A Conversation with Kaleah Lee

By Sam Morrison // 26 Jan 2023

If you read my end of the year recap, then you’d know that an artist who had a specific impact on my 2022 was none other than Kaleah Lee. The young artist based in the suburbs of Vancouver has been releasing some of the prettiest music I’ve heard in a long time, so it was only right to take some time to chat with her. From growing up in Canada, to song inspiration, we chatted about it all. Continue reading to check out this Conversation with Kaleah Lee. — Sam: So a question I always start with is, how are you doing? Apart from music, how is life treating you in general? Kaleah: Yeah, I’ve been in a good place. It’s been nice. I have a lot of family home and everyone is always doing something, so, I’m having a good time. I’ve been writing and trying to get outside when it’s not pouring rain; But, I’ve been really good overall. — Sam: I love that. Okay, so you were born and raised around Vancouver right? What was it like growing up there? Kaleah: Yeah, so I live technically not in Downtown Vancouver, I live in the suburbs like 20 minutes away. …

Plu2o Nash: The Lemonade Stand Interview

By Elliot Montanez // 24 Jan 2023

Plu2o Nash is a legend in the Chicago music community, he’s accomplished so much in his time so far and he is looking to continue to build on his legacy. I recently brought Plu2o to the office for a new episode of The Lemonade Stand interview series, and it was a great conversation. I spoke with him about many topics such as growing up in Chicago, attending Kenwood, his influences, his relationship with Lucki, the time he met Pharrell, producing the hit record “Telephone Calls” for A$AP Rocky, what he’s currently working on, and much more. Check out this brand-new interview below!

Midwxst: The Lemonade Stand Interview

By Elliot Montanez // 21 Dec 2022

Midwxst is an artist who I have built a genuine friendship with ever since meeting him a couple of years back, he is a great human and I recently brought him to the LL headquarters for a brand new interview on The Lemonade Stand. You will find Midwxst speaking on many topics such as his experience at Park Tudor High School, attending Belmont University, his relationship with Ovrcast, his Lollapalooza performance, the best Spongebob episode, working with Yeat, his artist name prior to Midwxst, other artists he enjoys out of Indiana, living with ALDN, and more. This was a great conversation with Edgar, check it out for yourself below, and be sure to subscribe to the LL2 YouTube channel!  

Lakeyah: The Lemonade Stand Interview

By Elliot Montanez // 7 Dec 2022

Lakeyah is one of the most thriving artists out of the Midwest in recent memory, she’s the queen at Quality Control and an inspiration for artists all over the globe. We recently brought Lakeyah through the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a new interview, and today I am happy to bring you the final product. I spoke with Lakeyah about many topics such as growing up in Milwaukee, being influenced by Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross, her experience at Carmen High School, moving to Atlanta for college, getting signed to Quality Control Music, the differences between Milwaukee and Atlanta, being included in the XXL Freshmen Class, her love for Kit-Kats, her No Pressure project, and much more. Check out this brand-new interview featuring Lakeyah below!

Watch 347Aidan’s new interview on The Lemonade Stand

By Elliot Montanez // 30 Nov 2022

347Aidan is one of the most promising artists of this generation, he has proven so much at such a young age, and I strongly believe in the direction that he is heading. I spoke with Aidan about many topics including his performance at our Summer Smash Festival, his record with Sleepy Hallow, touring overseas vs touring in the states, the importance of his managers Nick and Clark, his love for Bluephoria Yerba Mate, his favorite SpongeBob episode, and much more. Learn a thing or two about Aidan by pressing play on this new interview below!

Stalley Chef’s Up New Single “Bakery”

By Tobbylola // 30 Nov 2022

On November 29, hip-hop veteran Stalley shared his new single “Bakery.” This marks the third single from his forthcoming album, Somebody Up There Loves Me, set to be released on December 6, 2022. The Ohio’s Blue Collar Gang emcee is known for his vicious wordplay and deadly flow. His latest track is no exception.  “You know all my struggles, you know where I come from, whatever it comes with, just know that I won’t run/I’m battling demons like I’ve been stuck in the dungeon/ You only get one bullet in me, I’m the top gun/Now ain’t no stoppin’ till the feds come knockin’ get the bread turn this bitch into a bakery.” On the B.A.M. produced record, Stalley delivers soulful vibes that feel warm and nostalgic. To understand Stalley’s achievements is to recognize his creative evolution. He has refined a natural musical fluidity and developed a sense of comfort in who he is.  Ahead of his album next month, I had the chance to interview Stalley to learn more about his latest album. Lyrical Lemonade: Who inspired the sound you created?  Stalley: I think it’s a wide mixture of people. Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye…all the way to Nas and  Scarface as …

Rich Homie Quan Presents His New Album “Family & Mula – Reloaded”

By Tobbylola // 28 Nov 2022

If you know anything about the music scene in Atlanta, it’s that many new sounds were created in the thriving city over the years. Rich Homie Quan, also known as Dequantes Lamar, emerged on the scene in 2013 and developed a sound that would inspire artists for generations to come. Throughout his career, Quan has been nominated for Best New Artist and Rookie of the Year from BET, earned a spot on the 2014 XXL freshman class list, and went double platinum independently. While the platinum-selling rapper reached many milestones over the years, he is ready to reinvent himself after taking some time off to focus on what matters most. To celebrate his 33rd birthday, Rich Homie Quan released a new body of work titled Family & Mula, which features eight songs and a single feature from NoCap. This project gave listeners a glimpse of what Quan created during his downtime and how his music has changed due to fatherhood.   This month, I had the opportunity to speak with the Atlanta legend about the legacy he has built and what we can expect to come. Check out our interview below. Lyrical Lemonade: What was it like being from Atlanta in 2011 …

SoFaygo Interview: Respecting the Grind and the Evolution

By Lee Mcintosh // 23 Nov 2022

Photo Credit: Le3ay Studio As we’ve progressed through music, we have grown to see the many mediums that artists are using now to take their careers to the next level. We’ve seen artists get popular from Myspace and older social media platforms. Current social sites such as Instagram and TikTok play a huge factor in emerging artists as well. By far one of the most memorable moments in rap would be the rise of Soundcloud rap and the amazing talent that stemmed from it. Being able to watch artists like XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd and Lil Yacthy take that platform and completely skyrocket into fame was such an amazing sight to see. While each of these artists has their own respective art and their own craft, they all share one thing in common being the OG’s of the Soundcloud rap community. Here we are in 2022, and we are witnessing the new generation of artists who catch their big break from Soundcloud and take their career to the next level. Some of those names are SSG Kobe, Yeat, Ken Carson, and none other than SoFaygo. First blowing up in 2019 with his breakout single “Knock Knock”, …



Moneybagg Yo’s Bread Gang Entertainment Welcomes Memphis Artist YTB Fatt

Bread Gang CEO Moneybagg Yo welcomes his latest signee YTB Fatt, On January 18 at a signing dinner at Mau Miami alongside fellow labelmates, family, and friends. Bread Gang's current roster includes rappers Big Homiie G, Finesse2Tymes, Tripstar, and Big30, as well as four different producers. Fatt was gifted two lavish diamond chains and a…

A Conversation with Kaleah Lee

If you read my end of the year recap, then you'd know that an artist who had a specific impact on my 2022 was none other than Kaleah Lee. The young artist based in the suburbs of Vancouver has been releasing some of the prettiest music I've heard in a long time, so it was…

FW Deem - Not A Safe Place

FW Deem developed his passion for music in early 2015 after being inspired by a few of his older friends that went by the name of CloudSurferz. Deem would record his first song called “Just Chill” produced by Macklemore’s music producer, Zac Levine. He would go on to release several songs soon after. FW Deem…