PREMIERE: Dance On My Grave – [Blake Banks]

By Jaxon Brown // 29 May 2020

Just a few short weeks ago, LA based and increasingly popular artist Blake Banks released his single, “Dance On My Grave,” a track that gained huge momentum and did fantastic numbers. Just today, he released a visual (produced by iKilledKiki) to the track, in which delirium seems to be the main energy. The video shows clips of banks bloodied laying in a shower, performing a show, and walking among LA rooftops, all with filters and effects that create a nearly hallucinogenic energy that accompanies the mystical love song’s vibration. Not only has Banks continued to solidify himself in the industry (teaming up with the likes of Post Malone) and only seems to further his success with mixed-genre bangers such as this one. Be on the lookout for more work from Banks as he looks to release more music in an upcoming project entitled, Risky Business. Watch, Blake Banks – “Dance On My Grave” (Music Video), below! @blakexbanks

Hydro/Frozone – [Nolanberollin]

By Danny Adams // 29 May 2020

Just the other day, I wrote about Nolanberollin’s brand new EP called [g-tec club], and he’s back with a brand-new visual. As I said in the other article, there’s nothing normal or typical about Nolan, and this individuality is what has drawn me into his music time and time again. As for the music video, he mashed his songs “Hydro” and “Frozone” together to kill two birds with one stone. The interesting thing about this is, only the latter is off of the aforementioned tape, and the former seems to be off of an entirely different project called Gary Oak. This EP came out just a few months ago so it’s still relatively fresh, but it’s just interesting to see two separate works of his collide in one common place. As for “Hydro”, majestic, almost angelic synths combined with extremely minimalistic percussion and drums lay the foundation for the instrumental. This isn’t uncharacteristic of Nolan’s music as every song seems to utilize some sort of unique sound that pairs with his unbelievably deep, sometimes monotone voice in an always appealing way. After his quick chorus, the beat plays out for about thirty seconds before he comes in for his verse …

Both Sides – [Gucci Mane] ft. [Lil Baby]

By Danny Adams // 29 May 2020

It’s always really interesting when an OG and a new school rapper team up to collaborate with one another. I’ve been listening to Gucci Mane since his pre-penitentiary days and he truly knew what it meant to be a trap house icon. His music might not have been the most intricate or dexterous, but he has a quality about his sound and tone of voice that just made listeners believe every single word he spoke, no matter how intense it might be. Lil Baby, on the other hand, has taken the mainstream Rap world by storm and it’s clear why he blew up after listening to any one of his songs. His flows are insanely complex, his voice is unique, and he just carries himself in such a confident yet humble fashion. Although it’s definitely not the first collaboration between these two Atlanta stars, the duo teams up for the lead single entitled “Both Sides” off of Gucci’s upcoming unnamed album. The beat begins with some hasty xylophone notes mixed in with what sounds like some background pan flutes before hard-hitting drums and classic trap percussion come into the picture in order to set the fast-paced tempo of this track. …

PREMIERE: McLovin – [Pasto Flocco]

By Jack Gregory // 29 May 2020

Pasto Flocco is back with a new visual, this time for his sanguine and melodic new track “McLovin,” produced by HolyOne, and the Queens native shines in this video, exhibiting all of the swagger and charisma that first endeared him to his ever-increasing youthful audience and above all else it is plain to see that Pasto is enjoying every step of the way in his career. This happy-go-lucky tune is the first single off of Flocco’s upcoming mixtape Dreams 2 Reality which is slated for release sometime this summer, and if “McLovin” is any indicator of what to expect off of the new project then it is safe to say that we are all in for a treat. In this day and age, most rappers have pivoted to focusing on what ‘vibe’ they can create with their music, rather than giving explicit meaning and Pasto Flocco has a full grasp on this and creates these moods in his tracks masterfully, this time with his devil-may-care cut that is certain to be a summertime anthem to many.    

Satellites – [Daniel Novello] ft. [Fontana*]

By Seamus Fay // 29 May 2020

Daniel Novello, the person, and Daniel Novello, the artist, have never seemed to be different people. Personal describes the kind of honesty that the Atlanta native employs into his songwriting, and impassioned is perhaps the best way to describe his deliveries. With each new release, Novello puts every ounce of heart into his art, the yield of which has most recently arrived in the form of his Wilshire Trails EP – an ode to a Georgia staple, right near Novello’s home base. Today, expanding on the strong new EP, we’re here to shed a light on Novello’s music video for “Satellites” featuring Fontana*, which follows in a strong line of visuals for the ATL artist but emerges as my personal favorite to date. Employing the homely look and feel of a grainy 90s film, “Satellites” takes the storytelling nature of the song and merges it with sometimes humorous imagery, blending animation and cinematic camera work to tell its story. From a reappearing horse-headed figure to the Stepbrothers-eque on-camera duo of Novello and Fontana, it’s a hilarious music video that comes across as uniquely compelling without losing sight of the message that the music portrays – an important distinction, and one …

home demo – [SOPHIETHEHOMIE]

By Seamus Fay // 29 May 2020

Having passed 2 months since its original release, I’m certainly late to the party when it comes to SOPHIETHEHOMIE’s decadent “home demo,” but I figured I would write it up anyway, considering that I’ve had this on repeat lately as the relaxed pace of quarantine has begun set in. Released back in mid-March, almost exactly in line with the beginning of our current reality, “home demo” acted as the precursor to SOPHIE’s strong new Cabin Fever EP, which has since emerged as one of the year’s more intriguing introductions to a bright new artist. Just over three minutes in length, it’s the kind of tasteful, silky smooth R&B song that I’ve been a sucker for since becoming a fan of Erykah Badu, and the kind of release so relaxed that it’s a clear frequent flyer in terms of playlisting and replay value. Arriving with an accompanying music video, quite simplistic in setting, the visual side of “home demo” focuses on texture and lighting to bring across its message, with SOPHIE’s illustrative facial expressions mirroring the fervency of the songwriting. Every line seems to come from the heart and every note from the soul, so much so that “home demo” takes on …

Pickpocket – [Vanillaroma]

By Seamus Fay // 29 May 2020

Music is an individualistic craft. More often than not, those who march solely to the beat of their own drum are more likely to pop than those who follow someone else’s, and so, individuality usually wins – the unique usually win. Here to exemplify such is a thrilling band by the name of Vanillaroma and their brand new music video for “Pickpocket.” Introduced with a strong cosign by way of the Brockhampton YouTube channel, the music video for “Pickpocket” is simply titled “This is Vanillaroma” – a nod to the idea that “Pickpocket” captures the energy of the group, and a thesis statement of sorts for the release as a whole. Just under 4 minutes in length, the song and its visual accompaniment capture a weird, wonderful, and raw sense of energy that looks and feels unique to Vanillaroma. Set in the comfort of their own home and complemented with effortless individualistic flair, it’s a straight-from-the-heart offering that refuses to be anything but itself, and as a result, creates an image of the song and group that you can’t help but love. As they say, “take the stairs and you’ll live forever.” Vanillaroma might be reaching new fans thanks to a …

Tell Me U Luv Me – [Juice WRLD] x [Trippie Redd]

By Elliot Montanez // 29 May 2020

Lyrical Lemonade founder, Cole Bennett, recently sent out a tweet that touched on the fact that he hasn’t dropped a music video in nearly a month, and how moving forward he was going to be dropping every single week for a couple of months. It didn’t take long for him to come through on that promise, as he just released the brand new music video for “Tell Me U Luv Me” by Juice WRLD and Trippie Redd. These two artists have been a couple of the most groundbreaking acts to come out within the last handful of years, so whenever they connected on a track it was always special, but this one just hit different both sonically and visually. This new track here has Trippie Redd on the hook who provided a truly unforgettable & catchy melodic that helped drive the track, while the legend Juice WRLD gave us two standout verses that are each unique in their own right, as he took a slower approach on the first one then sped it up the second time around. This record is going to be one of the best to come out in 2020 when the year is said and done, …



Tell Me U Luv Me - [Juice WRLD] x [Trippie Redd]

Lyrical Lemonade founder, Cole Bennett, recently sent out a tweet that touched on the fact that he hasn't dropped a music video in nearly a month, and how moving forward he was going to be dropping every single week for a couple of months. It didn't take long for him to come through on that…

Different Day - [NLE Choppa]

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching NLE Choppa’s come up over the last year or so. In all honesty at the beginning, I kind of thought he was just another rapper whose wild persona and energetic disposition was going to bring him success on a few songs, and then he’d struggle to continue progressing within his Rap…

Cardigan - [Don Toliver]

Prior to late last year’s Cactus Jack label collaborative project JackBoys, I had never really paid too much attention to Don Toliver, unfortunately. I had heard the name and knew he was buzzing in the music scene, but I never took the time to really just sit down and listen to his music. After hearing…