New 90’s – [Chevy Woods]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 May 2019

Chevy Woods is nothing short of a legend in the hip-hop community, he has dropped at least a dozen of verses that I know word for word and I recently found myself wondering when I was going to hear some new music from him, then boom his new project titled “New 90’s” shows up on the timeline. After running through these eleven tracks a few times through I was impressed with the true 90’s sounding production, it’s as close as it can sound two decades later, and Chevy really excelled on the production provided. There is a handful of tree blowing anthems, a couple more laid back and introspective songs but more than anything be prepared for Chevy’s witty wordplay, he had plenty of memorable bars and even a couple sports references that caught my attention. There is a few features from Chevy’s right hand man and Pittsburgh leader Wiz Khalifa, and if you know anything about the chemistry these two have, then you know it’s about to be special. Stream this brand new tape via Soundcloud below!

TSA – [Kelow LaTesha]

By Lucas Garrison // 29 Apr 2019

Back In February, I was introduced to Kelow Latesha by way of “Call Security” and have been looking forward to her TSA EP ever since. The DMV up-and-comer just dropped off the project last week and I’m happy to report it’s exactly what I was expecting. The same qualities that drew me in to “Call Security” are on display tenfold on the project; TSA is a must listen! As a whole, the TSA EP is a colorful, energetic, raw, and in your face, but not in a grating, unenjoyable way. More than just going super hard every track, the in-your-face feel comes from LaTesha ear for off-kilter, bouncing production–yet she still flows so well–as well as her palpable swagger and charisma. Her personality shines through and she does a great job of really making you a fan of her and the music. It’s hard to go wrong on the album, but be sure to pay close attention to “Hammer Time” because it features fellow Maryland rapper Black Fortune. Having LaTesha and Fortune–two of the scene’s most unique, promising rappers–on the same track is a special moment for the DMV; hopefully, it’s the first of many because their sounds fit so well! Standout cuts: “Hammer Time,” “Ambient,” “Mercedes”     Loud, …

CA$H 2 – [Mizzie Ca$h]

By Seamus Fay // 27 Apr 2019

In all the time I spend searching for music to write about, I’ve found that from a listener’s perspective, one of the most rewarding elements of music is finding artists that have some sort of story to tell. Those who know how to captivate an audience and bring this audience into a new world are the artists who will last, and today, Boston’s own Mizzie Ca$h has something to say along these lines with his new project, CA$H 2. 9 tracks long, this tape extends the sentiments and skills that we’ve heard from Mizzie in the past and brings them to newer, sharper, and clearer levels of execution. His verses are remarkably vivid, he recounts life with a wise-beyond-his-years, thoughtful mindset, and more than anything, he tells stories of the life of a young hustler with an ingrained charm that is sure to captivate, one line after another. In such a way, CA$H 2 feels like tangible proof of the progress that one of Boston’s brightest up-and-comers has made over the years, all while telling a real story of raw devotion and determination that you can’t help but latch onto. Needless to say, Mizzie Ca$h’s latest is a refreshing listen from front to …

i have so much to tell you – [Curtis Williams]

By Seamus Fay // 22 Apr 2019

Curtis Williams — the Two-9 legend, himself — is the kind of artist whose effortless cool will never fade. It’s not that he can “adjust with the times” or keep up with new trends, but rather, Williams has an individualistic style that will never burn out, fueled simply by a sense of authenticity that can’t be faked. Needless to say, ATL’s own is still putting out noteworthy music, just as we saw a few weeks ago with his “Darren Waller Freestyle.” Today, Williams brings this full circle with the main entree: a new project entitled i have so much to tell you.  As reflected by the title, this project gives listeners a chance to update themselves on what Curtis Williams has been up to as of late, and if not anything else, I love just how well this project reflects where his spirit is at. Right away, Williams takes things to an intimate, eye-to-eye level with listeners, balancing a beautiful, soul-stricken harmonica run with wisdom from none other than the Based God — and before you ask, yes, this is the best idea for an introduction I’ve heard in quite some time. From there, i have so much to tell you …

Faded in the Booth – [Young Nudy]

By Seamus Fay // 22 Apr 2019

Coming out of Atlanta over the past few years, few artists, if any, have matched the level of consistency and individuality that Young Nudy brings to the table every time he hits the mic. Not only are Nudy’s eccentric vocals and alluring deliveries pleasing on a sonic level, but the lyrics that they highlight are just as impressive on a technical scale, proving the mark of an artist who seemingly can do no wrong. Today, as fans still impatiently await the release of Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s forthcoming project, Slim’erre, Nudy is back to bless us with an appetizer entitled Faded in the Booth. 12 tracks long, Faded in the Booth was actually a surprise release, and immediately after being texted by a friend that it was released, I ran over to Twitter to see what the conversation was about Nudy’s latest. As expected, the main sentiment was that Young Nudy really dropped a for-fun mixtape before the album, and it’s still one of the best projects of the year, and after listening to this one three times in the past two days, I can’t help but agree. Faded in the Booth is a title connotated with a certain intimacy and effortless cool that …

HighDefGang Vol.1 – [ZaeHD] [CEO]

By Seamus Fay // 22 Apr 2019

Lifestyle music can come in many different forms. Whether focused on the lowest of lows or the highest of highs, lifestyle music allows listeners to escape into a world often unlike their own, and further, a world that they can feel a part of simply by clicking play on an album or a song. Today, reflecting this idea, ZaeHD and CEO are here with their brand new project, HighDefGang Vol. 1. The reason that I bring up lifestyle music here is because this project is the perfect example of music’s ability to change a listener’s surroundings. Simply by listening to any one of the 9 songs at hand, a given listener is immediately thrust into ZaeHD and CEO’s endlessly fun world of partying and dancing. From malleable, sometimes abstract production to the raw individuality shown throughout the ambitious flows and off-the-wall lyrics here, both of these two artists know how to have a good time, and they clearly put no bounds on the creativity that allows them to get there. As a result, HighDefGang, Vol. 1 creates a fascinating, animated world of sound and lifestyle that I truly haven’t heard anything quite like, and at the very least, it’s the kind of …

H2O – [Maajei Vu]

By Lucas Garrison // 31 Mar 2019

Maajei Vu came on my radar last year thanks to his work with one of the best producers in the game, Cardo (See “Aloe”). Though not the sound you might expect when you think of the hit-making producer, it was easy to see why he took an interest in the young crooner; his talent leaps out at you. On his latest project, however, the first since 2017, Maajei Vu pulls double duty, handling the vocals and the production, and delivering on both fronts. Vocally, the Milwaukee native has such a smooth, inviting style, he could easily go the more traditional R&B route and deliver, but his production gives him such a refreshing, unique feel. A fitting name, H20 is so fluid thanks to some electronic-inspired production laden with crisp drums. Maajei’s boardwork sucks you into its light, hypnotic atmosphere while keeping you on your toes with some unique, engaging transitions and switch-ups. The result us a stellar, start-to-finish (then over again) listen. Standout cut: “Nosebleeds” Stream H20 at the link provided below!

We Grown Now – [MC Tree]

By Elliot Montanez // 25 Mar 2019

Chicago OG MC Tree has been teasing the release of his project for a minute on social media and it has had me excited to here it, and just a couple of days ago he blessed us with the full length tape titled “We Grown Now”. There is a total of thirteen records on this project and after listening through it a few times my already high expectations were not only met, but well past exceeded. A couple of my favorite records from this body of work include “All I’ll Ever Be” due to the soulful production mixed with his signature flows, and my other favorite included here is the heartfelt “Letter To My Sons”. When 2019 is said and done with this will be one of the more memorable projects to come out of Chicago, be expecting to see it on our Top 50 Chicago Projects list at the end of the year, but until we reach that point get in tune with the tape by pressing play below.



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