Think You Right – [Whethan] ft. [ericdoa] & [Glaive]

By Danny Adams // 17 Sep 2021

Ever since I became fully engrossed in the world of hyperpop, I have yet to be let down by any of the artists classified in this very niche yet incredible subgenre. Not only are they proving exactly how innovative they can be behind a microphone, but the instrumentals are out of this world, and they never seem to stop releasing things, so there’s always a new jam to get in tune with which is a blessing without a doubt in my mind. If you’re even remotely similar with this genre, it doesn’t take someone like me to tell you that ericdoa and Glaive are two of the poster children for hyperpop, and they’re only going to continue to get better as they make their way throughout their careers and get older. Aside from them, Whethan is a producer who has been solidifying himself in the scene for quite some time, and he has been creating the foundation of so many different songs with some of the most inventive sounds in music, so he definitely can’t go unnoticed, either. Luckily, this trio decided to come together for an unbelievable new song called “Think You Right”, and the results are as amazing …

VMA’s – [Zombie Juice] ft. [Smoke DZA]

By Danny Adams // 17 Sep 2021

I know the New York City music scene has been flourishing for decades and decades, but there is a portion of the hip-hop history in the city that reminisces with me more than ever, and that moment in time came a few years ago when the Flatbush Zombies were considered to be in the top tier of music. While I never thought they fell off whatsoever, it seemed like the drill scene began to grow and the psychedelic hip-hop style began to take a turn into the underground, but it was still as great as ever. When I found out that Juice from the Zombies was taking his career in a new direction and trying to thrive on his own, I was beyond excited and the couple of singles he has released since this announcement have been nothing short of incredible. Most recently, he decided to team up with Smoke DZA for their song “VMA’s”, and the results are as magnificent as you’d expect. In the instrumental constructed by Erick the Architect, Linden Jay, and Josh Taffel, we hear soothing, relaxed synths, slowed down percussion, and pungent drums that just ride out, making a perfect foundation for a weed smoking …

Public – [Ka$hdami]

By Elliot Montanez // 17 Sep 2021

There is a movement going on in hip-hop right now and the young superstar Ka$hdami is one of the artists at the forefront of it, and today dami is back on our website with his new visual for “Public”. This music video is a dark and eerie one that will capture your attention with all of the effects that video director @1karlwithaK, and it finds Dami absolutely floating over the instrumental. I hope that every hip-hop fan is starting to pay close attention to Ka$hdami if they haven’t already started because it’s only a matter of time before he is one of the most notable artists in the game. Take some time out of your Friday to watch this brand new music video below! Produced by: 1kSensei, Cxdy, & Fwthis1will

Me and My Lil Brother – [WB Nutty]

By Jack Gregory // 16 Sep 2021

The Motor City’s Los and WB Nutty are two of the most creative, innovative, and consistent artists coming out of Detroit’s red-hot scene right now, hopping on the most unique beats, telling the most intricate and most of the times hilarious and even more often irreverent videos that have endeared their music to a rapidly growing cult-following enamored with their stories, charisma, and get-money-mindset. With WB Nutty’s latest visual “Me and My Lil Brother” he chronicles the countless small towns that he and his blood-brother Los have run through and survived to tell the tale. The track features characteristically raucous production from StopFlexinJordan that couldn’t have turned up Nutty better. The second verse of the song is my favorite part as Nutty transitions to an even more gruff and menacing delivery than usual. I get excited every time I see Los or Nutty drop a new video and I am positive we are in for a lot more soon.

Rondo – [Fresh Porter]

By Jack Gregory // 16 Sep 2021

Portsmouth, Virginia rapper Fresh Porter is making his debut in our pages today with his new song and visual “Rondo” that was my introduction to his music but definitely left me a fan. He attacks the trunk-shaking YungDzaa production with his streetwise lyrics and gruff delivery that keeps you engaged and bobbing your head from start to finish. KeezyMae directed the lavish visuals that fit the tone of the song well and showed you exactly how Fresh Porter is coming. There is a ton of great underrated music coming out from this area right now and I look forward to hearing more from Fresh Porter as the year rolls on.

30 Freestyle – [1504 Mutebaby]

By Jack Gregory // 16 Sep 2021

1504 MuteBaby has been quite consistent in terms of releasing music over the past year or so and the East Atlanta artist is certainly poised to climb his way to the top of his city’s musical ranks as the tides are certainly turning in the city and sooner or later this young generation of artists is poised to usher the city into this new decade following the one that Atlanta so thoroughly dominated. MuteBaby honestly has one of the most copied flows out of the young Atlanta artists and with songs like his new “30 Freestyle” he just released it is obvious that he is beginning to really find his sound and I am eager to hear him drop a full project as well as continue to work with the top producers in the city to make his songs hit even harder. 1504 MuteBaby is a name you have probably already heard if you’re tapped into the new Atlanta and is definitely a name to remember if you’re not hip just yet.

Blinded – [Monie Luwopp]

By Jack Gregory // 16 Sep 2021

After teasing Instagram for months with snippets and glimpses of his music one of the most talked about new rappers in Mobile, Alabama has finally dropped his debut song and visual, after accompanying his best friend Jay Montana on his The Vulture mixtape’s outro for technically his first release ever. He teamed up with scorching hot videographer DylVisual who did an incredible job capturing energetic scenes as well as truly shining with his editing and color-grading, creating a clear, focused, and entertaining video. Virginia producer Kabo provided the instrumental and he has created quite a strong chemistry with Jay Montana and now Monie Luwopp despite having not yet met them in person, but nonetheless has an intrinsic feel for their styles. Luwopp’s vocals are raw and his southern drawl falls over the beat perfectly and he is definitely going to be a problem once he refines and finds his sound more and more and I cannot wait to watch that happen.

Spinback – [Comethazine]

By Danny Adams // 16 Sep 2021

If you’re familiar with some of the regulars that we post about on Lyrical Lemonade, Comethazine shouldn’t be a new name for you. Although it has been quite some time since he released his song “Walk” that Cole did a video for and he has been relatively quiet as of late, you should be familiar with the fact that he plays by his own rules and doesn’t need anyone else telling him what to do, because he’s going to do what he wants regardless. His ruthless, hard-nosed deliveries are nothing short of entertaining, and even when some of his lyrics get intense, fans seem to not be able to get enough of the 2019 XXL Freshman. After a bit of silence, I couldn’t have been more excited to see that Comethazine is back and better than ever with his latest song “Spinback” as well as an incredible self-directed and edited music video for the awesome single. As it opens, Comethazine is walking down a dark and ominous alleyway as a masked gentleman is hanging out on a set of stairs. As the rapper continues walking towards the street where there is a bit more light, a gang of individuals collects …



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Soulseller - [Nessy the Rilla] [DJ Kydd]

Detroit-raised, LA-living artist Nessy the Rilla is making his debut in our pages today with his new CT-Films directed visual for his track "Soulseller." Featuring slow-burning but dance-worthy production from DJ Kydd who also hails from the Dirty Glove, Nessy floats over the production, oscillating from melodic flows to more pointed and direct bars to…

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