Cajun-[Baby Bari] & [Gidi]

By Sam Morrison // 3 Jul 2020

Baby Bari is an artist who keeps coming up in conversation. Whether it’s in passing exchanges or intentional talks with other artists, on many occasions, I’ve been told that Baby Bari is someone to look out for. After hearing all of the referrals, it was only right to check out some of his music and peep what makes this up and coming hitmaker so intriguing. Today, Baby Bari is making it onto our pages for a song that is definitely worth all of the hype that I’ve been hearing. The track, “Cajun” is a 2 minute and 22 second offering that introduces us to the 22-year-old Naples, Florida native in the best way possible. As soon as I turned this one on, it was instant vibes. Everyone who is familiar with my writing knows that I’m a sucker for all things guitar and in the first couple seconds of this one, there is a groovy guitar that completely sets the tone for the whole entire piece. I could get into every single element that is present, but all y’all need to know is that the sound from a stylistic standpoint is utterly perfect. Bari knows exactly who he is as …

Butler – [Myquale]

By Elliot Montanez // 3 Jul 2020

Myquale is an artist that is based here in Chicago that I am a big fan of, so whenever he drops some new music, it feels like a holiday. Today, Myquale is back with a brand new joint titled “Butler” featuring the wonderful Maceo of The O’My’s + Aaliyah Allah. Up until this point, I have known Myquale as one of the best bar for bar spitters in the city who often impresses with his lyrical ability, but on this one, he clearly switched up to a different style. Myquale found himself on top of an ear-pleasing + groovy instrumental that he created himself (along with Odd Thomas + Stnfxce), and he approached the song with a ton of swagger + charisma in his voice, match that with the excellent vocals from Maceo & Aaliyah, and we have a hit on our hands. I could picture this song playing on the radio for sure, hopefully, the homies at Vocalo 91.1 as well as Power 92.3 get their ears on this song, I will be sending it to them for sure. Check out this brand new offering below!

LMK-[Adam Pastel]

By Sam Morrison // 3 Jul 2020

One of the coolest songs you’ll hear all day is a track called “LMK” by Adam Pastel. From the moment I turned this one on, I knew it was imperative to get this upbeat track onto our pages ASAP. The 19-year-old Bay Area Native is ready to make his mark in the music world and his latest piece is definitely a step in the right direction.  This brand new offering is only the second single to be released by up and coming Hip-Hop/R&B artist, Adam Pastel. After taking a listen to “LMK”, its surprising that this is only his second song to be released. The professionalism that is exuded from this song will make you think that he’s been doing it for a while. The production wastes no time in taking over this impressive piece with sheer power and excitement, which leaves room for Adam to show off his best sides from a lyrical and stylistic standpoint. “LMK” is the track thats just in time for the weekend. There is an undeniable groove that honestly takes me back to mid ’00’s when there was not a single care in the word. Adam has somehow managed to create a unique tune …

FRAUD – [Destin Conrad] x [Ambré]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Jul 2020

Destin Conrad and Ambré connect on their latest collaborative release, “FRAUD.” The two incredibly talented writers and vocalist combine their storytelling ability to craft a narrative that highlights how often women push their dreams aside, dimming their light to give fully and intimately into a relationship. Both Ambré and Conrad play a role on the new record, taking turns in detailing the lives of both characters of the song. Conrad speaks on infidelity and the lack of personal responsibility while Ambré echoes his sentiments and tribulations, confidently boasting his resolve while expounding on the sacrifices she’s made to uplift her partner. Artfully balancing a narrative-driven subject matter with compelling production, Ambré, and Destin Conrad create a record that pulls you back through its storied subject matter and moving delivery. Not only does this record tell a vivid story, but it sounds great too. Listen to “FRAUD” by Destin Conrad and Ambré below.


By Sam Morrison // 2 Jul 2020

I’ve been hooked on the same song for the past couple of weeks and it only makes sense that I share this amazing work of art with all of our Lyrical Lemonade readers. Church-Hill is a name you may not know now, but it’s a name that you will be forced to see once he blows up. Originally from Oregon, but now based in Northern California, Church-Hill is an up and coming act with all of the talent in the world. Influenced by acts like Still Woozy, Boy Pablo, Post Malone, and Drake, the 18 year old aims to blend genres and feelings that create an in depth encapsulation of Californian Youth. Today, the talented hit-maker is making it onto our pages for the release of his latest track called, “History” and after hearing it, I’m pretty sure the song is going to end up creating just that. “History” is the summer jam that you need to have on repeat. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it and it’s all due to its impressive production and catchy ambience. To say Church-Hill has a gift is a drastic understatement. His Lyrical confidence and effortless swag are so present throughout …

22s – [Shraban]

By Chuck Ramos // 2 Jul 2020

The trap R&B talents of Shraban are unleashed on his new single, “22s.” Comprised of haunting production from Shraban’s hometown confidant, the newly independent singer-songwriter exudes exceptional confidence in his latest release. His unbridled approach to the record feels like he’s got something to say and is going to make a splash while doing it. Melodically delivered, Shraban details the life of luxury while simultaneously addressing the consistent roadblocks and pitfalls he experienced in the music business while ascending into the space he currently holds. Speaking from a perspective of experience, Shraban sounds at peace with his past trials and tribulations, despite their often not so favorable outcomes, he realizes that the past is only there to fuel the fire for the future. Shraban has been reignited and appears to be on a self-empowered trajectory that will have us all marveling. Keep a close eye on Shraban as he is expected to release a new self-titled EP very soon. Listen to “22s” by Shraban below.

Picture This – [Awon] x [DJ ZID]

By LL intern // 2 Jul 2020

Awon is back with a new single titled “Picture This” following his recent debut on Lyrical Lemonade. The Newport News, Virginia based emcee collaborated with DJ ZID, a DJ and producer out of Zurich, Switzerland. ZID’s production is soothing, incorporating soft tambourine-esque production with a mellow chopping melody. Despite the soothing instrumental, however, Awon’s lyrics reflect the apocalyptic state of current affairs, stating that he’s “seen it all, heard it all couldn’t picture this, only in the movies is the way I pictured this.” I am not sure when the song was recorded, but its release is eerily timely given the current pandemic, upcoming election, and worldwide protests. As Awon reflects, he wishes that he “had magic cause the day to day is tragic, woke up one morning and the population is ravished on the earth, now you can’t even go to church.” These lines very much align with the COVID-19 epidemic, with the virus having a seemingly indefinite life span. Moreover, Awon broadly speaks on the state of misinformation, which has recklessly been perpetuated by the media, as well as the incompetent leaders currently in office. Awon also sheds light on the “for profit organizations taking advantage,” which befits the …

Racks In – [MexikoDro]

By Jack Gregory // 1 Jul 2020

Whether you know it or not, if you are a fan of trap music you are a fan of MexikoDro and if you don’t believe me then ask any producer you know. His fingerprints are literally laced all over the genre and was one of the producers to truly create and put the ‘plugg’ sound on the map that went on to wildly impact both the larger SoundCloud and ‘street’ rap scenes and unquestionably stamped him alongside Zaytoven as the true trap architect. However Dro has been through many ups and downs over the past few years and has spent a lot of time in jail and unfortunately that has hindered him from receiving the spotlight and flowers he deserves, but today Dro is a free man and is more focused than ever and has pivoted to focusing more heavily on his solo artistry which is so distinctly Atlanta, and in many ways is exactly what you would expect him to rap like, aside from that his voice might be gruffer than anticipated. On his latest track “Racks In” the flow he hits reminds me almost of Bankroll Fresh and the raspiness of his flow only cements that similarity. The …



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