Black Girl Unbothered EP – [Liv]

One of my favorite things to do is browse through the tens of thousands of music submissions we get and find a diamond in the rough, and that’s just the case as today we have an artist that goes by Liv who is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her brand new EP titled “Black Girl Unbothered”. Within the first five minutes of listening to this tape, I was thoroughly enjoying the sound that she provided, but it just kept getting better and better as the tracklist continued, it’s a super smooth listen that has tons of creative elements to it.

Liv herself described this project as; “dedicated to the free spirit of a young black girl living her life. Its bouncy alternative RNB, unapologetic, edgy, and based in a lot what it means to find your 4ever person, all while remaining true to yourself. “. If you ask me that description is spot on, it only makes sense that the mastermind behind the project would know how it feels though. I swear that this is one of the best projects that I have heard this month, I didn’t know about Liv before finding this submission in the email, but man I will be sure to stay in tune with her future releases. Stream this brand new EP below and if you like it then don’t sleep, follow her on Soundcloud here!

production from Shayhan & Soultanz