All 2 U – [Ohana Bam]

Chicago is a city that is just busting at the seams with talent and potential, and that’s one of the countless reasons why I’m so proud to be from here. Every day, I hear about a new talent popping up as well as other local talents making moves and taking their careers to the next level, so I couldn’t be more excited to wake up every day and see what the next big thing in music in the Windy City is going to be.

While there are limitless artists in the city that have the potential to make it into the eye of the mainstream, I feel like Ohana Bam is an artist at the top of this list. He has been consistently chipping away over the years and this constant grind has led to some major opportunities. Most recently, Ohana decided to team up with director and close friend of Lyrical Lemonade Michael Delro for a brand-new music video for his song “All 2 U”.

Just like Ohana, Michael has built as sturdy of a foundation as possible, working with almost any local emcee or singer you can imagine, and he has this special ability of bringing a specific vibe to each artist he works with, making him a dream collaborator for many talented individuals in the area. As for the most recent video with Ohana, he utilizes a somewhat hazy, blurred filter throughout much of this visual along with dark, colorful shots that emphasize the vibrant nightlife scene that Ohana is finding himself in.

Opening up, the emcee and his significant other seem to share some fun times at home as well as out at a bar of some sort before a flashback seems to take place and we’re transported back earlier in the night as the two individuals get ready for their date. Later on, a lovely lady makes her way into the bar and passes the couple, taking Ohana’s attention off of his girl as this new woman passes by.

Eventually, we see another flashback where these two women actually know each other, and they have a plan to distract Ohana and slip a pill in his drink, which turns out to be a successful move for the duo as he is distracted by the woman walking past him. After this, the rest of the visual becomes blurrier than ever as he gets home and struggles to even walk up the stairs because whatever drug they put in his drink has pretty much completely taken over his sanity at this point. Finally, the video ends with the two girls pretty much cursing him out in a “gotcha” type fashion as the camera goes black, most likely simulating Ohana passing out.

Ohana Bam is one of the most talented and captivating people in the entire Chicago music scene, and while he might be highly regarded in the city, it seems like many other parts of the country are sleeping on him. Nonetheless, he just might be one of the biggest gems coming out of Chi-town and we at LL have known this for years considering he constantly makes appearances on our Top 50 Chicago Projects lists year after year (this year coming in at #31 with his project Bam Got That Dope, a collaboration with hitmaker DA Got That Dope). It only makes sense that he is going to continue breaking through barriers and getting better every single day, so I can’t wait to see what he has next for fans, but until then, “All 2 U” is going to be a perfect place holder that I’m definitely adding to my playlist immediately.