Cold Water – [Medhane]

By Elliot Montanez // 26 May 2020

Medhane is an emcee out of Brooklyn who I have covered once or twice before on our platform, and today he is back with his brand new project titled “Cold Water”. Medhane released on tape on Soundcloud as a track that just runs straight through the thirty-five-minute duration, which is kind of dope to me because it seemed more like one long song or story as opposed to a bunch of different songs complied together for a project, a large part of that feeling though has to be credited to the super-smooth transitions in between the songs. I just finished my first run through this tape and I loved it, I am about to run it back right now, so hopefully, you feel the same way that I do. Along with the release of this one, Medhane added few words saying: “thank you to everybody who played a part in this project. thank you to everyone who pulled up to the crib, everyone who is patient with me, everyone who has taught me a lesson in life. thank you 2 keiyaA, Navy Blue, Maxo, and Jadasea . im 4eva grateful for yal contribution, words travel like emotions and are more powerful than …

Death of Me – [GBF DaDa]

By Jack Gregory // 25 May 2020

Birmingham, AL rapper GBF DaDa returns with a new mixtape titled Death of Me that is simultaneously grimy while also maintaining a level of both emotional introspection and southern-drawl laced melodies.  The title track is aggressive in nature but this is juxtaposed by DaDa’s velvety and impassioned vocals, all while preaching streetwise lyrics about murder and loss. He tapped his GBF collaborator, GBF King, to feature on track four “Done Deal” who supplies a bellicose guest verse alongside DaDa who carries the track with his catchy chorus. “Deep In” is one of the most transparent songs off of the record, lamenting losses taken in the streets and in his personal life, and Death of Me ends with uplifting and rousing “Heal Me” which was one of the most well-written cuts from the record. I was very impressed with this mixtape and I am eager to see what GBF DaDa has up his sleeve next.

Flight Risk – [Trapperman Dale]

By Jack Gregory // 25 May 2020

West Nashville MC Trapperman Dale is back with a new mixtape titled Flight Risk that per usual continues Dale’s string of releases that are packed with lyrical treats and grimy streetwise bars that only get more creative and specific as time goes on. His production on this record stayed within his typical wheelhouse of producers, having beats come from the likes of Nashville icons such as Greedy Money and Bandplay who have both helped Dale find and hone his sound over the past four years since he burst onto the scene with his Fidale Castro release. This is yet another lyrically dense full-length release from Trapperman Dale and he has simultaneously been a model of both consistency and excellent wordplay that requires unwavering attention to detail and continually prove Dale’s trap prowess, spitting bars that are sure to go over-heads if you aren’t paying attention.

Most Wanted – [Ganz] x [Lil Queze]

By Jack Gregory // 25 May 2020

East Nashville natives Ganz and Lil Queze of Street Konnected Everywhere (or SKE) recently unloaded their highly anticipated debut mixtape Most Wanted that is aptly titled considering their quickly expanding fanbase has been begging them for the project for months now. The duo has risen to this level of local celebrity and regional relevance through a consistent and prolific manner in which they drop music videos, continually feeding the streets with new tracks that have stayed on repeat within the city for over a year now. “Way Bigger” is one of my favorite cuts off of this album and I have known that would be the case since the snippet first surfaced. Another memorable track was “Klout Khasers” which preluded the mixtape with a single and video, but both artists gave two of their best verses on the entire project, as well as “Jungle” where the pair go back and forth, trading bars in their now distinctive manner. The bulk of the production on Most Wanted came from Smokey Hendrix and DJ Chill, with other contributions from Krash Max, FF Tana, and others and remained largely consistent with most of the beats that they have hopped on in the past. The mixtape comes to …

Big Yop – [YS]

By Jack Gregory // 22 May 2020

East Atlanta’s YS is back with a new eight-track mixtape titled Big Yop which is the latest drop in a string of recent releases that have started to elevate the Zone Six native from a locally known talent to one of the heir-apparents in the city to garner the coveted title of “next up.” YS’s flow is distinctive and his voice is unique and above everything else, it is obvious that he is really enjoying himself and truly having fun making his music, which is an absolutely infectious trait to have. Big Yop ought to be YS’s introduction to the greater-Atlanta scene and it is only a matter of time until his name spreads even further.

Aite Come On – [WalknTalknCheck]

By Jack Gregory // 22 May 2020

Currently, I am writing this article instead of a number of other write-ups from the past week that has surfaced, but none have me quite as excited as the debut of Nashville rapper WalknTalknCheck that has made a very bold statement with his first project release, Aite Come On, shining both lyrically and melodically, showing off his excellent vocals and numerous flows. Track two, “Dead Broke” was a particularly intoxicating record, produced by fellow Nashvillian IVBeats who has been on quite the run himself recently. WalknTalknCheck’s vocals on this track are impassioned and reminiscent of other southern titans like NoCap or Rylo Rodriguez, and while these are lofty comparisons I do not make them lightly. “Cramp My Hands” is a more sanguine cut off the record that features him utilizing his playful flow over the uplifting instrumental. Aite Come On comes to a close with the track “Break the Rules” where he gives quite possibly his best performance from the entire project, blending both melodies and grimy lyrics on top of his already emotionally potent vocals. Don’t sleep, WalknTalknCheck is sincerely the next big thing out of Nashville.

Portalz – [Mother Nature]

By Elliot Montanez // 20 May 2020

Chicago natives Mother Nature have been gearing up all year with singles + visuals + content for this very moment, as they have just released their brand new project titled “Portalz”. The two emcees who make up Mother Nature, T.R.U.T.H and Klevah Knox, have always stuck out to me since I first heard their music a few years ago. They were super raw, very gifted lyrically, had meaningful subject matter, were good live performers, and were just dope individuals overall. The one thing that I thought they needed when I first heard them was some structure, and with teaming up with a good manager as well as indie Chicago label Closed Sessions, they got just that. So with this backing that they now have, I was so excited to see what they did with it, and like I touched on earlier, all of the content they put out up to this point to support the project was awesome, so this was the moment of truth for them if you will. This tape has ten records on the tracklist + is a pretty quick listen coming in at twenty minutes, and they packed this project with some great songs as well …

54 Baby 2 – [KountUpWitDaK]

By Jack Gregory // 14 May 2020

Since initially picking up a full head of steam courtesy of his track “Smelling Blood” that went regionally viral in his home state of South Carolina, KountUpWitDaK has been steadily applying pressure and has shown zero signs of slowing up since first grasping the attention of his native town of Sumpter and beyond. Much of his success can be credited to the production force of TNTxD and TahjMoney, who frequently lace him with twangy and bouncy guitar beats that have become the sonic status quo of places like Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. 54 Baby 2 is his latest mixtape release and is yet another triumphant performance from an artist who is making a name for himself with his transparency and variety in styles and deliveries. The project opens with “Gangsta Cry” which is an emotional and reflective, pondering on both chances he’s taken and just how far he has come. Track four “Picasso” features Bougalousa, LA native JayDaYoungan who sounds right at home alongside KountUp on the jaunty, trunk-thumping instrumental and is followed by “Press The Issue,” which is one of the more aggressive and throwed-off cuts off of the record. “Head On” was another memorable song, and it reminded me …



Tell Me U Luv Me - [Juice WRLD] x [Trippie Redd]

Lyrical Lemonade founder, Cole Bennett, recently sent out a tweet that touched on the fact that he hasn't dropped a music video in nearly a month, and how moving forward he was going to be dropping every single week for a couple of months. It didn't take long for him to come through on that…

Different Day - [NLE Choppa]

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching NLE Choppa’s come up over the last year or so. In all honesty at the beginning, I kind of thought he was just another rapper whose wild persona and energetic disposition was going to bring him success on a few songs, and then he’d struggle to continue progressing within his Rap…

Cardigan - [Don Toliver]

Prior to late last year’s Cactus Jack label collaborative project JackBoys, I had never really paid too much attention to Don Toliver, unfortunately. I had heard the name and knew he was buzzing in the music scene, but I never took the time to really just sit down and listen to his music. After hearing…