Among Us – [Noki]

Arguably the biggest catalyst that continues to drive the rising underground pop scene towards the mainstream is the strikingly apparent sense of community and collaboration that each act within the scene itself shares. Though this concept is carried out on a single artist-to-artist basis, it is better – and exceptionally at that – displayed through the countless amounts of collectives that exist within the community — practically uniting these artists even more than they would’ve been on their own in the process. 


That sentiment is exactly what prominent scene figure Noki wanted to illustrate on their latest track “Among Us” — a 7-minute cypher that unites artists from a variety of collectives onto what can only be described as an absolute mammoth of a single. 


Though Noki is simply a tried and true member of one of the present collectives Helix Tears, they were also able to compile the likes of Bloodhounds, Novagang, SlowSilver03, NoHeart, and Gooncity to fully complete both this immense song itself and that aforementioned illustrating of the scene and its emphasis on collaboration. 


With the amount of talent on this track from the outset, there is simply no way for it to become stale or even boring over its runtime just based on that fact alone, but Blackwinterwells and 4am do a remarkable job on production to keep the beat itself fresh, interesting, and appealing throughout the entire process. Their instrumental is catchy as can be while simultaneously acting as a perfect base for these MCs to flaunt their talents as much as they possibly can. 


And with that being said, each and every figure on the mic does an impeccable job at delivering the best of what they can do as individual artists while still keeping the song seamless and dynamic all the same. This is primarily seen through the types of verses that each act drops in the places that they do within the runtime.


The far more chilled and laid back verses from the likes of Blxty, Kuru, Grandee, and Mental are contrasted in the best ways imaginable by the upfront and energetic offerings from ogodthedeity, OSQuinn, Angelus, Ways, Wubz, Ascii, and Swag. And of course there are the rest of the verses that integrate a bit of both sides to complete the superb flow that this track displays from Crusifye, Exodus, Kmoe, Funeral, and Wells — with Noki’s steady chorus bringing everything in order to fully gel together such a raucous experience. 


In theory, it seems almost too obvious that a song like this would be as good as it is considering the talent contained within nearly every last bit of its aspects, but it truly must be said that it takes quite a lot of effort, passion, and intuition to make a cypher in this style work at such a resounding level. And yet, these acts have accomplished that feat on countless occasions, and “Among Us” is just the latest, and perhaps also the greatest example of how effortlessly they are able to bring the community together through the sheer power of music and music alone.