The Sterlz – [Sterling Hayes]

By Elliot Montanez // 21 Feb 2020

Sterling Hayes has been gearing up to drop a full-length album this year but before he releases that project, he was kind enough to bless his fanbase with a new free mixtape titled “The Sterlz”. This tape has nine tracks in total and finds Sterling Hayes addressing several real-life subjects all while putting out ear-pleasing songs at the same time, serving as something to hold Sterling fans over until the release of his forthcoming album. Sterling Hayes has been a Chicago gem for some years now but lately, he seems to be hitting a real stride + putting out some of the best material of his career, and I only expect him to do more damage in the near future. Stream this brand new mixtape below and if you like what you hear then follow Sterling on Twitter here to stay in tune with him for when he drops his official album later this year!


By LL intern // 4 Feb 2020

I met this kid a couple of years back in California that showed me a strong energy of wanting “it” and was just getting started on making music but was so ready and passionate about the future ahead. You don’t come across that level of excitement very often where it’s almost like you can’t contain it so I knew that one way or another he was going to make things happen for himself. So we kept in touch a little bit and followed each other. I see him clocking in and working all the time and heading straight to the studio. It’s inspiring. Then I realized where he was based in, Okinawa, Japan which is an island off the mainland where I believe he has a family. He is out there doing his thing in the music scene and staying extremely active with shows and collaborations. You love to see it and it just shows music is ready to be heard anywhere you just have to work for it and that’s why I love it. So his album, In Loving Memory, dropped mid-January. I had to take a listen to hear what ROLLINHASNOHEART had been brewing. I was completely impressed …

Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli’s Greatest Hits: Vol. 1- [Pouya] x [Boobie Lootaveli]

By LL intern // 30 Jan 2020

Pouya has been teasing us all month about a project coming out before the end of January, and he came through on his word in a massive way. The two singles he had previously released were both produced by Spock and featured his close friend and talented rapper Boobie Lootaveli. “Bitch, Park Backwards” and “Get Money (Take Money)” are undeniable hits and might possibly be my personal favorite songs of the year thus far. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the project Pouya has been talking about for weeks now was going to be a collaboration between him, Boobie, and Spock, confirming some of my previous assumptions. Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli’s Greatest Hits: Vol. 1 is pretty much everything I had hoped for and more ever since hearing the first two singles off of it. With only 3 additional songs and a run time of 10 minutes, I only wish that there was more content, but the songs that the mixtape does contain are pure gold. On the opening track “12,000 Miles”, you get the deepest and most introspective look at the duo on the album, while they seem to reveal the other side of their mind that isn’t …

Jazzsoup Vol. 3 – [Mindsoup]

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Jan 2020

Mindsoup is a platform that is constantly sharing new talented producers and I have written about their past work, and today they are back with their brand new compilation project titled Jazzsoup Volume 3. This latest compilation tape includes ten different instrumentals form ten different producers, it’s basically like a smorgasbord of different unique beats that were pieced & arranged together perfectly to make for a great listen through. Typically when you feature this many different people, especially producers, on the same project it’s tough to have a cohesive project but the great minds over at Mindsoup somehow managed to make this happen. Anybody who loves hip-hop or jazz instrumentals will LOVE this project, so don’t waste any more time, check it out for yourself below! Production from Soulslo, Emerld, Kilamdapro, Amber Haze, Solrakmi, Kognito Beatz, Davnnk, NoLabel, Hyumn & Flame

DwnTwn Certified – [J’Demul]

By Elliot Montanez // 23 Jan 2020

J’Demul is a cat out of St. Louis who we have posted a couple of rimes, as soon as last week, and this evening he is back with his brand new mixtape titled “DwnTwn Certified”. We have posted about J’Demul a couple of times in the past, one of them as recent as last week, but this new tape is definitely my favorite release from him yet. This project finds J’Demul exploring several subjects such as death, dealing with the opposition, staying true to himself, his days as a youth, his family & friends, practicing patience, getting older and more. J’Demul is a solid talent coming out of the midwest, one that you want to keep your eye on, stream this new project via Soundcloud below and if you like the music then be sure to give him a follow. production from Love Baker & 92 • features from MBz Live & Jai Mani


By Mike del Ro // 16 Jan 2020

NYC’s sLUms collective has steadily become a consistent source for some of the most exciting experimental hip-hop releases in the past year, and sLUms artist JODI continues to build this sonic barrier pushing reputation with his latest project, ‘YUNGBULL’. Mixing jazz samples, improvisational flows, and a stream of consciousness style of lyricism, the rapper and producer supplies a listener with a ceaseless amount of memorable moments throughout. Each track seems to build upon a different aspect of JODI’s craft, leaving a listener with an overarching sampler of the artist’s versatile sound. He fills the project with no shortage of entertaining and surprising detours, and every flow he finds over the array of unconventional beats hits harder than the last. JODI seems to really refine his bag on the track “KEN GRIFFEY”, as his punctual verses land on top of an incessant arsenal of snares and an expertly chopped-up sample that deserves listening back to over and over again. With that said, ‘YUNGBULL’ contains plenty of tracks to entice a listener to revisit the project, and JODI leaves a lasting impression through combinations of sounds that feel fresh and pack a resounding punch.


By Mike del Ro // 3 Jan 2020

Brooklyn rapper AKAI SOLO dropped a plethora of new music last year, and the East Coast MC culminated his busy year with a project from his collective MAD MOON titled ‘MAD SPACE’. With beats by producer Iblss and co-production by $hay Buttah, the 16-track endeavor cements the rising wordsmith’s signature sound and enshrines in with the jazz-influenced experimental hip-hop scene that’s been steadily incubating in the Empire City. The somewhat ominous presence of AKAI SOLO’s voice serves as a constant standout characteristic of this project, and his clear intonation behind hyper, raw flows adds weight to every single bar on the record. Mostly offering listeners an autobiographical account of his environment and approach towards music, ‘MAD SPACE’ announces SOLO’s arrival as this madman whose mind moves at a million miles per hour and manifests in the form of rap verses that seem like they could go on forever. This style hits especially hard when paired with the heavy sample chops and lo-fi distortion that reverberates on every track. One effective example of this deadly combination comes through on the song “Chopped Cheese” which features menacing horns that sound like the score to a suspenseful heist movie—a fitting beat for a …

Jack Boys – [Travis Scott]

By Lucas Garrison // 27 Dec 2019

There’s a common understanding that the music industry basically shuts down from late December to early January.  Dropping anything in that time frame is basically pointless; unless you are an artist so big, it doesn’t matter when you drop. Travis Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates definitely qualify. Entirely out of the blue, Scott, and the rest of his Cactus Jack labelmates came together to give us a late Christmas gift in the form of a compilation album entitled JACKBOYS. A 7 song, 21-minute long album, JACKBOYS, gets in, gets out, and more than serves its purpose with a flurry of easily digested, high-energy bangers that feature some insanely interesting collaborations that include the likes of Young Thug, Rosalía, and Don Toliver. The last of which, Don Toliver, dominates the entire project, steals the show, and emerges as an artist primed to takeover 2020.  Loaded with some stellar, intoxicating tracks, JACKBOYS is the perfect way to cap off 2019. Standout tracks: “Had Enough,” “Out West,” “What To Do?”



School Shooters (Remix) - [XXXTENTACION] ft. [Lil Wayne] & [Kemba]

Even before the release of XXXTENTACION’s album Bad Vibes Forever, X left a void in the world of music that will never be filled. His multifaceted talents could bring him from vocal cord busting yelling over distorted production to crooning over lighthearted and meditative acoustic guitar, as well as anything else along that spectrum. Many…

A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City's Potential Superstar

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our…

PSA- [Fat Nick]

Fat Nick has been an underground phenom for some time now. His completely individualistic sound fits right on the same path that some of his friends are on including $uicideboy$, Germ, and Pouya, among others, yet they all find a way to separate themselves in their own lanes within a similar subset of the industry.…