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Top Shotta Flow – [NLE Choppa]

By Danny Adams // 11 Aug 2020

If you’re at all familiar with us here at Lyrical Lemonade, it shouldn’t come as a shock whatsoever to find out that we’re big fans of NLE Choppa. His sound is dynamic, he’s abundantly talented, and his personality is larger than life, so it only makes sense that not only us, but tons of other fans have been bumping his music for quite some time now. He has been alluding to his debut album Top Shotta for over a year even though it wasn’t officially announced until somewhat recently. Choppa has been dropping off singles from the album for quite some time, and now that it has finally been released, I’ve been listening to it constantly and like it a little more with every additional run through. The number of times that the word Shotta is used on the album can get somewhat confusing at times, but one of my favorite songs that boast this word is called “Top Shotta Flow”. The instrumental is made up of somewhat mischievous synths that are quickly met by thunderous 808s and crispy percussion. While this is mainly an 808 driven beat it seems, NLE uses this to his advantage and utilizes some very …

Nascar Racer – [DC the Don]

By Danny Adams // 11 Aug 2020

Coming from the Midwest, I’m somewhat shocked that I’m not more familiar with Milwaukee artist DC the Don. Although he might reside out in Los Angeles now, he was born and raised in the Wisconsin city and I’m familiar with many artists coming from that region so considering I’m somewhat new to the world that DC created through music, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, just last week he dropped off his debut project with his new label Rostrum Records called Come as You Are, so I, along with the rest of his fans, have 14 brand-new tracks to sift through and enjoy. Along with the release of his album he wanted to keep the party going, so he decided to drop a music video for a single he released off of the project last month called “Nascar Racer”. Very ambient, epic synths blaze a trail for an extremely momentous offering that is quickly met by chattering hats and claps as well as booming drums that bring this track to new heights. At first, the beat sounds so powerful that there was a question in the back of my mind of if DC could possibly be …

What it Was – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Future]

By Danny Adams // 11 Aug 2020

Lil Keed just dropped Trapped on Cleveland 3 last week and it’s been buzzing ever since. Keed is one of my absolutely favorite Atlanta artists and has been for quite some time now, and it’s through him that I found out about his younger brother, Lil Gotit. The two artists have obviously similar sounds and styles considering they’re siblings and their mentors include legends like Young Thug and Future, but they do have somewhat distinct qualities within their individual offerings that do set them apart, undoubtedly. At the same time, I do love it when they decide to hop on songs together because the chemistry and the connection they have shows off a bond that only brothers can possess, and it’s clear every time they work together. Most recently, however, Gotit didn’t want to let his big brother have all the fun this week, so he decided to surprise fans with a brand-new visual for his Future-assisted track that came out in late June called “What It Was”. Back when this single first dropped, I covered the song itself so I won’t go too heavily into detail about that, but I couldn’t help but write about the video that now …

Water – [Sleepy Hallow] ft. [Sheff G]

By Danny Adams // 10 Aug 2020

Sleepy Hallow has been steadily making a case for himself over the past year or as about why he should be recognized as one of the next best artists coming out of New York. His voice is deep and smooth, his flows are constantly evolving, and he is able to provide this harmonious quality at times when needed while also coming off as destructive or intense during other songs. He also embraced the new form of Drill that has been emerging out of the city for a couple of years at this point, but instead of utilizing some of the hard-nosed speaker busting styles of production that some of the other NYC artists use, he opts for a completely toned-down and minimalistic style of this production which truly allows for his voice to shine through and not be overshadowed by any sort of unnecessary liveliness within the instrumental. Fresh off of the release of his latest project The Black House, he’s not finished with some of his previous mixtapes considering he decided to revisit a song with his friends a frequent collaborator Sheff G of off his June release called Sleepy Hallow Presents: Sleepy for President. This song starts with …

Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money – [Father]

By Danny Adams // 10 Aug 2020

It’s weird, but for some reason when a lot of people think of the Atlanta music scene, Father isn’t typically one of the first names that come to mind. This could be due to his cult following or the fact that he doesn’t make the typical music that you’d expect to come out of the city, but he’s one of the founding artists of embracing your own style and trying new, experimental sounds. Many upcoming Atlanta artists may not cite him as one of their influences per se, but he blazed a trail for individuality and inventiveness through his many years in the industry, so he deserves more credit than he already receives. This doesn’t seem to bother him whatsoever though, because he knows his worth and knows just how impressive and important his talents are for the music industry, so he’ll just keep on grinding. His versatility is unbelievable and although I love some of his more comedic, creative offerings in the past, his more serious, thoughtful music can fly under the radar at times. That might be the case for his surprise EP called Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money because although it might only last about thirteen and …

Big Hot Cheeto – [Sada Baby]

By Danny Adams // 10 Aug 2020

A lot of times as artists begin to gain larger and larger fan bases, their music output tends to slow down because they’ve got a bigger sample of people they simply want to please. As far as Sada Baby is concerned, this doesn’t even cross his mind because he knows the fact that no matter how much music he puts out, he knows he’s going to make some fire. Even though he has put out a couple of full projects already this year as well as a slew of singles and music videos, he just never seems to slow down which is even more impressive because of the unbelievable amount of energy he brings to each track. Just as the weekend was about to hit, Sada decided to bless fans once again with another random loosie entitled “Big Hot Cheeto”. When I first came across this song on his Instagram page, obviously the name caught my attention and made me chuckle a bit, but then I listened to the song and realized this was absolutely no laughing matter. There are momentous, critical synths combined with deep bass chords in the beat that add some hostility to the base of this …

Zaza – [Kevin Kazi]

By Danny Adams // 7 Aug 2020

For me, Kevin Kazi is a bit of a household name in my personal world of music. I’ve been listening to him legitimately for years at this point and I’ve never grown sick or tired of the music he has produced. Speaking of which, he has been one of the most consistent but also dexterous rappers in the entire industry, yet he still seems to not get the respect he so desperately deserves. He has been on a steady grind and his rise into the spotlight isn’t one that he has grown impatient for because he believes in the quality of his work and knows that eventually, it’ll all pay off. He’s not one of those artists who are willing to change themselves or their sound and compromise their integrity just to become an overnight sensation which is an extremely notable part of his work if I do say so myself. He ultimately experiments with so many different sounds and remains in my head as one of the most unique artists I can think of, and this is going to yield incredible results in the long run. Most recently, he has been somewhat quiet, but being a fan of his …

Smile – [The Weeknd] & [Juice WRLD]

By Danny Adams // 7 Aug 2020

Some things in life are just meant to happen and speaking certain moments into existence can certainly help put some of these things out into the universe. When Juice tweeted that he and The Weekend would inevitably make a diamond record with one another, it was only a matter of time before it actually happened. Juice was already a massive star and was somehow gaining even more traction than ever before which was seemingly impossibly considering he was already one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. The Weekend, however, has pretty much already cemented his legacy as one of the greatest singers of our generation who also knows how to make hit after hit, so when everything fell into place and he got an opportunity to deliver a verse on a previously recorded Juice song, he knew he had to make some magic with the dearly missed icon. The song I’m talking about ended up being called “Smile” and it’s a song you’ve probably been seeing everywhere considering how big of a deal it is that this collaboration finally happened. Internet Money production masterminds Nick Mira, Taz Taylor, and Cxdy all got together to bring this song …