Both of Us – [Vwillz]

“BOTH OF US have never been here before. As this continues to grow, I hope you never LEAVE ME- as it’s my job to ensure I LOVE YOU BETTER, and continue to grow our relationship along side my career.”


Rising star out of Colorado Vwillz has been an artist that I have had my eyes on for a little while now. Coming off of the release of his hit song “Emo Rhapsody”, he has easily become one of the up and coming artists that has made it on my radar, and will remain there for a pretty long time if he keeps this momentum up. The ability to follow up your hit song with even more great music is something that is vital when it comes to trying to become a mainstay within the music industry. A few days ago, Vwillz finally released a follow up EP titled Both of Us.

Remaining true to his craft, the EP continues that same sentiment that his single “Emo Rhapsody” yields, of spilling an ocean of emotions into the music, building upon his creativity and fluidity, and being as honest as can be. While his single may be performing fairly well on Youtube, and he is climbing very fast on the streaming charts, this song does not make an appearance on the EP. That being said, it goes to show how much Vwillz is confident in his new music that he is willing to leave off his most popular song and deliver more amazing vibes to jam to. Vwillz’s main focus is being different than others, and not being one to be put into a box or marginalized. With he release of this project, he is doing just that-as every song on the project has a different feeling and emotion attached to it. Despite the current circumstances in the world, Both of Us is a project that I have kept in my rotation ever since I heard it, and it is amazing music to just hop in the car, press play, and vibe out to.

Stream Vwillz’s new EP Both of Us below!