Killswitch – [Adot] x []

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Nov 2018

While scrolling through Soundcloud I saw that a track recently hit that internet titled “Killswitch” by Chicago natives Adot and Warhol, and it was the perfect track to share with our audience tonight. The menacing and bass knocking production by unathletic caught my attention immediately before Warhol stepped up to the plate and dropped a memorable hook like he constantly does, leading into his impressive verse, then finally being capped off by the contribution from Adot! This was a really good song but I expected nothing less, I highly suggest that you give it a chance below!

Ascension – [Chi Adkins] Ft. [Ro Marsalis]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Nov 2018

Chi Adkins has been featured on our website in the past as a feature artist, but today he is back with his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his own record titled “Ascension” featuring Ro Marsalis. It didn’t take more than thirty seconds into this track before I was sold, they created a stellar melody from the very beginning that gave this one that addictive trait, but the verses on top of it made the song that much better. Both of these artist have outstanding vocal abilities and they each shined on this one, complimenting each other flawlessly as they created a great all around offering. Stream this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to give Chi Adkins a follow on Soundcloud here.

Nowhere2go – [Earl Sweatshirt]

By Elliot Montanez // 10 Nov 2018

A couple days back Earl Sweatshirt blessed us with a brand new offering titled “Nowhere2go”, and it’s nothing you want to miss out on. It’s been a minute since we have received some new music from Earl, three years since his last full length to be exact so I was happy when I saw this track get released, hopefully it’s a sign of more music to come. This record though had a very abstract feeling to it, it’s sort of like he used the title as a sense of direction for this one, he was rhyming over an instrumental so abstract that had so many different layers to it but the final product came out fantastic! Check out this brand new song for yourself below!

Stay Right Here – [Saba] ft. [Xavier Omär] & [Mick Jenkins]

By Mike del Ro // 9 Nov 2018

It’s the first snowfall of winter in Chicago today: a much-needed reminder to stop and take account of where you’re at in life, the places and people you’re surrounded by. Saba does exactly that on “Stay Right Here”, his latest track which dropped at midnight. If you thought the Chicago native was finished with new material for the year after dropping his critically-acclaimed ‘Care For Me’ back in March, you thought wrong. The same goes for Mick Jenkins, who just dropped his ‘Pieces of a Man’ album in October and also makes an appearance on this single. “Stay Right Here” is Saba and Mick at their most introspective—a mindset they both have proven to thrive off of in the past. Saba’s long-winded flows ride the beat effortlessly as he shows gratitude in his lyrics for the love he feels. Mick takes a similar moment of reflection, delivering lines in flurrying cadences that hit with a sense of nostalgia. As a result, this track feels like a victory lap in celebration of a milestone year for two of the city’s hometown favorites and yet another reminder of the mastery of their craft.

Cause – [L.A. VanGogh]

By Elliot Montanez // 9 Nov 2018

L.A. VanGogh has been releasing a good amount of music lately, and today he is back with his brand new release titled “Cause”! L.A. VanGogh is one of the most interesting new acts out in my opinion, I wasn’t too familiar with him not too long ago but I have taken some time to take a good look at his catalog and he definitely has some potential, and this new joint just be my favorite of the bunch. It sounds kind of weird as I type it but the tone of his voice has a very unique & addictive quality about it, plus this man understands how to structure a song, this one is an overall solid listen. Check it out for yourself by pressing play below! If you’re in Chicago come see L.A. VanGogh live at Lincoln Hall on December 21st with Shawnee Dez & Femdot, purchase tickets here!

LA DUENA – [A.CHAL] feat. [Darell]

By Chuck Ramos // 9 Nov 2018

himself, A.CHAL has delivered a new video for his Darell assisted, extended version of “La Dueña” featured in the 2018 remake of Superfly. Filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico A.CHAL plays several roles; as a spell-bound patron of the club as well as the club’s musical act. The extended version of the Latin crossover features a new verse from Reggaeton artist, Darell and an additional chorus from A.CHAL. The video brings the lust and sensuality of the song to life through it’s sweaty and smokey aesthetic reminiscent of films like From Dusk til Dawn and El Mariachi. The new video sparks interest in what we can look forward to hearing and seeing from the Peruvian born artist whose last project was released a project in mid 2017 titled, GAZI. Watch the new video from A.CHAL featuring Darell below and make sure to leave a comment down below on your thoughts on the rising R&B artist!

Big Tymers – [Bernard Jabs]

By Seamus Fay // 9 Nov 2018

Here at Lyrical Lemonade, we’ve been covering an artist by the name of Bernard Jabs for quite some time now. Back when we first started featuring his music, he was just beginning to gain traction on the blogosphere, and now, only a few months later, Jabs just hit the first stop of the Daytona Tour alongside Pusha T. Needless to say, this Georgia native has seen insurmountable growth throughout the past few months, and in order to keep the success coming, he’s here today with a brand new, Def Jam-backed single by the name of “Big Tymers”. Paying tribute to the legendary New Orleans rap duo, this offering uses thunderous kicks to light the way for Jabs’ energetic, flame-throwing deliveries. He sprints through the track without breaking a sweat, and naturally so, “Big Tymers” exhibits the same charisma that one might expect from the real Big Tymers, themselves. This is a brilliant release and a sure-fire way to keep the stocks rising as Jabs’ travels city-to-city for the next months, so don’t ignore this soon-to-be star. Stream “Big Tymers” at the link provided below!  

When I’m With You – [LiBossi]

By Seamus Fay // 9 Nov 2018

Hailing from Dorchester, Massachusetts, an artist by the name of LiBossi is here to make his presence known today with a refreshing new single entitled “When I’m With You”. Led by sun-soaked vocals and a strong sense of emotional maturity, this track notices that even when things aren’t going as planned, LiBossi is strong in his stance that all will be okay when he has his love interest by his side.  With this single, LiBossi uses his charismatic cadences to lead the way for the gentle keys and addictive drum sequences to fall in line, and as a result, “When I’m With You” is proof that you need to get hip to this rising talent as soon as possible. LiBossi is one of the finest talents out of Massachusetts right now, so stream his latest at the link below and follow him on Twitter here!



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