Attachment: 1 – [Noir Brent]

It’s always a great day when Chicago’s own Noir Brent decides to come through with new music. Today, the Lyrical Lemonade favorite is here to offer us a sparkling new single titled “Atachment: 1”, and fair warning, it may just be one of the best tracks that Noir Brent has blessed us with to date. Channeling his emotional side with this track, Brent looks deep into his love life and the attachment he feels there, following this introspection with a deep look into many other facets of his life including Lil Peep’s death, the current status of his life and how lucky he is to be here, and more. Produced by Uglyfriend and zJakkies, this track’s bright sound and simply beautiful melodies make for a standout release overall, showing us once again that Noir Brent is capable of much more than just contributing behind the boards, he really does it all. Be sure to show some love and listen to the Chicago native’s latest offering below.