The Trap Mamba – [Ola Playa]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 Sep 2019

French producer Brodinski has an impeccable track record of finding Atlanta’s most promising Trap artists. Working with the likes of 21 Savage, Peewee Longway, and HoodRich Pablo Juan early in their careers, Brodinski’s unique style of production has lent well to get the most out of ATL’s best. Brodinski linked up with Atlanta emcee Ola Playa to release The Trap Mamba, a 9 song energy levels that would make Kobe himself proud. While this may be my first interaction with Ola Playa, it will most definitely not be the last. All throughout this project, Ola Playa and Brodinski seem to be a perfect pairing as the electronic meets trap beats are the perfect setting for Playa to go all kinds of crazy. As soon as this project gets going, the energy can be felt whether listening on headphones or earth-shaking speakers. “Willy Wonka” is the first bass abuser on the project, a single that will get your head boppin instantly. Another track to hype up any listener is “Hand Sanitizer”, a mystical beat that Playa attacks with full force to make an anthem. Being that this is only the second time Brodinski has worked with an artist entirely on a project, …

Genesis – [Young Deji]

By Brodie Harvey // 27 Aug 2019

If you’ve read any of my writing over the past few months, it’d be no secret that I am a big fan of the music coming out of Houston, Texas. With such a deep history of producing some of the genre’s most unique talent, they always seem to be new artists popping up all time that redefine the culture in a major way. An artist that fits that description perfectly is Young Deji, the creator of The Woah. His music might not be what you expect with that on his resume, he has an insanely smooth voice that is able to create both iconic R&B and intricate wordplay. Young Deji released his sophomore project Genesis the other week, the Houston artist has truly leveled up in terms of sound. This project is the perfect evolution from his FunPlex mixtape that dropped earlier this year. From the intro track “Sar”, Deji’s soulful sound can almost be compared to Steve Lacy with a heavy 808. Wiz Khalifa has heavily cosigned Deji, appearing on four out of twelve tracks on the project. Finding talented voices like Ty$, its no surprise Wiz would tap into Deji’s massive potential. Deji also shows his ability to switch things up and spit …

Purple Heart – [Baby Smoove]

By Seamus Fay // 11 Aug 2019

Detroit is the place to be in rap right now. From flows to pace, the D is birthing a great deal of what’s hot, and amongst the city’s most impressive young talents is Lyrical Lemonade favorite Baby Smoove. Today, in his most artful release to date, Smoove is back with his new project, Purple Heart. Being that the cover art photoshops Smoove’s face onto Prince’s body, Purple Heart sets itself aside from Smoove’s past releases right off the bat. It’s more emotional, more well-rounded, and per usual, braggadocious as can be, painting a notably full picture of the Detroit native in regards to money, loyalty, love, and so much more. With that said, as we’ve mentioned in the past, Smoove’s greatest two skills are that of his quotable lyrics and nonchalant flows. When mixed together, these two aspects create a deadly concoction, and have certainly become leading factors in Smoove’ rise to prominence as of late. But none of this can be done without the right production to match, and on Purple Heart, it seems as though Smoove has mastered his ear for beats, as he rattles off rhymes all the way from the soulful tint of “Tings” to the Elton John-esque magic of …

Prayers Ain’t Enough – [King Carter] x [Rago Foot]

By Mike del Ro // 7 Aug 2019

UK-based producer Rago Foot and New York-based rapper King Carter recently dropped their collaborative mixtape ‘Prayers Ain’t Enough’. With moments of hazy, disorienting brilliance shining across 17 tracks, the two artists craft a sonically consistent, seamlessly flowing project that functions as a comprehensive introduction to their talent as a duo. Lyrically, Carter mixes introspection with aggression, performing at his best when he’s balancing a stream of consciousness style of rapping with cunning disses aimed at whoever’s trying to slow him down. He gives weight to his words in imaginative double entendres and creative wordplay, rapping “I can’t wear no chain ‘cause it reminds me of a noose” and similar bars that beg a listener to rewind the track just to pick up on the detail in his rhymes. Foot meets Carter’s lyrical flexing with production choices that amplify the mesmerizing nature of his flows. On the explosive “10 Toes” for example, Foot melds trap 808s with rumbling bass drowned in layers of sampled sounds. His irregular sample chops might be hard to keep up with, but Carter proves he’s more than up for the challenge. ‘Prayers Ain’t Enough’ serves as a testament to both of these artist’s skills, joining their …

Cursed – [Frais]

By Elliot Montanez // 7 Aug 2019

This afternoon we have an artist that goes by the moniker of Frais is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his brand new mixtape titled “Cursed”. I got word from my homie Jake that I should check out this project so today I made sure to take out thirty minutes in order to give it my upmost attention, and after running though the track list a couple of times through, and he really put together a great collection of songs here. He provided hard hitting records such as “Bandos” and the outro featuring Lil Gnar & Germ, but he also switched it up a bit in tracks like “Dying” that had a slower tempo & a introspective vibe. I have been noticing a ton of new talent coming out of Charlotte like DaBaby & RonSoCold to name a couple, but Frais is looking to be one of the new leaders of his community in the near future, keep an eye out for him and press play below!

Live on Ice – [Tobi Lou]

By Mike del Ro // 2 Aug 2019

tobi lou is unmistakable. Hit play on any of the Nigeria-born Chicago-raised artist’s tracks and you almost instantly know who you’re listening to. With a sound that’s most recognizable for carefree flows and infectious melodies, lou’s output over the past few years has poised him as a talent bound to reach mainstream acclaim, walking a line between pop and hip-hop in a way no one really has done it before. The development of his talent thus far culminates with ‘Live on Ice’, a 21-track tape from tobi lou available everywhere today. “I ain’t even in my prime, thought I missed my time” he raps on the somber, slow-building opener “100 Degrees”. The song kicks off on a darker note than most might expect from the usually bubbly vibe tobi lou’s music emits, but don’t be fooled—the song quickly shifts from a gloomy mood into an uplifting second movement scored by orchestral strings before moving on with the rest of the tape. An ongoing theme that ‘Live on Ice’ exudes is the idea of finding joy even in dark chapters. This theme manifests literally on “I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now”, executed in true tobi lou fashion where nothing …

Holy Sun – [Sunny Woodz] & [YF Beats]

By Elliot Montanez // 27 Jun 2019

Chicago’s own Sunny Woodz & YF Beats just blessed us with a brand new project titled “Holy Sun”, and it’s not anything you want to sleep on. This project has a total of sixteen tracks and in Sunny’s own words, he considers it “something you and your friends should smoke to”. It’s a pretty solid tape from front to back if you ask me, I just ran it back twice in the office and enjoyed each of the songs provided, my favorite probably being “Big Fly” featuring Ohana Bam. Sunny has always been known to me as someone who puts on artists & provides great collabs, and the artists that he featured on this tape include UG Vavy, Ohana Bam, Solo Tha Dweeb, Xayy, Slitta, Ashlee Bankz, KD Young Cocky, Chimeka, Illi, D. Best, Scotty Music, BoDi Deeder, The Messiah, Clark Airlines, Fendi Frost, Bhype, Gzus, Murph Watkins and Juan Don! You may not be familiar with all of these artists just yet, but I bet in the next few years some of them will make some real noise, it’s a trend I have noticed about Sunny & his prior work. Support the Chicago OG Sunny Woodz by streaming his …

4wurd – [Jay Bel]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Jun 2019

A super talented emcee that goes by Jay Bel is finding himself on our website tonight with his latest project titled “4 Wurd” (An anti-gentrification project). One feature that I love about Soundcloud is the ‘artists you should know’ section because I typically find some good talent there, and that is exactly how I came across Jay Bel, which led me to this fantastic tape! There is a total of fifteen tracks on this project and as you can tell from the title, it is all based around the idea of anti-gentrification. I was ultimately impressed with the final outcome of the tape, Jay Bel is a real spitter and proved that he’s not to be taken lightly with this release. I highly suggest that you stream this tape in it’s entirely via Soundcloud below, and if you like it then go ahead and share the music with a friend. production from 2spvced, Bakimbo, Groove, Flip.gawd.dre



F*ck No - [99 Neighbors]

Having recently signed a deal alongside Pat Corcoran, it's no secret that the whole music world has its head turned toward 99 Neighbors right now. The expectations are high for the genre-blending collective, but as we've seen so far, they remain unphased, just as the art is sure to reflect. Today, acting as physical evidence…

Strollin - [Phlowerie]

Texas-based songwriter Phlowerie has shared a new music video for her song, “Strollin’”. With a blissful, lo-fi sound and soft vocals, Phlowerie captures the stray beams of light as the sun sets on summertime and turns them into a quintessential kickback song. The video matches the lighthearted playfulness of “Strollin” on an aesthetic level as…

Camelot - [NLE Choppa]

Late last night the red hot NLE Choppa released a brand new music video for "Camelot" directed by Lyrical Lemonade leader Cole Bennett, and as you probably already guessed, it's another smash hit song + visual! For only being sixteen years old NLE Choppa makes some of the best music compared to his peers, he…