Dr. Miami – [Lil Satan]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Jul 2019

Lil Satan is one artist that we have been very excited for over the past couple of months, we have been keeping a close eye on him + bumping his music on the daily, so I was pumped when I saw he just dropped a brand new music video a few hours ago titled “Dr. Miami”.  This song has been one of my favorite from him yet in his short career, so I was very happy to see him get a brand new visual for the track, shout out to the director James “JMP” Pereira for helping him piece it together. Take a few minutes of your night to check out this brand new visual below, and I highly suggest you start following this kid, the sky is the limit for him.

Ben/Frank – [NASAAN]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Jul 2019

NASAAN is a creative out of Detroit whose name I have heard a few people I respect speak about recently, so I thought why not give him a chance? The next thing I know is he dropped this new music video for “Ben/Frank” at the perfect time, and after watching this one through at least a dozen times, I am walking away from this one very happy I took the time out, he gained a new fan today. I quickly learned at he can rap his ass off, I found a liking to the melody he created here, but what I enjoyed even more what the story he was telling. The picture he painting lyrically was displayed even better with this amazing new visual, I highly suggest you give it a spin below, and if you like it then be sure to share it with a friend!

Movie Screen (COLORS Video)-[Tommy Newport]

By Sam Morrison // 18 Jul 2019

Tommy Newport has been a regular on our pages for quite some time now. Just recently, he was able to release his brand new single “Movie Screen” on the well known YouTube platform COLORS. For any rising artist, a placement on such a highly followed platform is a dream come true and it’s definitely paying dividends for Tommy’s career. A while back I predicted that Tommy would be a Star one day and it’s really cool to see it all take shape right before our eyes. The song itself is everything you want from a Tommy Newport track. The vibe is groovy and tasteful while still maintaining the edginess that we love from him. If you want to check out the COLORS video of Tommy singing his brand new song, “Movie Screen”, I’ve attached the YouTube link down below!

The Judge – [Smooky MarGielaa]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2019

The 17-year-old Bronx phenom Smooky Margielaa recently dropped his latest track “The Judge,” and just yesterday released an accompanying visual shot by James Mackel. The A$AP Mob member likely released this track in response to the recent incarceration of fellow group member A$AP Rocky. “Ask the judge what he on, won’t let my n***as home.” The video comes with an action-filled plot in which Smooky is initially locked up and seemingly depressed. He gets his recess time out in the jail yard, and while outside, one of his homies pulls up in a helicopter and partakes in a firefight with jail guards. Smooky escapes into the side of the heli, fires off some rounds of his own, and flicks-off the far sight of the jail as the pilot flies off into the horizon.  He lands in the desert, where a convoy is waiting for him and drives him off to freedom. The young star who is surely beyond his years has consistently released heat since his come-up, and the A$AP Mob is in great hands with this adolescent prodigy still rising. Watch Smooky Margielaa – “The Judge” below!

Andre Freestyle – [Duffle Bag Buru]

By Elliot Montanez // 17 Jul 2019

Is it just me, or have you guys been noticing all of the great content we have been receiving from Chicago musicians recently? This week alone we were blessed with a ton of impressive material including Duffle Bag Buru’s brand new album Fly On The Wall that he dropped earlier today, but he decided that wasn’t enough, as he just released his brand new music video for “Andre Freestyle”. One thing that you can always count on from Duffle Bag Buru is that he will provide crisp & clean visuals time and time again, using unique & creative ideas that most of his competition lacks, and continuing to make himself stand out from the bunch. On this one here Buru connected with the good people over at Catch Rec Media who helped him bring this song to life, it’s a feel good & sunshine filled video that you shouldn’t sleep on! This release makes me wonder what other songs off of his new project that he is going to release music videos for, whichever he picks it will be hard to outdo this solid release, but I am sure he will find a way like he always seems to. Check …

Pressure – [SwaggGod2X]

By Jaxon Brown // 16 Jul 2019

Chicago bred artist SwaggGod2X drops in hot with a visual to his latest track “Pressure.” The track speaks of reality coming out of the trenches, and what applying pressure really is. “Yeah I came up from the trenches, yeah I came from nothing.” Many people have flawed views of what life is like growing up in the gutter, and he’s trying to portray to those people the danger that he’s encountered and has to be prepared to act on. The video produced by DylanSatherVisuals shows SwaggGod2X posted in a garage with a piece, an abandoned fire escape, and an old stairwell showing the rustic, forgotten energy that SwaggGod’s trying to point out in the track. Watch SwaggGod2X – Pressure (Official Music Video) below!

Feelings – [Cuco]

By Mike del Ro // 16 Jul 2019

Rising star Cuco has just shared a new music video for his single “Feelings”. The video comes ahead of his first major-label project ‘Para Mi’, which comes out July 26 via Interscope. Bringing the song’s psychedelic sound to life, Cuco finds himself in an old secluded mansion haunted by hallucinations. The track’s psychedelic production gets interpreted into equally trippy effects as Cuco sulks alone, yearning for someone to hear him out. “Feelings” is the third single off ‘Para Mi’, along with the songs “Bossa No Sé” and “Hydrocodone”. Going off what Cuco has released from the album thus far, it seems fans could expect more of the entrancing lo-fi love songs that the west coast artist has become known for. With that said, though, there’s no doubt Cuco’s sound has grown and expanded over the course of the last three hears—and the dizzying, daydreamy “Feelings” is a shining example of his evolution.

Yellowbrick – [Ric Wilson]

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Jul 2019

One of my favorite Chicago records to come out this year was Ric Wilson’s joint called “Yellowbrick” that dropped a few months back, and lucky for me Ric just released the amazing new music video for the song! This record just has a summertime feeling and you can’t deny it, so coming into this one I was expecting to get a taste of summertime Chicago, and sure enough Ric did just that in his own creative way! We have to give credit to Eddie and Mauricio who were the main people handling the behind the camera work here, and together they dropped arguably the best visual you will see all day. Don’t take my word for it though, judge for yourself below!



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