Hot Tub Dream Machine – [Tobi Lou]

By Elliot Montanez // 21 Feb 2020

In my lifetime I have witnessed plenty of memorable duos; Stephen Curry + Klay Thompson, Brian Urlacher + Lance Briggs, Guru + DJ Premier, peanut butter and jelly, lemons + water but one of my modern-day favorite duos is Tobi Lou and Glassface. When Tobi Lou dropped this song a couple of weeks ago I was completely obsessed with the track, I found myself listening to it over and over again for hours at a time, but the only thing that can make a Tobi Lou song better is a well pieced together visual from the homie Glassface. Tobi Lou is not only one of the best artists out of Chicago, but he is also one of the best new artists in the world in my opinion, and I see a very bright future for him. I highly suggest you watch this new music video below, especially if you aren’t familiar with Tobi Lou just yet because there’s a good chance that he becomes your new favorite artist.

Stuck On It – [Villain Park]

By Brodie Harvey // 21 Feb 2020

The LA powerhouse trio known as Villain Park have recently dropped some incredible visuals for one of the hardest hitting tracks from their impressive debut project The Recipe. The group initially caught my eye due to their gritty black and white visuals, in addition to their innate ability to spit bars at a ferocious tempo. The comparisons to a new age Bone Thugz-N-Harmony are fairly clear the way they shed light on their experiences growing up in LA, while also being some of the most gifted lyricists coming out of the west coast. They recently dropped a video for “Stuck On It”, which features the same black and white visual style we have seen across all of their videos. The consistency has helped set up their whole platform and really building out a quality catalog of music. This song is hard-hitting and is sure to be a hit with any West Coast die-hards. Villain Park will see their shine but for now, they are setting themselves up for a long career with quality releases like this. Watch the video for “Stuck On It” below!

band practice – [Ambré]

By Sam Morrison // 21 Feb 2020

Ambré made her Lyrical Lemonade debut a couple of months back for her sonically stunning album “Pulp”. Since then, the rising artist has been busy dropping various assets to keep the momentum going. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely working. Just today, Ambré dropped a brand new visual for her well-known track “band practice”. Her team describes it as “…a visual journey through what feels like an intimate dream sequence, showcasing Ambré and her lover during a beautifully moody band practice session”. Once you check this video out, nothing will stop you from diving more into her catalog and finding new jams that you didn’t know you needed in your life. I was thoroughly impressed with this stunning visual as the camera angles and story flow are utterly cohesive in every way. This visual needs to be checked out ASAP! Give it a watch and let us know what you think! Link is attached below!

IDC – [Gio Dee]

By LL intern // 20 Feb 2020

I recently did a write-up on Gio Dee’s album Ready Now? that dropped back in January and as a matter of fact… I haven’t stopped listening to it. Luckily for his fans, the second piece to appeal the eyes from the album came out. On Valentine’s Day, Gio dropped a video for one of the catchiest tracks on the project and was actually marketed a single before the drop. To me, this is one of those songs that could be heard 6-8 months from now and blow up if it doesn’t gain early traction. It has viral potential, to say the least, and the visual for it just helped that argument with a lot of personalities and characters that could make you laugh or wonder what the hell is going on; in a good way. Basically, the rising Boston hero really doesn’t care if you don’t like him and paints that picture In the video for IDC with the IT clown, a Santa Clause, a jerry curl, and lifting dumbbells while smoking. Please join Gio Dee with this short and sweet ignorant art and have fun watching it as I’m sure he had a blast making it for you. Watch …

Get it Bussin – [Tadoe] ft. [Lil Yachty]

By LL intern // 20 Feb 2020

When Chief Keef blew up over a half decade ago for his wild charisma and unique bars, he didn’t want the money and fame just for himself. He wanted to see the people around him thrive and prosper as much as he was, so he brought his entire Glo Gang with him throughout his come up to make sure everyone was eating good. One of the most prominent members of the collective other than the world renown front man is Tadoe, who has so much talent that must just run in the family considering he’s Chief Keef’s cousin. Although he hasn’t necessarily gained as much notoriety as Keef, you’ve heard his name being referenced throughout many of Sosa’s offerings, as he loves shouting him out and talking about the events they’re experienced together. Tadoe decided to tap Lil Yachty for his latest single “Get it Bussin”, and also wanted to include Keef’s newfound love of production, so he had him bring the beat to life. The instrumental that he created possesses rattling 808s, a sample that sounds a bit distorted to create the melody, and portions throughout that are intentionally drowned out. It’s a very hectic beat but in an …

Switched Up – [Oliver Malcolm]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Feb 2020

Music will forever be the centerpiece for new artists looking to gain attention, but it’s hardly the only necessary aspect anymore. With increasing frequency, we’re seeing the importance of presenting a visual dimension to the music, and how this further attracts listeners especially when they’re previously unfamiliar with the artist. If the listener can get a feel for who the artist is beyond the music within their first few impressions, they’re far more likely to be intrigued, and therefore, far more likely to stick around as a fan. Today, in this very vein, UK talent Oliver Malcolm is here to offer a mind-blowing introduction to his artistry with his debut release, “Switched Up,” complete with a matching music video. Structured around a frantic acoustic melody, “Switched Up,” the song, is an explosion of energy, almost rushed in its cadences yet never misstepping along the way. As Malcolm tackles the instrumental with electrifying vocal runs and some stellar songwriting, might I add, he quickly makes it known that he’s worth the attention. He has something to say, and he’s got a hell of a way of saying it, from the boldness in his sound to the deep-seated supply of charisma that …

Put You On – [Benny Soliven]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Feb 2020

With the state of California being such a big powerhouse for music artists, there are many different sounds that come forth from the area–to what seems to happen every single year. Not only that, but every region of California has a different wave as well. Speaking on behalf of the Bay Area, the vibrations that transpire from that region is something that is unmatched and delivers a certain bop. From the groundwork laid years ago by acts such as E-40, Keak Da Sneak and even The Pack–everything from the Bay has a certain energy to it that you can’t help but groove to. With all the noise that acts such as Shoreline Mafia and SOB x RBE have been making over the last few years, it’s only a matter of time before we began to see more upcoming talent transpire from the area. That being said, northern-California native Benny Solivenis making his Lyrical Lemonade premiere with his new visuals for his latest song “Put You On”. Immediately upon pressing play, restoring some nostalgic vibes, the track produced by Paupa & Mr. Solo Beats samples the 2003 smash hit by Fabolous and Mike Shorey “Can’t Let You Go“. Following the same sentiment …

Playboy – [Honie Gold]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Feb 2020

If we take a step back and analyze the current climate of the underground rap scene, there are a lot of female rappers that are holding it down and working hard to gain that recognition that they deserve. For the longest, it seemed as if there were only a small handful of females that would emerge into the spotlight–but as of late, there are new female emcees that are beginning to become more and more dominant as the years progress. I have always been one to praise the female rappers just because there are many of them that showcase a certain talent level and the ability to stand toe-to-toe with many of the male emcees out there. Coming fresh out of Dallas TX, the 19-year-old rapper Honie Goldis making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her latest visuals for her track “Playboy” One thing that deserves all the praise in the world is the ability to find that one pocket in the track and remain in it for the entirety of the record. On “Playboy”, Honie does just that, as she effortlessly spreads her wings and glides over the catchy instrumental. “Next queen to be” she raps–having tunnel vision on that number …



School Shooters (Remix) - [XXXTENTACION] ft. [Lil Wayne] & [Kemba]

Even before the release of XXXTENTACION’s album Bad Vibes Forever, X left a void in the world of music that will never be filled. His multifaceted talents could bring him from vocal cord busting yelling over distorted production to crooning over lighthearted and meditative acoustic guitar, as well as anything else along that spectrum. Many…

A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City's Potential Superstar

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our…

PSA- [Fat Nick]

Fat Nick has been an underground phenom for some time now. His completely individualistic sound fits right on the same path that some of his friends are on including $uicideboy$, Germ, and Pouya, among others, yet they all find a way to separate themselves in their own lanes within a similar subset of the industry.…