Maxo Kream: Unparalleled Integrity

By John Matraia // 19 Jul 2019

It’s 8:30 PM on Wednesday night, just two days before the release of Maxo Kream’s major-label debut, Brandon Banks. Piling into a dim, luxurious room at Manhattan’s 40/40 club, fans and peers alike await Kream’s arrival. Conversation is light, but the overarching meaning of the moment makes the air feel dense. Now years in the making, Maxo Kream’s slow-burning ascent is reaching a new apex, and this small room of listeners is fortunate enough to become witness just days before the album’s official release. A few moments later, a thunderous presence makes his way down the hallway. Turning left, he enters the room, 4 glossy chains on neck and followed by a posse of friends. It’s Maxo Kream, the man of the night. With each step, his presence grows stronger as the heads begin to turn toward his direction. Kream’s face lights up to see the welcoming crowd of listeners, but his eyes maintain a focused glare under the soft lights. The closer and closer he moves to the center of attention, the more the moment begins to set in. Here, just minutes away from clicking play on his long-awaited new album, time seems to slow down. The message becomes …

Watch Denzel Curry’s brand new interview with No Jumper

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Jul 2019

Denzel Curry was recently at Wireless Festival in London performing and he got together with his homie Adam22 for an awesome new interview for No Jumper! You will find the two of them touching on several subjects such as the early days of Raider Klan, his come up, what has changed since that time, XXXTentacion, A$AP Mob, SpaceGhostPurrp, Xavier Wulf, mental health, being inspired by Andre 3000 & New York hip-hop, people being taken away too soon, Pouya, being careful with how he moves, the Florida rap scene and Denzel even turns the camera on Adam for a few questions at one point! Take some time out of your day to watch this brand new interview below.

Watch Zane Lowe Interview Tyler, The Creator on Beats 1

By John Matraia // 18 Jul 2019

As his career has progressed, Tyler, The Creator has only become more and more serious as an artist, and with that, we’ve seen less and less interviews from him over the last couple of years, so it’s always a treat when we get to hear from him in this format. I wrote extensively about his #1 album IGOR, as I thought it was such a well-executed breakup album that cements Tyler as one of the best artists of our generation, so I was happy to see this new video interview out with Zane Lowe. Zane and Tyler talk for about an hour on a number of topics, but what stands out to me the most from watching this interview is the fact that Tyler has his sights set on even bigger and better feats. His new album landing at the number one spot is just one step in the process towards his overall goal as an artist. What that goal is, I don’t even think Tyler knows, but what he does know is that he’s playing the long game, and when all is said and done, based on his trajectory, and his values as an artist, he will be one …

Watch Big K.R.I.T.’s brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Jul 2019

Big K.R.I.T. is a living legend and a leader in the hip-hop community, I have been a big fan of him for years so when I saw that he stopped by The Breakfast Club for a new interview I had to take the time out to hear his words of wisdom. You will find DJ Envy, Angela and Charlamagne asked him about plenty of things such as people doubting him, this being his second independent project, the benefits of being independent, investing in himself, the features on his new album, producing over 70% of his own music, conversations with his father, his executive producers, getting out of his comfort zone, making radio records, the streaming era, being country, his relationship with J. Cole, his competitive nature, anxiety, baseball, parenting, going to therapy and more. I highly suggest that after you watch this interview you take some time out to check out his new album afterwards, and if you like it then don’t forget to send it to a friend!

Watch Nardwuar interview The Roots

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Jul 2019

Nardwuar never fails to provide an interesting & thought provoking interview which is one of the many reasons why I love his platform, and a couple of weeks back he dropped an awesome new interview with the legendary Questlove and Black Thought of The Roots! You will find these three goats speaking about plenty of subjects including Dick Gregory, The Watts Prophets, Questlove’s short career as a journalist, The Roots old collective The Foreign Objects, NY – Philly Rap Connection, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Parliament, collecting 8-tracks, Philadelphia icons, Divine Beings, Questlove being a great drummer & other great drummers, Paulette and Tayya Winley & their father, Hakeem Olajuwon’s rap record, Allen Iverson’s old songs, the White Boys, Angela Davis, Mr. T and much more. Watch this brand new interview below!

A Taste Of Femdot

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Jul 2019

Femdot is one of the hottest artists coming up in Chicago’s music community and has been having a great 2019, he recently stopped by a newer platform called A Taste Of for a brand new interview! The three terrific hosts asked Femdot about plenty of topics including how his older brother introduced him to hip-hop, the first song he ever recorded, the rest of his siblings and family, who inspired him musically, his last project Delacreme 2, some of his favorite albums of all time, being a great writer & storyteller, his signature pencil he always carries, his personal style with clothing, what it’s like having his songs on Netflix shows, Going to Penn State & then transferring to DePaul, his high school days at HF, opening up for Mos Def, Missy Elliott and more. Take a few minutes of your time to watch this brand new interview below and don’t forget to follow Femdot on Twitter here.

Watch Young Thug’s brand new interview with No Jumper

By Elliot Montanez // 14 Jul 2019

Young Thug is arguably the most popular rapper in the entire world right now, so when I saw Adam22 from No Jumper sat down with him for a new interview, I was glued to my computer screen. You will find these two speaking about plenty of topics including his come up, how his life has changed, his “don’t give a fuck” attitude, being an innovator, his relationship with Future, the potential he sees in Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, freestyling, working with Lil Nas X, Lil Keed being next up, finding Gunna early, how he wanted an OG to teach him when he was coming up, what it’s like being a superstar, social media, his latest record “The London”, touring with J. Cole, why he dislikes revenge, the Taylor Swift situation, his first deal only being 10-15 thousand, his forthcoming album, running for president and more! Don’t sleep on this interview, press play below.

Watch Taylor Bennett & Femdot on WGCI

By Elliot Montanez // 11 Jul 2019

Taylor Bennett is one of the best rappers in Chicago but I don’t even need to say that at this point because it’s well known, and he stopped by WGCI yesterday morning for a dope new interview with Kendra, Kyle & Leon! Taylor Bennett also brought through the amazing rapper / fellow Chicago talent Femdot with him this time around around, because tonight they will both be in Los Angeles performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! They spoke on a ton of subjects such as their big performance tonight, Chicago’s music scene, building a sense of community with the Chicago music community, Taylor performing at Taste Of Chicago this weekend, Taylor Swift’s situation, the importance of owning your own music, building a fan base and much more! Check out this awesome new interview below and don’t forget to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!



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Watch Young Thug's brand new interview with No Jumper

Young Thug is arguably the most popular rapper in the entire world right now, so when I saw Adam22 from No Jumper sat down with him for a new interview, I was glued to my computer screen. You will find these two speaking about plenty of topics including his come up, how his life has…