Blush – [Damon Rush]

In the age of accessibility, the fact of the matter is that kids in their bedrooms all over the world are mastering skills in music without any formal education. Hit songs and star artists can come from any direction, and these artists surely aren’t waiting for access to professional studios to make their music. One artist exemplary of such is Damon Rush; an LA-based talent whose eye for aesthetics and hand for production are amongst the best I’ve come across in quite some time – even as he records in a home studio, and sometimes, in his car. Today, making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, we’re here to revisit Rush’s thrilling single, “Blush,” self-produced with the help of Riley The Musician.

2 minutes and 42 seconds in length, “Blush” doesn’t waste a second of time. Every moment is packed with high-octane, electronic production and feverish energy, introducing sonics reminiscent of early 2010s pop in its fervent, left-of-center sound. Between this aesthetic base and Rush’s penchant for taking sharp turns throughout the song, “Blush” creates a sense of feeling and image much larger than the sum of its parts, refusing to look back after the initial beat drop at the 55-second mark. Because if “Blush” should invoke any imagery at all, it’s one that doesn’t dwell much on the past, but rather, loses itself in the moment.

Needless to say, between the vivid tone of the vocals and the enthralling, rollercoaster-ride production here, “Blush” is an unbelievable listen, and one that I can’t seem to let go of. Don’t just take my word for it, though; Damon Rush is creating an entire world of sound out of a bedroom studio, so check it out for yourself and stream “Blush” below:

Produced by Damon Rush & Riley The Musician