Think You Right – [Whethan] ft. [ericdoa] & [Glaive]

By Danny Adams // 17 Sep 2021

Ever since I became fully engrossed in the world of hyperpop, I have yet to be let down by any of the artists classified in this very niche yet incredible subgenre. Not only are they proving exactly how innovative they can be behind a microphone, but the instrumentals are out of this world, and they never seem to stop releasing things, so there’s always a new jam to get in tune with which is a blessing without a doubt in my mind. If you’re even remotely similar with this genre, it doesn’t take someone like me to tell you that ericdoa and Glaive are two of the poster children for hyperpop, and they’re only going to continue to get better as they make their way throughout their careers and get older. Aside from them, Whethan is a producer who has been solidifying himself in the scene for quite some time, and he has been creating the foundation of so many different songs with some of the most inventive sounds in music, so he definitely can’t go unnoticed, either. Luckily, this trio decided to come together for an unbelievable new song called “Think You Right”, and the results are as amazing …

isolation – [Demxntia] ft. [ITSOKTOCRY]

By Danny Adams // 17 Sep 2021

Not too long ago, I was put onto Demxntia’s very versatile discography of music, and even though I still need to do more digging to familiarize myself with the rest of his music, let’s just say that I haven’t heard a miss yet, and that gets me excited for the future of his career. Beyond this, I’ve also come to learn in a short period of time that he’s an all-out workhorse, never taking a minute off but rather grinding day in and day out to deliver a plethora of songs that are all even more creative than the last, so there’s never any shortage of output from the Florida talent. Although he typically spends his time in the studio behind the production decks, he decided to show off some of his vocal skills in his latest song entitled “isolation”, which also features one of my personal favorite artists ITSOKTOCRY. In the beat, there are some toned-down guitar strums combined with some intriguing percussive elements and some booming drums, but when Demxntia comes in as soon as you press play, his vocals just resound in your head as you hear so much passion and emotion going into his delivery. While …

VMA’s – [Zombie Juice] ft. [Smoke DZA]

By Danny Adams // 17 Sep 2021

I know the New York City music scene has been flourishing for decades and decades, but there is a portion of the hip-hop history in the city that reminisces with me more than ever, and that moment in time came a few years ago when the Flatbush Zombies were considered to be in the top tier of music. While I never thought they fell off whatsoever, it seemed like the drill scene began to grow and the psychedelic hip-hop style began to take a turn into the underground, but it was still as great as ever. When I found out that Juice from the Zombies was taking his career in a new direction and trying to thrive on his own, I was beyond excited and the couple of singles he has released since this announcement have been nothing short of incredible. Most recently, he decided to team up with Smoke DZA for their song “VMA’s”, and the results are as magnificent as you’d expect. In the instrumental constructed by Erick the Architect, Linden Jay, and Josh Taffel, we hear soothing, relaxed synths, slowed down percussion, and pungent drums that just ride out, making a perfect foundation for a weed smoking …

MALDEAMORES – [moanday] feat. [GOMZ]

By Chuck Ramos // 17 Sep 2021

The beauty of the internet is tapping into the creativity of artists anywhere in the world, leading me to the funk-centric single from Madrid-based duo moanday. The pair made up of Rafael Pérez Santonja and Pablo Vergara de Cantos, have released their latest single, “MALDEAMORES,” featuring GOMZ and the collaborative effort is nothing short of a groove-inducing anthem that teeters the line between English and Spanish lyricism atop funk-soaked guitar riffs. With an eclectic background in music, the quickly ascending duo spent their formidable years in the United States, returning to Spain after their College careers, then immediately forming the funk-pop tandem you hear today. Although the duo’s latest single is my personal favorite from the pair thus far, there is no denying the group’s earlier releases, “Blue Ceiling” and “Tell Me,” both monumental flagships in the duo’s budding discography. Listen to “MALDEAMORES” by moanday featuring GOMZ below.

Guessing Games-[Dev Lemons]

By Sam Morrison // 16 Sep 2021

What was the best song by an independent artists that dropped during the month of August? If you are someone who wants to know the answer to this question, then you are absolutely in the right place. Hands down, the song I was most impressed with out of all of the releases that hit our phones in August was an offering called, “Guessing Games”. This phenomenal track was given to us by an artist who goes by the name of Dev Lemons; If that doesn’t ring a bell, then buckle up because I am most definitely about to put you on to one of your new favorite up and comers. I’ve been a fan of Dev for some time now, but this song was the tipping point that turned me into a full fledged stan. The Pennsylvania native always grew up with an appreciation for music, but when I took the chance to ask her what makes her so good, she quickly explained to me over the phone that what we see right now is nothing but the result of a quarantine hobby. She said: “Before quarantine, I probably couldn’t even tell you the difference between a chord and a …


By Brandon Washington // 16 Sep 2021

Chicago’s own FRANK LEONE returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a fresh banger off the deluxe version of his debut DON’T LP. The song features LEONE’s slick rap flow over a jazzy, modern 808 beat. It’s one of those songs that’s uniquely suitable for both chilling and turning up, since the all-around vibes fit either occasion sonically. FRANK’s ability to comfortably slide over the instrumental is indicative of the artist’s understanding of his own sound and artist strengths, which he maximizes frequently to the fullest. With intent to release two more record’s next year, LEONE’s ending 2021 on a high note with plenty of momentum for a strong 2022. Peep the track below!

Spinback – [Comethazine]

By Danny Adams // 16 Sep 2021

If you’re familiar with some of the regulars that we post about on Lyrical Lemonade, Comethazine shouldn’t be a new name for you. Although it has been quite some time since he released his song “Walk” that Cole did a video for and he has been relatively quiet as of late, you should be familiar with the fact that he plays by his own rules and doesn’t need anyone else telling him what to do, because he’s going to do what he wants regardless. His ruthless, hard-nosed deliveries are nothing short of entertaining, and even when some of his lyrics get intense, fans seem to not be able to get enough of the 2019 XXL Freshman. After a bit of silence, I couldn’t have been more excited to see that Comethazine is back and better than ever with his latest song “Spinback” as well as an incredible self-directed and edited music video for the awesome single. As it opens, Comethazine is walking down a dark and ominous alleyway as a masked gentleman is hanging out on a set of stairs. As the rapper continues walking towards the street where there is a bit more light, a gang of individuals collects …

Father’s Day – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Lil PJ]

By Danny Adams // 16 Sep 2021

There are a few artists that I can rely on to constantly release new music no matter the scenario, and Lil Gotit is a talent who never lets me down. A couple of years ago I just thought he was pretty much a sidekick to his brother Lil Keed, but he has proven time and time again that he’s blazing his own trail and doesn’t deserve to linger in the shadows of his brother’s career. He has differentiated himself time and time again, making a very strong case as to why he’s one of a kind and you can tell that fans have been noticing this individuality for quite some time, so I couldn’t be happier to see all the wealth and success come his way. Lil PJ isn’t a new collaborator with the young Atlanta phenom, so when I saw that this duo got together again for their most recent Money Musik-produced single “Father’s Day”, I couldn’t wait to check it out. After listening, it’s clear that it’s a hit in every sense of the word unsurprisingly, and even though it’s quite a few months removed from the actual holiday of Father’s Day, it’s still a song that you’re …



The Top 10 Moments From Lyrical Lemonade's Summer Smash Festival

Creative Direction: @shotbycones We are a couple of weeks removed from our annual Summer Smash festival, and we are all still having major withdrawals from such a great weekend. After the past year that we had of quarantining, social distancing, and avoiding large events, it felt amazing to be able to come outside and enjoy…

Soulseller - [Nessy the Rilla] [DJ Kydd]

Detroit-raised, LA-living artist Nessy the Rilla is making his debut in our pages today with his new CT-Films directed visual for his track "Soulseller." Featuring slow-burning but dance-worthy production from DJ Kydd who also hails from the Dirty Glove, Nessy floats over the production, oscillating from melodic flows to more pointed and direct bars to…

I Was Right - [Genre]

Fresh to our pages today is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's own Genre who recently unloaded his new album I Was Right that is a suspenseful and emotion-filled journey across thirteen tracks, while also showing off a range of versatility, attacking a variety of different styles. He has a wide bag of flows and a solid ear for beats and…