Burger Cheese – [5-D]

By Sam Morrison // 12 Nov 2019

It’s my pleasure to welcome the Austin based trio, 5-D to Lyrical Lemonade today. Comprised of RuDi, Cron and HBZ, the group impresses listeners with their clean beats and intricate rhyme schemes. Over the years the guys participated in different groups from Rhymestack to SubKulture Patriots (SKP), until they inevitably crossed paths and realized an immediate chemistry. After a sunny afternoon listening and writing to beats the Double Deuce Duo Duplicate Deluxe group was born. As a product of their creativity the guys now release “Burger Cheese” which comes as the first single of their upcoming EP. 5-D is in itself a play on a burger, as you hear the words Double Deluxe, one struggles not picturing a cheeseburger in all of its greasy glory. Upon listening to the tune atmospheric piano rings behind each captivating verse setting the perfect stage for each member to showcase their talent. The bea and vocal processing has a sort of retro vibe, which transports the listener to older hip-hop while embodying it’s own soul and style. After listening, there’s no doubt you’ll be left wanting more, so keep your eye out for the full EP to drop in 2020.

Woah – [Lil Baby]

By Lee Mcintosh // 11 Nov 2019

It goes without saying that Lil Baby has been one of the hottest artists to rise over the last couple of years. Ever since his signing with QC, he has been on fire and has yet to be put out. That being said, Lil Baby is back with another hit “Woah” produced by his frequent collaborator and super producer Quay Global. This time around, Lil Baby is back with another anthem not only for the streets, but for everyone to dance to as well. Coming alongside an Instagram Triller vid, this will be strictly a joint that can be put on and will be guaranteed to go off at any party, riding in the car, or for any personal enjoyment. Lil Baby is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated album My Turn. QC has been extremely active all of this year with all their newest signees and releases, so no doubt in mind he will deliver and give the fans exactly what they expect from him. Stream “Woah” Below!

Acid R&B Vol. 3 – [Heavy Mellow]

By Sam Morrison // 8 Nov 2019

Back in May, the Lyrical Lemonade community was introduced to a game changing talent named Heavy Mellow. The highly touted musician/producer made it onto our pages for the release of his Acid R&B Vol. 2 tape, which was a project that showcased his Immaculate production and guitar skills. From that moment, I knew that as soon as Mellow dropped Vol. 3 we had to make sure it got featured on our page.  For all of you who have been waiting just like me, today is your lucky day. Heavy Mellow just recently dropped Acid R&B Vol. 3 and it’s literally everything you’d want it to be. A complete tape with just instrumental and production elements seems very boring to some, but to those who truly appreciate art, it’s nothing shy of a masterpiece. In this new tape, Heavy Mellow carefully crafts individual trips that seek to have a life of their own. Set to stellar production, the guitar riffs and solo carry every single piece on this brand new tape. Without the inclusion of vocals and samples, this leaves room for the music to genuinely speak for itself.  Vol. 3 was unreal and I’m so hype for Vol. 4. If …

31 – [451]

By Sam Morrison // 8 Nov 2019

One of my favorite talents in the industry right now is an artist who goes by the name of 451. The London, England native has been making some serious waves lately and if you haven’t hopped on yet, this is your first warning. With 50,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that he has amassed an impressive following, but I’m expecting that number to grow in no time. The rapper and vocalist has a really distinct style that is hard to miss. The laid back yet powerful nature of his tracks are something that you don’t come across often. Somehow he’s able to create an ambiance that will put listeners into a mesmerizing trance as soon as they press play.  451 has some really dope songs on his discography, but one of my favorites is a track entitled, “31”. The track dropped back in July, but it’s one that is mandatory for us to revisit. As y’all listen to this vibe, let it be known that 451 personally writes, produces and engineers everything he works on. If that’s not impressive, I’m not sure what is.  I would hate to spoil this track for y’all, so this is just one that …

Premiere: Physical – [Ash Leone]

By Sam Morrison // 8 Nov 2019

So far, the start of this weekend has been a very exciting one for music. With so many new releases by some of our favorite names, it’s almost hard to keep up with all of the dope vibes that’ll be blessing our playlists. Just last night, Dave East dropped an unbelievable album with some really dope features from the likes of Nas, Rick Ross, Teyana Taylor, Ty Dolla $ign, Fabolous and Jacquees. After mulling over this project a couple of times, one more notable feature caught my attention that needs to be talked about. On the track “Daddy Knows”, Dave East enlisted help from up and coming singer/songwriter, Ash Leone.  If you don’t know the name yet, it’s about time you start getting familiar. Ash is a 23-year-old artist from the suburbs of Philadelphia, who ultimately ended up in LA, where she resides now, by way of Nashville. For the past couple of years, she has been writing and collaborating with some industry chart-toppers, but now has her sights set on becoming one herself. In addition to her appearance on the Dave East album, Ashley recently dropped her first single this week that is worth every bit of the hype …

Run Fast – [Billy Lemos] x [JJ]

By Mike del Ro // 8 Nov 2019

There are few songs that came out this year that I could remember hearing for the first time as vividly as “Here I Found / No Self Control” by Billy Lemos. The gloomy, tempo-changing and constantly evolving amalgamation of distorted sound stays imprinted in a listener’s mind, thriving off the fact that it can’t quite be placed in any one particular genre or sonic aesthetic. This elusive quality made me want to listen to that song over and over again, and that same quality resonates on Lemos’ new song out today, titled “Run Fast”. Vocals from songwriter JJ set the scene for this single, opening up with a dramatic acapella introduction. You’re brought into the world of the song layer by layer, slowly building up to a very unexpected, but oddly fitting drop. Lemos’ experiment with song structure, similar to “No Self Control”, pays off once again. It flirts with the line between intentional and gimmicky but gracefully comes out on the side of the former, as each subsequent beat change feels purposeful and fully fleshed out. After the rave-like barrage of electronic drums and glitched-out synths that mark the first drop, the composition subsides again, stripped back down to …

4Tounce – [Johnny Utah]

By Seamus Fay // 7 Nov 2019

It’s true when they say that you’re only one song away, at all times. At the very end of last year, I covered a song called “Crazy For Your Love” from an artist named Johnny Utah. He was compelling, his sound was lively, and quite clearly, he had the personality to turn heads. Now, less than a year later, Utah’s life has entirely changed, he has a still-growing hit to his name with “Honeypie,” and he’s considered one of the most promising rising talents out right now. Wild. Unexpected, maybe, but equally as well-deserved. Today, Johnny Utah is back with his first new song since the big break, “4Tounce.” Taking his time after the success of “Honeypie,” “4Tounce” isn’t rushed, and it certainly isn’t trying to be another “Honeypie.” Rather, the song finds a calmed Utah, crooning about his burning desire for love as opposed to a quick, one-night ordeal. It’s sincere, and more than anything else, it’s a hint that Utah won’t be defined by one hit song, no matter how great “Honeypie” may be. With this, one commanding element of “4Tounce” is the song’s intimate sense for storytelling. One lyric after another, Utah refuses to hide his aptitude …

Care For You – [Bensbeendead.]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Nov 2019

Bensbeendead. is turning heads once again with his electrically singed new single, “Care for You.” The Portland Maine based signer, songwriter and producer has been on a spree recently sharing a barrage of singles over the past couple of months. His latest release, to no surprise, finds the electronic pop guru excelling at what he does best; delivering soaring vocals, grand production and storytelling that is uniquely his own. “Care for You” opens with looped electronic bubbling production that feverishly builds into the heartwarming chorus of the record, “you can go ahead drink what you like / ’cause I’ll be taking care of you for the night.” Ben delivers his soaring vocals from the perspective of a loving partner, allowing his significant other to free herself from concern, reassuring her that tonight she will be cared for by the person who loves her the most. The sentimental nature of this record truly encapsulates love’s powerful tethering as Ben sings, “I’ll be really happy if you’re happy tonight.” Listeners can fall in love with this record for a variety of reasons but the most important reason out of all them, in my opinion, is Ben’s ability to capture the clemency we …



i don't care at all - [bbno$]

Alright we don't have to play around here, its understood bbno$ moves different than a lot of these rappers out right now. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the Vancouver based artist, dropping his sophomore album Recess earlier this year and following with a run of hit singles, one that just so happened to crush…

4Tounce - [Johnny Utah]

It's true when they say that you're only one song away, at all times. At the very end of last year, I covered a song called "Crazy For Your Love" from an artist named Johnny Utah. He was compelling, his sound was lively, and quite clearly, he had the personality to turn heads. Now, less…

Before I Knew It - [King Khali]

Atlanta-born/Texas-based rapper King Khali has just released a deeply personal new project entitled ‘Before I Knew It’. A chronicle of Khali’s life experiences moving to Texas and encounters with felony charges in his past, ‘Before I Knew It’ illustrates a rare example of a new voice tapping solely into his own reality to construct a…