Forever Pop- [Lil Tjay]

By LL intern // 21 Feb 2020

In the midst of mourning the obviously unexpected and awful loss of New York rapper Pop Smoke this past week, fellow New Yorker Lil Tjay decided to pay his respects in the form of his song “Forever Pop”. Pop Smoke, although relatively new in the scene, was making enormous waves with every single piece of music he put out. He quickly became the hottest commodity for features on songs with some of the biggest names in Rap, and for good reason. His voice sounded like no one else, he thought outside the box when it came to his deliveries, and he just had this raw talent that doesn’t come around often. On “Forever Pop”, Lil Tjay pays respect to one of the brightest new stars to come out of the city, showing us that it was more than music when it came to their friendship. Over lighthearted production full of fluttering piano keys, a light melody, and gentle percussion, Tjay talks about how you never know when you’re going to leave this earth, so you need to make the most out of your time here. He also says how he’s going to make it to the top in Pop’s honor, …

IDC – [Gio Dee]

By LL intern // 20 Feb 2020

I recently did a write-up on Gio Dee’s album Ready Now? that dropped back in January and as a matter of fact… I haven’t stopped listening to it. Luckily for his fans, the second piece to appeal the eyes from the album came out. On Valentine’s Day, Gio dropped a video for one of the catchiest tracks on the project and was actually marketed a single before the drop. To me, this is one of those songs that could be heard 6-8 months from now and blow up if it doesn’t gain early traction. It has viral potential, to say the least, and the visual for it just helped that argument with a lot of personalities and characters that could make you laugh or wonder what the hell is going on; in a good way. Basically, the rising Boston hero really doesn’t care if you don’t like him and paints that picture In the video for IDC with the IT clown, a Santa Clause, a jerry curl, and lifting dumbbells while smoking. Please join Gio Dee with this short and sweet ignorant art and have fun watching it as I’m sure he had a blast making it for you. Watch …

Get it Bussin – [Tadoe] ft. [Lil Yachty]

By LL intern // 20 Feb 2020

When Chief Keef blew up over a half decade ago for his wild charisma and unique bars, he didn’t want the money and fame just for himself. He wanted to see the people around him thrive and prosper as much as he was, so he brought his entire Glo Gang with him throughout his come up to make sure everyone was eating good. One of the most prominent members of the collective other than the world renown front man is Tadoe, who has so much talent that must just run in the family considering he’s Chief Keef’s cousin. Although he hasn’t necessarily gained as much notoriety as Keef, you’ve heard his name being referenced throughout many of Sosa’s offerings, as he loves shouting him out and talking about the events they’re experienced together. Tadoe decided to tap Lil Yachty for his latest single “Get it Bussin”, and also wanted to include Keef’s newfound love of production, so he had him bring the beat to life. The instrumental that he created possesses rattling 808s, a sample that sounds a bit distorted to create the melody, and portions throughout that are intentionally drowned out. It’s a very hectic beat but in an …

School Shooters (Remix) – [XXXTENTACION] ft. [Lil Wayne] & [Kemba]

By LL intern // 19 Feb 2020

Even before the release of XXXTENTACION’s album Bad Vibes Forever, X left a void in the world of music that will never be filled. His multifaceted talents could bring him from vocal cord busting yelling over distorted production to crooning over lighthearted and meditative acoustic guitar, as well as anything else along that spectrum. Many outsiders looking in just saw him as the beyond hyped wild boy that was new to the industry but making major waves, but those who really paid attention knew he went much deeper than that and had a lot more depth than what could be found on the surface. An example of this can be heard on “School Shooters”, one of the standout tracks on his posthumous album featuring the legend Lil Wayne. In this song, the two artists bring light to a very real and awful phenomenon going on in the world. They look inside the minds of someone who would commit such a heinous act and express their thoughts via song. It’s intense, hard to wrap your head around, and violent, but it sheds light on an issue that has been unfortunately becoming more common in the past few years. This song, in …

Orange Soda (Remix)- [Baby Keem] ft. [Rich The Kid]

By LL intern // 19 Feb 2020

If you ask me, Baby Keem was creating the greatest music of anyone in 2019, and he’s still not high on most people’s radar which is utter insanity. His charisma is unmatched, his ability to take uncharacteristic beats and completely body them is incredible, and he puts one hundred times more effort into every single song he releases than anyone else in the industry, big or small. The Las Vegas underground star already has cosigns from some of the biggest artists in existence. He doesn’t hide anything, laying out all of his thoughts on the table no matter how wild or crazy they might be. He’s just purely one of a kind, and I think that’s the reason why he has gained so much traction in the world of Rap music in such a short period of time. If you’ve heard of Baby Keem, you’re definitely familiar with his biggest hit “Orange Soda”. Whether it’s the appealing production, his crude yet catchy lyrics, his charisma, or all three, there’s a reason why this single went gold and will most likely continue to receive accolades. Fresh off the announcement of this song’s success, Rich The Kid decided he wanted to throw …

Side Effects – [Lil Xelly]

By LL intern // 18 Feb 2020

If you haven’t heard of Lil Xelly at this point, you’ve probably been out of the loop for some time now. He is literally one of the hardest working and most consistent rappers in the industry to the point where if we don’t get a new offering from him on any given day, it’s unusual. He was once putting out at least one EP per week, dropping numerous music videos daily, and more, basically giving off the impression that he doesn’t sleep. I don’t know how he has managed to keep up with this output for well over a year’s time, but it’s gaining him so insane attention that’s going to pay off in the long run. I’m a bit late to one of his most recent videos and considering he has already probably released more new surprises for fans since less than a week ago, I thought about skipping past his video for “Side Effects”, but I just couldn’t leave it behind. I’m not used to Xelly singing much at all, let alone using a lot of autotune and other vocal effects, but he does so in this track, opening my eyes to even more skills I had never …

Dragonball Durag – [Thundercat]

By LL intern // 18 Feb 2020

Although Thundercat might be considered to be in a genre other than Rap or Hip-Hop music, his sound and talent seeps into all different subsets within the industry. He has worked with an array of artists including rappers, funk legends, and producers among others, and brings his own panache to the mix with every single person he collaborates with. His skills on the bass guitar transcend most artistic abilities in the industry today, and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why he has made such an impact in the world of music, separating himself from the rest of the pack. Along with everything I previously stated, he’s never been one to release a typical song that fits perfectly into one genre or another. His latest release “Dragonball Durag”, is another single off of his upcoming album It is What it is and is a truly soulful offering. Along with some co-production from a friend and reoccurring collaborator Flying Lotus, a chill and laid-back vibe sets the scene. This is emphasized by subdued boom-bap percussion, saxophone riffs, and intricate, skillful bass chords. The vocals are higher-pitched, and the lyrics are somewhat in line with a classic love song. I …

PSA- [Fat Nick]

By LL intern // 17 Feb 2020

Fat Nick has been an underground phenom for some time now. His completely individualistic sound fits right on the same path that some of his friends are on including $uicideboy$, Germ, and Pouya, among others, yet they all find a way to separate themselves in their own lanes within a similar subset of the industry. Fat Nick has always had a smoothness to him, whether you’re listening to his toned-down offerings or his hyped-up, crazy bangers. Although we haven’t received a cohesive project in some time now, he has been consistently dropping singles every couple of weeks on his own and with some very special guests. His latest loosie is called “PSA”, and to say it goes hard is an understatement. Production on this track features some daunting yet bouncy synths to lay a sort of pavement for the rest of the instruments. These instruments are pretty much percussion dominant, with beyond aggressive snares and hats riddled throughout, as well as beyond the heavy myriad of 808s. Nick puts his ever so clever wordplay and bars on full display while he talks about the wild crew he runs with, his troubled past with drugs and crime, and other familiar tales …