Bad Habits – [Josi Green]

If you are a frequently visitor on our website then the odds are that you know Josi Green, who is finding himself back on our platform today with his brand new project titled “Bad Habits”. Josi Green has been blessing us with some good music for years now, it has been dope to watch him mature & progress as an artist, and as a fan I am happy to say that this new project is his best work to date. It doesn’t take much more than a song or two into the tape to see that the production on this project is serious, Josi connected with Ro Marsalis & Gold Haze who produced this tape in its entirety & man did they lace him with some heat to rhyme over. All nine of these songs provided flowed together in perfect cohesiveness making for a great all around tape, but don’t take my word for it though, click play below and judge for yourself.