Angelhood – [grandma]

Liam Hall is a name that might not sound very familiar to you if you’re not an absolute student of the music industry, but he is one of the most ingenious and original people in the history of the music business, at least in my opinion. Better known by his stage name grandma, he has been earning accolades and recognition for his unheard-of take on hip-hop, often crafting instrumentals by himself as well as laying down some of the most angelic vocals that you could ever wish to experience.

After breaking his solo-release silence of a couple of years with a few singles that were rumored to be featured on a project in the future, grandma made even more strong cases as to why he is someone that can never, and will never be ignored. To be honest, if you have an expectation of what hip-hop should sound like, you might not like his music because he wants to break that barrier, and he does so with everything he puts out in a magical and grandiose fashion. If you have an open mind and look forward to people who push the envelope and inject creativity into their craft, though, grandma is the first musician you should turn to.

As we got closer to the release of Angelhood, my anticipation couldn’t have been any higher, but after giving it run through following its release this past Friday, it was everything I could’ve hoped for and then some. With 8 songs that run just short of 24 minutes, it’s an EP that is a bit more extensive than others you may be used to, but grandma uses every second of this time to share a unique sound and even more elaborate, abstract, and complex narratives that dive into topics such as spirituality, modernisms, and profound takes on day to day experiences.

We may take these overarching subjects for granted on a daily basis, but I think grandma wanted to single these out and show that they’re things that can impact us much more than we first expected if we think harder and deeper about their effects on our day to day lives. Along with this, he does so in a way that’s just so commanding and thought-provoking, making me take a second to just pause everything I’m doing and reassess the habits I have like checking social media or consuming content online, because even though his objective is much more than this, I just feel like he has an intelligent, out of the box thought process that could apply to anything in your life if you really want to shift your perspective.

Even though his skills span genres and he has worked with artists ranging from Rico Nasty, ericdoa, SoFaygo, J.I.D., and more, these are all things that he has taken away lessons from and learned how to inject his music with the best aspects of these various styles, breeding a sound of his own that I truly believe can never be replicated no matter how many years pass. I am proud to say that grandma has influenced me on a personal level many times in the past, and Angelhood is yet another collection of records that is going to continue to alter my idea of the commonalities in my life even more, so head into this amazing EP with an open mind and I promise you’ll walk away with at least one or two new viewpoints that will leave a positive impression on you moving forward.