Complicated – [King Ivy]

By Jarred Howard // 27 Jan 2023

King Ivy is an artist from Australia by way of Ghana whose single “Complicated” is one of the best songs you’ll hear this week. This single came out last year but I’m still finding myself coming back to this record on a weekly basis. The bass and guitar of this song literally make my ears perk up on every listen and they flow effortlessly with how catchy the hook is. King Ivy started making music when he was 15 years old and some of his influences are Dijon, Steve Lacy, and Bakar. If you listen to the two singles he has out, you can hear traces of those artists in his music. Ivy stated via email that his plans for 2023 are to continue to improve his music and for us to be on the lookout for his ep dropping sometime this year. Stream King Ivy’s new single “Complicated” for yourself below.

Our Bed-[Blake Ruby]

By Sam Morrison // 27 Jan 2023

Music is powerful and there is no greater feeling than experiencing a song that has the power to change the course of your day, mood and energy. In today’s climate, it’s rare to come across artists who invoke this power, but anytime I stumble on one who does, it’s important to show as much love as I possibly can. Blake Ruby is making an appearance on our page this morning after releasing one of the best tracks of the year so far. The Nashville native has been on my radar for some time now after catching my attention with offerings like, “Dirty Laundry” and “Momentum” and today he hits the LL  platform with his latest single entitled, “Our Bed”. I try not to overly hype things up, but I truly cannot help it as I believe Blake has crafted a song that will leave you speechless. From the very moment you press play, you’ll immediately experience the intoxicating/airy ambience that is created through the beautiful production. On top of that, Blake’s vocals are some of the best in the industry as he seamlessly flaunts his falsetto in the most tasteful moments. There is a part in “Our Bed” that made …

Foreign Glizzy – “Hate it or Love it”

By Tobbylola // 26 Jan 2023

Gary Williams, also known as Foreign Glizzy, uses music to discuss his upbringing and act as an inspiration to his audience. Last year, he released a “Foreign Exchange” project through his independent label, Foreign Family Records. Glizzy’s most famous hit, “Road Running,” with a sick drum beat that oozes bass and West Coast Funk. In his song, he flashes racks of cash and spits over a sick drill beat. He raps, “I’m just counting up, baby. Hold on. Soon as I’m done, put your clothes on.” Glizzy explains the hurdles he’s had to get over in life through his song “Hate it or Love it.” In the song, he compares himself to the underdog and everyone rooting against him, but now he’s on top. He states that he didn’t stop grinding until he got everything he deserved; this is the motivation he wants others to hear—they should never give up. The California artist seeks to inspire inner-city youth that they, too, can make it in life. The innate philanthropist sponsors a backpack giveaway and holds food drives to give back to his community. Foreign Glizzy uses his success to inspire and motivate other aspiring artists. According to him, you will become a …

Rainfalls – [Keven Hopkins]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Jan 2023

This evening we have an artist that goes by the name of Keven Hopkins who is making his debut on our website with his brand new offering titled “Rainfalls”. No exaggeration, I have listened to this song probably twenty times in a row, Keven’s vocal performance on this track left me in awe. This joint is so calming and soothing, I enjoyed the melody that Keven put together and I am excited to see what the future holds for him. I don’t know much about Keven at the moment, but I am planning on doing more due diligence and learning about him moving forward. Check out this brand-new record below!

BigSmokeChapo – Maharishi

By Tobbylola // 20 Jan 2023

Music has always been a major part of Clayton County artist BigSmokeChapo’s uprising since he was two years old. During his childhood, Chapo was exposed to his father’s career as a rapper, which inspired him to try out his talents in the booth. A few years later, Chapo craft caught the eyes of Lil Yachty, Trippie Redd, and Destroy Lonely. His sound is a combination of hip-hop and trap that keep his fans eager for me. To start the year, Chapo released his latest single “Maharishi,” the perfect rage record. “To me, this song and video is a reset. Not just for the culture but for me also. It’s showing the brand and how I’m coming this time around. Separating myself from the gangsta rapper image I’m known for, but still having that street niche in it because I’m from that,” Chapo explained to me. “But I’m so much more than that. It brings that rage, mosh-type vibe that I love, and overall it’s just a feel-good song. I made this song for people to wake up, put that fit on, and feel confident going outside. Live in that confidence.” The record visual showcases a party with Chapo performing, and fans engaging …

bully maguire-[45breakers] & [ovrwelm]

By Sam Morrison // 20 Jan 2023

Since I started writing for Lyrical Lemonade all the way back in 2018, there were certain areas that I was consistently uncovering gems from; and one of these places was none other than Florida. It’s obviously a highly populated state, but it just feels like there’s always someone or something cool coming from down south. Today, the latest artist making it onto our page is a Florida native and I’m hype to be able to show him some love.  45breakers is a producer from Tampa, Florida who is on a mission to highlight fellow talent from his area. He sent me a track called, “bully maguire” that definitely made me sit up and pay attention. The song features another artist named ovrwelm who rounds this joint out in a really great way. 45breakers is good at what he does. The production on “bully maguire” is super low-key but impressive at the same time. He did a great job of creating sounds that are enjoyable to listen to.  I’ve attached this offering down below, so make sure you tap in with the Tampa, Florida area ASAP!

YDC- [Aidan Maxi]

By Sam Morrison // 20 Jan 2023

I love getting surprised by songs; It’s truly one of the best feelings when you come across something that genuinely exceeds your expectations and today, I’m super stoked to write an article for an artist who definitely falls into that category. Aidan Maxi is a 20 year old artist from Arizona, so off the top you know I had to show love to a fellow AZ native. Other than our hometown ties, Aidan is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut for one of his latest tracks called “YDC”. This joint popped into my submission emails and from the moment I turned it on, I knew there was something here. Aidan has a really unique vocal tone that’s borderline nostalgic as it took me back to my middle school days when I was first getting acquainted with the melodic rap takeover. The production is one of my favorite parts of the song though as it creates a really easygoing and smooth ambience that will have you coming back for more. Overall, this is just a really good track and I’m really grateful that I have the opportunity to show it some love today. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give …

Joony gets an assist from Kelz on their new creative song titled “One Track Minded”

By Jaxon Brown // 20 Jan 2023

Joony has been an established artist in the DMV for a minute now, but after recent successes, his name reaches far beyond just his home region. Following his massively successful Pretty In Black tour, he’s expected to receive his first plaque after featuring on Brent Faiyaz’s WASTELAND, which reached gold status. In the meantime, listeners were blessed with “One Track Minded,” another wickedly creative production that features Brooklyn upcoming star Kelz, and a variety of other-worldly sounds, instruments, and vocal tones blending together with masterful precision. Both Joony and Kelz have loyal fanbases that cling to every release, and there’s no doubt that the collaboration of the two will cause this track to do well with their respective audience pool. I’m interested to see just how far this track can reach beyond that, though, as I feel the combination of the artists’ talents over this type of instrumental could do numbers far more than what may be expected. This two-minute-and-19-second song is a much-needed, refreshing piece of artistry that only further fueled my fandom for both artists. Check out “One Track Minded” on Spotify below!  



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