The final disappointment that JPEGMAFIA has been teasing for months is finally in sight. In just two days, fans everywhere will be able to hear his new record All My Heroes Are Cornballs in full. Before that though, Peggy has given us another single from the album, titled “Beta Male Strategies”, keeping up the trend of having the best track titles in the game.

As the name implies, Peggy goes at haters of his that talk shit about him on the internet, rapping about the fact that they wouldn’t say any of the things in person that they say to him on social media, and just overall he picks apart the way they operate behind a screen.

Production-wise, this track is pretty abstract, which isn’t anything new for Peggy. Despite the lack of heavy-hitting drums, the song still goes hard, with a powerful delivery from Peggy and a fierce guitar melody that is introduced about halfway through the track. On the front and back end of the song is a soul-sample based beat that eases listeners in and out of the track.

With two singles as strong as these, All Me Heroes Are Cornballs is sure to be an album of the year contender. Stream this new track below and get ready for the new album this Friday!