so many great people throughout the music industry, I’ve gotten lucky enough to be put onto some unbelievably talented artists that I might’ve never known about otherwise, so for that, I’m beyond grateful. While Phoenix might not be the best-known hub for music, there is obviously some very promising undiscovered talent that needs some shine, and Saiah is here to prove that it’s a city that’s a force to be reckoned with. Most recently, they teamed up with one of my new favorite artists Tom the Mail Man for a song entitled “Cheater”, and after listening, my mind was opened to a whole new world of music.

Produced by Squrl, this instrumental is heavily electric guitar-based as strong chords and rock-inspired melodies are at the forefront before additional rock drums enter into the scene, complementing these two artists’ unique talents wonderfully. Opening up, Saiah begins pretty calmly and relaxed before the beat truly drops and they allow themselves to get a bit more passionate, belting out their notes insistently as they continue on throughout the track.

When Tom comes in, he begins a bit more impassioned as well, constantly rotating in and out of powerful lines and more collected deliveries that add a nice complexity to this remarkable offering. Finally, when it’s time for Saiah to come back in and make another statement, they slowly but steadily elevate their enthusiasm to the point where they’re just all-out screaming their lyrics, bringing the energy to an all-time high before the song ultimately culminates once and for all.

While this is my introduction to Saiah, it’s definitely not going to be my last time tuning in whatsoever. I’m a huge fan of the pop-punk hip-hop movement which is a big reason why I gravitated so naturally to Tom’s music, and Saiah is just another artist who’s absolutely knocking things out of the park. Their vigor, enthusiasm, and energy all come together with their very raw talent that is going to continue to turn some heads moving forward, making them an artist you need to put on your radar if you haven’t already. With that being said, make sure you check out the latest offering from Saiah and Tom the Mail Man entitled “Cheater” as soon as you can.