a song i made for u, friend – [lei]

For as many collectives as there are within the ever-present digicore scene, their dominance brings with them far more positive facets than negative ones from a baseline perspective. Though these groups can confuse and/or overwhelm many via their sheer quantity across the scene, the fact that so many once-undiscovered talents can come to light due to joining any number of them is more than a fair trade for these detractions. 

That exact sentiment applies directly to rising 15-year-old standout lei. Being relatively unknown during the beginning stages of their career, they have seen their stocks rise immensely due to becoming associated with a trio of collectives in Co-op, worldonlockdown, and 2k3. Besides being tapped in with the already-established talents that make up these collectives, lei was also conversely given the platform to let their artistry shine on a worthy-enough level compared to their place before. 

And they are wasting no time in relishing these opportunities; they have come through with a recent outpouring of jaw-dropping singles that have solidified their rising status within this scene in full effect. It’s a string of hits that have since culminated in “a song i made for u, friend” — perhaps their absolute best single offering to date. 

Over an appropriately-heartfelt instrumental by venexxi and yugen, lei goes above and beyond here to effectively communicate what makes them such a magnetic and must-see act today with all the emotional vigor in the world. The two producers here create an ideal setting for their talents to burst through with this piano-based ballad, allowing for our main figure to shine in the absolute best possible manner that they can. 

They do just that with their unabashed emotional honesty — both from a vocal and lyrical perspective alike. Their tales of a completely torn relationship and the personal mental agony that comes with it are artfully elevated by their dejected and cast-down delivery, infused with all the beautifully mixed harmonization one could need to illustrate these feelings. It’s an experience that bites at the listener from the sheer sound of the music by itself, right down to the meaningfully vivid songwriting at the same time. 

That previous statement practically describes each and every single one of lei’s offerings, and it just goes to show how remarkable their pace is in improving on such a spotless formula time and time again. It’s exactly why a track like this is as outstanding as it is, coming from a place of sincere originality and self-imposed influence to create such massively effective musical moments. They have taken the platform they earned for themselves and are doing wonders with it, which just makes for the brightest future imaginable for this unmistakable expert at their craft.