All I Wanna Do – [Soulzay]

The Doomshop Records member and Texas creation Soulzay has been on my radar for the last few months, after I’d heard this track “All I Wanna Do” back in March. I’ve been going back to this track consistently, and also have explored deeper into his inventory since – and I must say I get a completely different feel from his music than I was expecting. Originally I felt a sort of dark intensity to it, however as I’ve listened more I’ve grown into the idea that he’s actually clawing for a more relaxed and self-reflective vibe that I’m completely here for.

The visual for “All I Wanna Do” released just a couple weeks back and I was pleasantly surprised to get the same energy from the video as I do the song. It’s somehow reminiscent in a way in that it brings me back to earlier days of less worry and more positivity, which I think is why Soulzay has made me into a recurring listener. Mesmerize Visuals does a fantastic job with keeping things simple, with low-light and retro effects that bring the video back into a time that the track fits perfectly into. Porch steps and chainlink fences surrounded by leafless trees and concrete make the video feel as if you’re present with Soulzay and his crew, and allow the viewer to feel even more connected to the work.

Watch “All I Wanna Do” below!

Video produced and edited by Mesmerize Visuals