B*tch Please – [Wallie The Sensei]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Aug 2020

Wallie The Sensei is somebody who I was got familiar with a few weeks ago when I came across his largest record “Scandalous”, and that lead me to check out the rest of his catalog. Not too long after that point, he released a new collection of songs that he deemed “B*tch Please”, which features three records. I don’t know if this is an EP or just a three-track pack, but regardless, each of these songs HIT and it’s well worth the listen. I still need to do some more research into Wallie + take more time to thoroughly listen through his catalog again, but I am definitely liking everything that I’ve heard so far. Stream these new songs via Spotify below!

Journal #4 – [Hannah Got Raps]

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Aug 2020

On any given day, you can find a new amazing artist out of Chicago if you just do a little digging. I have been covering the Chicago music community for six years now and it never fails, there’s plenty of talented creatives all over this beautiful city, and today I got familiar with a dope emcee that goes by Hannah Got Raps. Hannah just released a new music video earlier today for “Journal #4”, and I couldn’t get enough of it, it’s filled with great raps, nostalgic flashbacks, and visually pleasing camera shots. This is the first time that I have listened to Hannah’s music, and the first time that she has graced our lemon filled pages, but it surely will not be the last. Take some time out of your Tuesday to check out this new music video below! Directed by Ali LeRoi

AMBER – [Unusual Demont]

By Brandon Washington // 11 Aug 2020

Unusual Demont was indoctrinated by the internet. The Wisconsin based artist spent his formative years exploring cultural and musical nooks that fall outside the comfort zones of most. As a result, such eclectic exposure has manifested itself in his music. Personality-wise, Demont is an accidental rebel and self-described “weirdo.” On his laptop, he likely has opened tabs of ASMR, K-Pop, and Frank Ocean tracks slowed with extra reverb. Influences wise, Demont credits his grandfather, who played drums and toured the world with the legendary Curtis Mayfield. While no two tracks of Demont’s sound the same, his entire discography encompasses organic and experienced songwriting. Unusual Demont’s latest release “Amber” is the first single off his upcoming debut EP Hues. The project serves as a memoir of failed relationships; from the perspective of Demont at times, as well as his partners in others. Amber specifically laments over a one night stand gone long, due to mutual lust and shared loneliness. The doomed relationship over the course of one summer brought upon many late nights –  frequently accompanied by deep orange sunsets. Sonically, the record is a blend of “phunkadelic” and commercial, with inter-mixed influences from Tame Impala, Childish Gambino, and the Weeknd, though …

S.L.A.B. – [Perri Jones]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Aug 2020

One of the newest R&B voices I have had the pleasure of coming across is Perri Jones. The incredibly impressive singer-songwriter has recently released her new single, entitled, “S.L.A.B.” Backed by a groove-inducing tempo and production, Perri Jones,’ new, release embodies the romanticism and feverish feelings that accompany newfound infatuation. The song’s title, an homage to the singer’s Houston raised car culture, artfully embodies Jones’, newfound love. Whether completely enamored by her lush vocals or euphoric harmonies, Perri Jones can not only sing but create a world with her voice, submerging listeners in her nostalgic brand of R&B. “S.L.A.B.” feels like a late-night drive with the windows down and marks Jones’ second single of the year coming on the heels of her June release, “Teardrops.” Pay close attention to the New York-based talent of Perri Jones because I highly doubt this will be the last we hear from her. Listen to “S.L.A.B.” by Perri Jones below.

Sabotage – [JAWNY]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Aug 2020

After a brief hiatus, JAWNY returns with his new single, “Sabotage.” Departing from the sun-kissed indie-pop style that you may immediately associate with his name, JAWNY’s new release is a bold and exciting step into a sound with an edge. Heavy and aggressive guitar chords alongside JAWNY’s signature vocals create an engaging single on mistakes and self-sabotage. The catchy melody accompanied by sporadic moments of intense electrified guitar-implementation creates an exciting new single from JAWNY that feels like you’re going 100 miles per hour down the highway at midnight with the headlights off. If JAWNY’s new single is any indication of what future releases will sound like, then I believe we are in for some great music. This is JAWNY’s second single since “Anything You Want,” released back in February, and hopefully not the last of the year. Listen to “Sabotage” by JAWNY below.

The Blueprint – [The Cyanide Syndicate] & [Sango]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Aug 2020

The Pacific North West has always been an area that music takes a bit of a different tone. With grey, dreary days in beautiful landscapes it offers artists a different perspective to create music from. Today we have a song from a brand new group called The Cyanide Syndicate that is made up of seasoned veterans out of Seattle that slaps unquestionably. The supergroup is made of emcees Nacho Picasso and Key Nyata, with production coming from Keyboard Kid. All 3 have worked together and supported each other over the past decade but have joined forces to rep their city in a whole new way. Their debut comes with their brand new single ” The Blueprint”, a bouncy yet gritty track that provides nothing but bars for its two and a half minute duration. With additional production coming from one of Seattle’s most prolific producers Sango, the trio are off to a hot start on the next chapter of their careers. The Cyanide Syndicate also dropped some wild visuals to accompany the song. Personally, I love it when artists weave a story of any kind into their videos as it allows them to stand out and not simply blend in …

I Had A Love Song-[Ant Saunders] feat. [VanJess]

By Sam Morrison // 10 Aug 2020

“I Had A Love Song” is a brand new track by Ant Saunders that is worthy of your time on this Monday afternoon. Ever since the release of his debut EP, “BUBBLE”, I’ve been itching for some new music by the rising superstar and today, its my pleasure to bring this fresh offering on to our pages.  When you listen to Ant’s music, it is very clear that he puts his heart and soul into every piece of production and catchy melody. What we’re witnessing is a kid who allows his raw emotions and feelings to be the primary driving force of anything he touches. The reason why so many of his fans connect with and support his music is because there is a certain humility and practicality within the songs that empowers others to chase their dreams in the way Ant has. Ever since stepping on the scene, Ant has wasted no time in creating timeless tunes and “I Had A Love Song” is just the latest on that list. The two-minute and thirty-seven second track featuring well-known recording artist, VanJess is nothing short of a triumph. The music video that goes along with it adds so much light …

10.25.19 – [Kembe X]

By Elliot Montanez // 10 Aug 2020

This morning I loaded up Soundcloud and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Chicago native Kembe X released a new track last week, it’s an ear-pleasing joint titled “10.25.19 (warrior)”, it’s a song that you don’t want to sleep on! For several years now, I have believed that Kembe X has been one of the most talented & underrated artists that Chicago had to offer, but over the past year or so, he has hit an amazing stride + has been seemingly having the best year of his career. This record here may be a loosey, but it’s still a solid tune that finds Kembe speak about some of the advertises that he has had to overcome but at other points of the song, he touches on his vices + his journey in general. Stream this brand new release on Soundcloud below! Kembe X, · 10.25.19 (warrior)



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