Meshing hip-hop and rock, crazy ass live shows, and lyrics that still resonate today, Rage Against The Machine were truly ahead of their time.

With that in mind, a culture-wide re-appreciation of Rage Against The Machine is long overdue and I nominate Denzel Curry to spearhead the movement.

Bridging the gap between Rage and the new generation, last month, Denzel Curry performed a cover of “Bulls On Parade” for triple j’s dope series, “Like A Version.” This month, after over 3 million views, the song has made it’s way to DSPs and is more than worthy of an LL post.

Known for that raw sound and his unbridled energy, Denzel is the perfect stand-in for Zach De La Rocha. Obviously, Curry’s energy from start to finish is absolutely insane, but what really impressed me is how surgical he is on the verses. It’s nearly impossible to be so precise and keep that energy on 10, but he never misses a step making this one of the best covers I have heard in a long time.

About to head out on a nationwide tour, I hope this makes it into his setlist; hearing this live would be insane! Click here to stream the cover on Apple Music and Spotify