South Florida’s Prospectt drops visual for “Bluffin.”

By Jaxon Brown // 27 Jan 2023

There are just some tracks you know you’re going to mess with right off the rip. So was the case with Prospectt’s latest release “Bluffin,” a high-energy, raw track accompanied by a brand new visual shot y The Holyhood that’s got listeners everywhere excited. A low, raspy delivery over this bass-heavy instrumental produced by Chris Rojas combines for a flawless track, and you can hear it from the first line. Prospectt’s flow switches keep listeners on their toes, while the catchy hook keeps them grounded for its entirety. The visual is dark, blurry, and mysterious which are feelings also given off by the track, and the combination of the visual with the audio is one that works seamlessly. Jump cuts and speed ramping give a high-energy and fast-paced feel, while transitions and lighting effects provide creative and colorful aspects that add to the mood. I’m excited I came across this track early, and apparently so are many others. In just a week, the video’s received 3.4K views, and I expect that number to keep climbing. Check out “Bluffin” on YouTube below.

LB199X drops iconic video in “Leaders.”

By Jaxon Brown // 27 Jan 2023

LB199X isn’t waiting until February to highlight the black leaders that helped shape the man he is today, as he highlights iconic figures with his new release titled “Leaders.” Huey P. Newton, Marcus Garvey,  and Martin Luther King Jr. are just a few of the people the DC-born rapper highlights in this insightful and creative video that dropped just last night. LB199X is operating on a higher level. The feelings and frustration in his lyrics are palpable as he, along with so many others, is fed up with seeing black-on-black crime and systematic oppression affecting neighborhoods and people just as it’s done in his life. A representative of Guin Records, the MC is known for being bold, and after the passing of his parents, he knew it was necessary to stand tall and find a method to shine a light on something bigger than music. “Leaders is a song about Black leaders who died by the hands of their own people. I wanted to show truth in the matter, we are better together rather than separated. . I spoke on Kings because, as black men, we are kings and we need to express the power of Community and Pushing our …

Rucksack (live) – [Qari]

By Elliot Montanez // 25 Jan 2023

One of the most impactful Chicago artists over the last decade is Qari, who some may remember from his Hurt Everybody days or his amazing catalog of solo releases, most recently being 2022’s Stronghold project. This was one of my favorite bodies of work to come out of the city last year, and one of the fan-favorite tracks off of the tape was the introductory record “Rucksack”. Waaaaaay back in 2019, Qari and Eddie Burns actually teamed up with many other talented creatives to shoot a live performance of this record, and now nearly four years later, we are finally getting to see this masterpiece. Although it’s years later, I believe that it only adds to the allure of this piece of content, and I am glad that this didn’t slip through the cracks. They could have easily not have ever put this out, for reasons such as it being outdated or wanting to shoot something new with a similar concept, but I appreciate this not only for how good it is but for the moment in time that it captured. Shout out to everyone that was involved in this project, you all did a fantastic job and I thank …

$windlaaa – “Late Night Thoughts”

By Tobbylola // 20 Jan 2023

Today we are featuring a buzzing rapper who has been making some noise. He goes by the name $windlaaa, born and raised in upstate New York and South Florida. If you’re a fan of Melodic rap, he is one for you! People have been discovering his music through his videos Shotbyjolo. His catalog is already reasonably deep, but his incredibly catchy single “Backend” featuring Trapland Pat stands out. Recently $windlaaa released his second Mixtape, Late Night Thoughts. Spanning 21 tracks, the new project recounts the rough circumstances of his upbringing and emotional setbacks. “My inspiration behind this release is being able to share my story with others. I feel relieved once I get whatever is in my head out and my fans say they experience the same emotions.” he shared. In a recent On the Radar interview, $windlaaa discussed the project, expressing his growth as an artist, betrayal in the industry, and dating relationships. The mixtape is home to stand-out singles Skrrt’n thru Traffic, Money, and Price On My Head. $windlaaa rolls out the red carpet for a tasteful selection of feature appearances from Trapland Pat, FL Dusa, Lit Yoshi & tracks from top NY producer Jbanga Beats. Ready to bring his melodic raps to a larger audience, the rising star has the potential to make it …

D. Savage teases new album with release of “Klosure.”

By Jaxon Brown // 20 Jan 2023

After having one of the most electric Summer Smash 2022 sets of the year, Empire signee D. Savage has been reloading his discography with singles for listeners as they patiently await his upcoming album Mafia Musik. This time, it’s “Klosure,” a banger that just dropped last night. It contains some of the layered, filtered, “angry” vocals that Savage’s audience knows and loves so much, but features some new sounds and styles that make this joint unique. It doesn’t take much to please me for music videos, I really just love having something to visually accompany a track since I do a lot of my listening on YouTube, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the track had an accompanying visual. Directed by Inland Films, the video has multiple scenes of Savage from inside the studio and in a parking lot with his people, with extravagant tints, cutouts, and motion graphics to add a creative feel. As D. Savage teases his much-awaited Mafia Musik, check out “Klosure” on YouTube below!  

Fair Exchange – [Paydroo]

By Lee Mcintosh // 19 Jan 2023

Hailing out of PG County, Maryland, Paydroo is an artist that strives in using his voice as a powerful tool to inspire the youth and drop gems for those who are in need. Immediately after discovering  Paydroo and hearing his voice, it instantly reminded me of a Westside Gunn sort of vibe, but with his own style added on top of it. It’s very clear that inspiration was drawn by old-school hip hop, as Paydroo executes it perfectly here. Premiering on LL for the first time, here is “Fair Exchange” by Paydroo. “I gained inspiration to write this song as soon as Gr4ff sent it. Oftentimes my concepts come from the way the instrumentals are titled upon receiving them,” says Paydroo in a statement about the creation of the song. Gr4ff being the producer for the record, he helps Paydroo channel that energy perfectly and he feeds directly off of the energy that he put into the beat; creating what feels to be a timeless record of pain raps and introspective bars. Check out “Fair Exchange” by Paydroo below! Director: Richy Guzman


By Lee Mcintosh // 19 Jan 2023

Inspiration and influence; are the two I’s of music that not only allows the musicians before us to continue their legacy but allow the musicians of the future to continue theirs. Louisville native KINSLOW debuts on Lyrical Lemonade today with his latest offering titled “DOGWOOD.” Produced by Kingston, with the visual directed by ‘The Trap Steve’ — the much-anticipated single exceeded its hype and expectations. With the catchy hook and bouncy instrumental, “DOGWOOD” will quickly become a fan-favorite and reach even further than his core fan base to new listeners. “It’s inspired by the street I grew up on, ‘Dogwood Drive’. I first wrote the hook .. which made me recall my childhood/adolescence years .. when I would play basketball and write rhymes. It’s also heavily influenced by [my take on] that Southern Texas sound. That’s the aesthetic I was aiming for.” Immediately upon checking out this record, I instantly caught the vibe of DaBaby’s earlier videos. Not only from the production, but to the style of editing as well. The comedic factor in the visual as well plays a big part in that, and that is exactly the vibe that KINSLOW was going for. “Another influence was ReelGoats .. the director of DaBaby’s videos. I …

3AM In Paris – [24TGA]

By Lee Mcintosh // 18 Jan 2023

Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, 24TGA is an artist who’s been on his grind since 2015, and has been working diligently to perfect his craft and find his own unique sound. While Boston is not predominantly known for many artists to emerge from there, 24TGA doesn’t let that stand between him and his goals of making it within the game, and doing it in his own unique way and fashion. Making his debut on the Lyrical platform, here is 24TGA’s latest offering, “3AM In Paris”. What stood out the most to me once listening to this Wonderlust-produced single, is the various styles that he incorporates within the production of this song. While many artists may take a liking to similar beat styles and choices nowadays, “3AM In Paris” features an acoustic guitar riff in the lead, perfectly accompanied by a bass guitar as well. Blending tons of elements of music makes this song sound very fresh and unique, all whole stacked with 24TGA’s auto-tuned vocals to accompany the record. Check out “3AM In Paris” by 24TGA below! Directed: Xandros  



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