Holy Sun – [Sunny Woodz] & [YF Beats]

By Elliot Montanez // 27 Jun 2019

Chicago’s own Sunny Woodz & YF Beats just blessed us with a brand new project titled “Holy Sun”, and it’s not anything you want to sleep on. This project has a total of sixteen tracks and in Sunny’s own words, he considers it “something you and your friends should smoke to”. It’s a pretty solid tape from front to back if you ask me, I just ran it back twice in the office and enjoyed each of the songs provided, my favorite probably being “Big Fly” featuring Ohana Bam. Sunny has always been known to me as someone who puts on artists & provides great collabs, and the artists that he featured on this tape include UG Vavy, Ohana Bam, Solo Tha Dweeb, Xayy, Slitta, Ashlee Bankz, KD Young Cocky, Chimeka, Illi, D. Best, Scotty Music, BoDi Deeder, The Messiah, Clark Airlines, Fendi Frost, Bhype, Gzus, Murph Watkins and Juan Don! You may not be familiar with all of these artists just yet, but I bet in the next few years some of them will make some real noise, it’s a trend I have noticed about Sunny & his prior work. Support the Chicago OG Sunny Woodz by streaming his …

4wurd – [Jay Bel]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

A super talented emcee that goes by Jay Bel is finding himself on our website tonight with his latest project titled “4 Wurd” (An anti-gentrification project). One feature that I love about Soundcloud is the ‘artists you should know’ section because I typically find some good talent there, and that is exactly how I came across Jay Bel, which led me to this fantastic tape! There is a total of fifteen tracks on this project and as you can tell from the title, it is all based around the idea of anti-gentrification. I was ultimately impressed with the final outcome of the tape, Jay Bel is a real spitter and proved that he’s not to be taken lightly with this release. I highly suggest that you stream this tape in it’s entirely via Soundcloud below, and if you like it then go ahead and share the music with a friend. production from 2spvced, Bakimbo, Groove, Flip.gawd.dre

Man of Many – [Lil Gray]

By Seamus Fay // 16 Jun 2019

Every once in a blue moon, I’ll stumble upon a project that just feels like it’s up next. There’s an innate feeling that comes with hearing music that either pushes the boundaries or introduces a new sound/style to the scene, and this feeling is exactly what I felt after clicking plan on Lil Gray’s latest project, Man of Many. At its core, Man of Many is a self-assured project full of knocking production and vivid, braggadocious rhymes. Where Gray separates himself, however, is in the tape’s individualistic tint, as the budding talent hops and skips over a wide palette of production without losing any hint of his confident stature and effortless cool. From the fast-paced chaos of “Back Then” to the otherworldy sound of “Captain Morgan” and even the soul-sampling glory of my personal favorite, “Had To,” Man of Many has something for everyone. Lil Gray is a natural entertainer, an in-your-face leader of trap’s latest sonic mutation, and more than anything, a widely-talented artist, so I wouldn’t recommend sleeping. Peep Man of Many below and get ready to hear a lot more from Gray in the future — all signs are pointing up for the “Man of Many,” himself.

HIGH – [DuEaux]

By Jaxon Brown // 13 Jun 2019

Sometimes when you first click on a new song or project, you’re not really sure what you’re getting into. But then there’s some, by just looking at the project art, or hearing the project name – that you know exactly what you’re about to hear. That’s the case with Wisconsin product DuEaux and their new masterpiece called, HIGH. The duo consists of two artists Isaiah Cronk and Jake Ness, who both bring their own flavor to the dish that works masterfully. They combine to create a soulful sound that resonates personally with some older Mac Miller projects – creating an aura of smoke-filled rooms, dimmed lights, and light melodic tunes. Their unique flows mixed with low BPM instrumentals and their wide vocal ranges make you feel afloat. Personally, I experience flashbacks to simpler times, and vibrant memories with friends in the High School days. From “She Don’t Love Me” to “AnxHIGHety,” I get nothing but positivity and radiant energy throughout the work’s entirety, which you can’t help but think was intentional. The Wisconsin-based DuEaux hit a homerun with this project, and with work like this, it’ll be exciting to see how their music grows and develops in the future. Stream HIGH below! [@IsaiahCronk]   …

Agony In Stardom – [Liamette]

By Seamus Fay // 11 Jun 2019

Agony In Stardom, the brand new, 10-track mixtape from Liamette, is prefaced with the following: With the wrapping up of my first album, I thought it necessary to upload these tracks to SoundCloud. This is a collection of tracks that I’ve made with my friends with no particular purpose in use, yet as I listen to them over the years (2016-18), I start to see connections and revelations in what I was saying. Ideally, the creation of these tracks was for self-healing, noting my experience, and raging in my room, but why be selfish? Why not let these tracks see the light of day? With that being said I present Agony in Stardom. Upon reading this description and clicking play on the project’s first song, “AbUSE,” it instantly became easy to feel the effects of Liamette’s radiant energy. One song after another, the sheer creativity of this project speaks volumes to the Atlanta native’s love for the art of music, and furthermore, the friendly collaboration shown throughout exhibits the living, breathing soul of an incredibly exciting and ambitious new generation of ATL talents. With that said, the most refreshing aspect of this project is its devotion toward expanding and testing its …

Insurgence – [Juntao]

By Elliot Montanez // 8 Jun 2019

This evening we have an artist that goes by the moniker of Juntao is making his first appearance on our lemon filled pages with his brand new tape titled “Insurgence”. I love browsing through the submissions because you can find plenty of talent, but the most interesting part to me is that most times it’s not even the artist him or herself sending the music, in this case is was actually the mother of Juntao who sent a nice email about her son and sure enough I enjoyed the music! The best part though, he’s from Chicago! Do yourself a huge favor and press play below.

Paranoia – [Money Man]

By Elliot Montanez // 7 Jun 2019

Money Man is an emcee out of Atlanta whose project I have been bumping for the past week, and after finding myself enjoying his tape a ton, I thought why not write about it? The Atlanta native dropped an impressive new album titled “Paranoia” a couple of weeks back and it’s nothing anything you want to sleep on, it’s a rather long listen coming in at just about an hour long and twenty five tracks in length, but I would be lying if I said it’s not worth listening to every second of it. My favorite record on this tape had to be “Milwaukee” because of the great flows he provided and just how well it turned out overall, but what’s more important is if you enjoy it, so stream this brand new project below and if you like it then be sure to give Money Man a follow on Soundcloud here.

New 90’s – [Chevy Woods]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 May 2019

Chevy Woods is nothing short of a legend in the hip-hop community, he has dropped at least a dozen of verses that I know word for word and I recently found myself wondering when I was going to hear some new music from him, then boom his new project titled “New 90’s” shows up on the timeline. After running through these eleven tracks a few times through I was impressed with the true 90’s sounding production, it’s as close as it can sound two decades later, and Chevy really excelled on the production provided. There is a handful of tree blowing anthems, a couple more laid back and introspective songs but more than anything be prepared for Chevy’s witty wordplay, he had plenty of memorable bars and even a couple sports references that caught my attention. There is a few features from Chevy’s right hand man and Pittsburgh leader Wiz Khalifa, and if you know anything about the chemistry these two have, then you know it’s about to be special. Stream this brand new tape via Soundcloud below!



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