Breakfast N’ Rewind – [Asoh Black]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Oct 2020

New York artist Asoh Black has had a productive year in 2020 despite the pandemic, in fact, it seems like the virus gave Asoh more time to chill out + map out content in support of his last project Black Ocean: Season 1. Today, the young talent is back on our website with the release of his new music video for “Breakfast N’ Rewind”, which was arguably my favorite song on the tracklist + I am sure that I’m not the only Asoh fan who feels this way. Asoh’s project had a lot of different styles + sounds on it, and this one stood out because it’s the most upbeat + energetic of the bunch. I am glad to see this song get the proper visual that it deserved, shout out to the video director Cooper Davis for helping Asoh bring his vision to life. Watch this brand new music video below! Song produced by My Best Friend Jacob

CAMO – [Caine Casket]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Oct 2020

Sometimes it requires the artist themselves to take the reigns to bring to life the vision they see in their mind. Caine Casket takes this idea to heart with his directorial debut of his new video for his song, “CAMO.” The newly released single originally came to fruition as a cathartic poem after learning of the killing of Stephon Clark. It was through this that Caine Casket brought to life a song and visual that depicts a vivid picture of the reality faced by black men and women. Delivered through a varied style of Hip Hop and R&B, Caine Casket uses the melodically soothing elements of R&B alongside a poignant rap delivery to bring to life his new release. Caine Casket delved further into the meaning behind his new song and video saying, “This track was just a thought I posed to the globe after witnessing the murder of Stephon Clark last year. I originally wrote the record as a poem in a frantic state to calm myself. In my frustration, I felt isolated – the verdict left me neutralized and afraid. It hurt seeing my peers become numb to our collective reality. ‘CAMO’ is a cry for our protection …

Little Glass (Live Performance)-[Jessie DeFranco]

By Sam Morrison // 18 Oct 2020

Jessie DeFranco is an artist who I’ve had the pleasure of watching ever since she made her debut back in 2019. “Little Glass” was the song that completely changed everything for the Chicago-based singer/songwriter as it was the perfect introduction to this well packaged gift of talent. Since releasing last year, the titular track has amassed over 350,000 streams on Spotify alone; all due to the genius songwriting, beautiful vocal tone and masterful production. “Little Glass” will continue to be a timeless track that’s played for years and years to come. With a song this good, it’d be unwise to not celebrate it for as long as you can. This is a fact that Jessie and her team know so well, which is why today, on Jessie’s birthday, her and her team have decided to drop a live video performance of “Little Glass” that is just as stunning as the song itself. Accompanied by a mini-ensemble, Jessie sings with the same conviction and power as the original recording while being able to gently sooty us with her angelic like vocal talents. If you’re looking for something to indulge in on this fine Sunday afternoon, make sure to take time and …

Behind The Scenes of $NOT + Flo Milli’s “Mean” Video Shoot

By Cole Bennett // 16 Oct 2020

We just released the music video for “Mean” by $NOT + Flo Milli last night, and it has been received very well by their respective fan bases + Lyrical Lemonade fans alike. So we here at LL figured this was the perfect time to drop the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the video shoot on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 Channel, take some time to watch it below!

A1 – [First Class Bee]

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Oct 2020

Today we have an artist out of Chicago that goes by First Class Bee who is making his second appearance on Lyrical Lemonade with his brand new music video for “A1”. I first got put onto First Class Bee when the homie Berto suggested that I checked out some of his content, and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing, but literally the next day he dropped this new release. First Class Bee is one of those emcees who you can tell was inspired by the lyrical rappers of the world, and he is a super nice spitter himself, it’s the time of music that you just can’t help but nod to as he rhymes circles around his competition. I don’t know too much about First Class Bee, but I do know that I will be posting him more on our website in the future, so go ahead + get used to him by pressing play below!

Alone – [Night Lovell]

By Danny Adams // 16 Oct 2020

When most people think of Canadian music, Night Lovell used to probably be one of the last names that would come to mind for most music listeners. Luckily, I’m not like most music listeners, and he is probably at the very top of my list, and it’s been this way for years. His deep voice just lingers over all the peculiar beats he uses, and it echoes off into your mind in such a smooth, buttery fashion. It’s because of this that he is an absolutely magnificent and obvious addition to the G59 roster, and his impact on the label has been notable, to say the least. With Halloween just around the corner, his music should be more relevant than ever, and thankfully he decided to gift fans with a brand-new song entitled “Alone”, which contributes to his discography brilliantly. The production begins with some hauntingly deep synths and an eerie whistle before piercing 808s and chattering percussion comes into the picture. Lovell feels right at home over this style of instrumental and every single element complements his voice flawlessly as he goes in with his low pitch and suave cadence. His flow is casual and unhurried, but his words …

Trapdoor – [Melo Makes Music]

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Oct 2020

Melo Makes Music is without a doubt one of my favorite artists in the Chicago community, he is a unique talent who has the voice of an angel + the style of a runway model. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Melo Makes Music stands out from the bunch, he has the look of a megastar and the talent to match, so I am very happy to bring our fanbase the premiere of his brand new music video for “Trapdoor”. Melo never fails to deliver notable music video concepts and this one was more of the same, it was a visually pleasing video that made the song that much better, which is the goal for any visual. All the signs of new content from Melo are pointing toward a new full-length project that’ll come out hopefully this year, and I am looking forward to it eagerly! Until we get the tape though, put this new music video on repeat + press play here!

Mean – [$NOT] x [Flo Milli]

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Oct 2020

A few weeks ago we released the music video for “Revenge” by $NOT, and I believe it’s safe to say that it was one of our favorite LL visuals in recent memory, it has that feel of an instant classic in our eyes. I am sure that our fanbase had a good feeling that Cole & $NOT would be working again in the future, but probably not this quick, as today they are back with their new music video for “Mean” featuring Flo Milli. This release is a special one because, if I am not mistaken, this is the first time in Lyrical Lemonade’s history that we have released back to back music videos with the same artist. I loved the start of this music video because it connected with the ending of the last $NOT visual that I previously mentioned, it was a continuation that tied the two separate videos together, shout out to Cole for making that genius concept as seamless as possible. $NOT and Flo Milli displayed some undeniable chemistry on this record, and it showed even more so in the visual, hopefully, we can see them work together again in the future. Watch this brand new …



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Mean - [$NOT] x [Flo Milli]

A few weeks ago we released the music video for "Revenge" by $NOT, and I believe it's safe to say that it was one of our favorite LL visuals in recent memory, it has that feel of an instant classic in our eyes. I am sure that our fanbase had a good feeling that Cole…

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