broke – [cultgabe]

Not too long ago, I was put onto San Diego-native cultgabe’s song “Heathrow”, and although this was my first taste of his music, I immediately knew he was going to do some great things throughout his career. Although he’s still relatively new to the music scene, music itself isn’t a new concept to him considering he recorded his first verse at the youthful age of 8 on his cousin’s laptop, and the rest has been history ever since. He just seems like the type of artist who knew what he wanted from a very young age, and even if he couldn’t turn many heads back then, he had this dream and a desire to change the world of music at some point in time, and that time is now.

At the age of 22, gabe is finally starting to see his dreams come to fruition, and that is true with the release of his most recent EP nowherefast which boasts 6 songs and clocks in at just over 20 minutes long. This project gives you the perfect taste of some of the many skills he possesses while also leaving you with a desire for more, but I can say with confidence that gabe is only getting started, and he’s an artist you need to pay attention to immediately. Along with the EP comes a music video for the project’s second track entitled “broke”, and Gabriel Cabrera Caswall and Brandon Mosquera did an unbelievable job of directing this visual into the masterpiece that it truly is.

In this flick, gabe finds himself alone at night in his home, seemingly contemplating many parts of his life before heading to his couch where he picks up his guitar, hangs it up on its stand before lying in bed for the night. After some time struggling to fall asleep, he hops on his bike and heads out on an adventure, shows up at his girl’s place before being rejected, sending him on his way to meet up with his homies who give him a bit of cash to buy a small bag of weed. Eventually showing up to a small strip mall, he comes face to face with a group of somewhat sketchy-looking individuals who intimidatingly sell him a bag of weed, sending him back to his home in a blissful moment of content.

This is short-lived, however, because he quickly realizes that he was swindled when he gets home, opening the bag to reveal a bundle of grass rather than the marijuana he paid for, ending the visual on a somber note. Although his career is still young, cultgabe is obviously an artist you need to keep an eye on, and if you’re not sure why quite yet, his EP nowherefast and the music video for his record “broke” should be more than enough evidence as to why, so make sure you tune in whenever you find some time this weekend.