Aura – [Blxty]

One of the most impressive aspects that the next wave of pop music comes to flaunt in a number of its equally impressive artists is the act of turning ethereal and atmospheric stylistics into digestible, appealing offerings with their respective pop sensibilities. This fact is being showcased by acts who take that sense of atmosphere from an instrumental basis – what with its reverberated and ambient tones – and apply their vocals directly atop it while still keeping a sense of rhythm, and an infectious one at that. 

Among the absolute best individuals who have come to master this unique and nuanced approach is Blxty — as the Helix Tears and NoHeart progenitor has effectively delivered track after track that sounds just as spacious as it does down to earth and comprehensive as pop songs in their own right. 

For a brief, yet completely ideal peer into how exactly they come to deliver with this method, look no further than their latest release entitled “Aura.” 

They present their unmatched style over a beat that suits them incredibly well; both Odel and Elias crafted a completely fitting ballad here with its controlled, yet soaring and glistening demeanor acting as a perfect platform for Blxty to deliver on. 

And they come to do exactly that in such a graceful manner, as their performance here is nothing short of exhilarating and awe-inspiring in the process. They carry with them a subdued and laid back tone of voice that works in what can only be described as a perfect contrast to the ever-moving beat, and the resulting product ends up being one of their most dynamic offerings yet once it all concludes.