1017ALYX9SM – [Paris Michael]

The electrified infused elements that make-up Paris Michael’s music is unequivocally impassioned. His newly released single, “1017ALYX9SM,” is a buzzing exhibition that makes an impressionable mark of an artist that is immensely worthy of your attention. Texturized by radioactively-singed production, Paris Michael’s new single is a hip hop chemical experiment that exudes anarchy and unwavering confidence. Whether charged up by the megaphone style of delivery or the quotable lines of braggadocios raps, the New York-based artist will undoubtedly have your attention. His performance is visceral and overall sporadic, a miraculously complicated blend of driving basslines and drums that respond not to a typical time signature but to Paris Michael’s mood. Each verse and explosion of production feels like it resonates directly from Michael’s attitude.

Listen to “1017ALYX9SM” by Paris Michael below.