Danny Adams
Danny Adams
29 Mar 2020

Every day it seems like younger and younger artists are making massive waves which is so impressive to me. They don’t let their age create a barrier and a lot of times, fans don’t even realize how old they are because the music they make is just so impressive, it’s hard to believe a teenager is the one bringing it to life. The Kid LAROI is a perfect example considering he’s a 16-year-old Australian rapper who has been absolutely blowing up in the last few months. It’s for good reason too, as his talent is abundantly dynamic and his knack for creating beyond catchy flows is just natural. Hearing him speak makes him sound much more mature and advanced than a typical teenager and he’s got a fantastically creative brain, so beyond the hits he has already made, he’s bound for greatness moving forward.

With the major impact TikTok has had on the entertainment world recently, LAROI decided he was going to capitalize on this and make a song named after one of the biggest stars on the social media platform “Addison Rae”. His voice is really what makes the largest impact on this song, but some airy synths, echoing keys, and crisp percussion pave the way for his vocals to shine. LAROI’s hook is infectious, stating the fact that he needs a girl as bad as Addison Rae, swinging his ad-libs in the background to add layers to his delivery. As he sings, the very slight vocal effects take his already naturally impressive voice to another level.

His first verse begins as he yells out to a girl who might be the TikTok star or someone else he has his eye on, and he asks to take them out and show them what kind of person he really is. He continues on to discuss the struggles he has had with girls in the past and how they just don’t give him a fair chance. He also reminisces about previous relationships that seemed to be going well, but now these girls just want the money he’s been rapidly accumulating through the success of his music. His flow just seems effortless as he sings and raps in perfect harmony with the beat, truly creating a hit.

Going into this song, I was worried it was just going to be a gimmick to gain attention when people notice the famous TikTok star’s name and not actually end up being a good song. I was completely wrong, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result of this hit. His emotional discussion of relationships, heartbreak, and other struggles can be felt in every word he speaks, and his voice has a rawness to it that makes it clear why he’s blowing up. I also heard that LAROI hadn’t met or even knew Addison prior to making this song but they’ve since formed a friendship and have hung out, so good for him. If you’ve been sleeping on the hottest artist coming out of the Outback, it’s time to wake up and listen to The Kid LAROI’s latest song “Addison Rae”.