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In These Streets – [Puku]

By Lee Mcintosh // 21 Feb 2020

Returning to the Lyrical Lemonade platform with his second single release of the year, the Miami-native Puku is back with yet another certified banger titled “In These Streets”. This time around, Puku stays true to himself, yet still moving towards a sound that fits perfectly into the current climate of the music scene today. The steady hi-hat pattern and the Pi’erre Bourne-esque 808s blend perfectly alongside the auto-tuned crooning that Puku delivers on this record-a pocket that he definitely is no stranger to at this point in his music career. Puku is coming fresh off of his NBA All-Star Weekend performance at the NBA Crossover event in Chicago. With the momentum that he’s been building up in just two short months into the year, rest assured he will continue to pick up steam and be right on track to transition from being the underdog to being one of raps biggest superstars. I had the chance to speak to Puku about his mindset behind his newest single, and this is his response: “Shit changed and I’m pretty okay with that. Love ain’t too common in our era. Might as well get lit with some of the homies and live a little …

40/60 – [Ashoka] feat. [Jay Wile]

By Lee Mcintosh // 21 Feb 2020

Releasing just a couple days before Valentine’s Day, the ever-so-versatile New York native Ashoka is back with yet another single titled “40/60”–this time around alongside the talented Jay Wile. With the mesmerizing and soulful instrumentation provided by Jahmal Gittens, the new single finds the two cohesively joining forces to serenade their respective love interests and the matters in which they will go to make them happy. Often so in relationships, the couple usually compromises and believes that all relationships should be 50/50–however, Ashoka is willing to put in the extra effort in order to make his love interest happy, hence the perfectly fitting title “40/60”. The rap verse provided by Jay Wile comes in at a perfect time and still yields a level of consistency, continuing the vibe previously set by Ashoka. Speaking of consistency, an amazing musical trait to have is to be able to deliver time and time again and still remain true to oneself. That said, Ashoka has been delivering vibrations similar to this an hasn’t missed a beat quite yet. If he continues to pull up like this, there is no doubt in mind that we can count on seeing his name far more frequently and hearing his …

Put You On – [Benny Soliven]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Feb 2020

With the state of California being such a big powerhouse for music artists, there are many different sounds that come forth from the area–to what seems to happen every single year. Not only that, but every region of California has a different wave as well. Speaking on behalf of the Bay Area, the vibrations that transpire from that region is something that is unmatched and delivers a certain bop. From the groundwork laid years ago by acts such as E-40, Keak Da Sneak and even The Pack–everything from the Bay has a certain energy to it that you can’t help but groove to. With all the noise that acts such as Shoreline Mafia and SOB x RBE have been making over the last few years, it’s only a matter of time before we began to see more upcoming talent transpire from the area. That being said, northern-California native Benny Solivenis making his Lyrical Lemonade premiere with his new visuals for his latest song “Put You On”. Immediately upon pressing play, restoring some nostalgic vibes, the track produced by Paupa & Mr. Solo Beats samples the 2003 smash hit by Fabolous and Mike Shorey “Can’t Let You Go“. Following the same sentiment …

Playboy – [Honie Gold]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Feb 2020

If we take a step back and analyze the current climate of the underground rap scene, there are a lot of female rappers that are holding it down and working hard to gain that recognition that they deserve. For the longest, it seemed as if there were only a small handful of females that would emerge into the spotlight–but as of late, there are new female emcees that are beginning to become more and more dominant as the years progress. I have always been one to praise the female rappers just because there are many of them that showcase a certain talent level and the ability to stand toe-to-toe with many of the male emcees out there. Coming fresh out of Dallas TX, the 19-year-old rapper Honie Goldis making her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her latest visuals for her track “Playboy” One thing that deserves all the praise in the world is the ability to find that one pocket in the track and remain in it for the entirety of the record. On “Playboy”, Honie does just that, as she effortlessly spreads her wings and glides over the catchy instrumental. “Next queen to be” she raps–having tunnel vision on that number …

New World Order – [First Class Bee] feat. [Rockie Fresh]

By Lee Mcintosh // 13 Feb 2020

One thing that goes without saying is that Chicago seems to be delivering new talent every single day. Being one of the cities best known for its innovation, creativity, and fresh new ideas, we can always count on an artist to emerge from the city and shake up the game. That being said, Chicago native First Class Beemakes his official Lyrical Lemonade debut with his latest single “New World Order” featuring fellow Chicagoan Rockie Fresh. The visual for the DJ O-Zone produced cut finds the Windy City natives flexing iced out chains, designer coats, and some luxury vehicles while trading bars detailing their lavish lifestyle. Despite living the flash lifestyle, FCB still remains humble and is well aware that the grind has just begun. “I gotta get to this money, I take it one day at a time” he raps, well aware that this lifestyle can be over at any time, so he keeps that hunger and that lionhearted mentality when it comes to remaining successful in the realm of the rap game. It’s always an amazing thing when two Chicago natives can come together and collaborate on a track and match each other’s energy with such ease. When asked about the creative process …

Meet The Woo 2 – [Pop Smoke]

By Lee Mcintosh // 10 Feb 2020

A few weeks back, we covered the latest single by Pop Smoke titled “Christopher Walking”–and at the time, a project was nothing more than a rumor. Here we are a few weeks later and that has officially been put to bed, for Pop Smoke is ready to bless the streets with the release of his new project Meet The Woo 2. To say that Pop has been buzzing lately would be a major understatement. To speak to the amount of impact he has been leaving on the game is one that we only see ever so often, as far as saying that you cant look anywhere on any social media app and not see or hear what Pop Smoke has been up to. For those in the New York area have been well aware of the chaos that has arose since the summer, the rest of the nation is just beginning to get hip to the wave coming out of the east coast. On Meet The Woo 2, Pop Smoke does not stray away from his usual drill/UK grime sound that he originally delivered on his debut single “Welcome To The Party” this past summer. Many people may have an issue with …

YELL OH – [Trippie Redd] feat. [Young Thug]

By Lee Mcintosh // 7 Feb 2020

If there’s one artist who we can definitively say is sitting on a plethora of unreleased music, it would be Trippie Redd. To have only been in the rap game since 2017, we already have six full-length bodies of work and an abundance of guest features that Trippie has released for us to digest. Coming off the major success of his first number one album A Love Letter To You 4, Trippie almost immediately teased the release of a deluxe version of the album that would come sometime in the near future, full of tracks that didn’t make the final cut. One track in particular was teased in a since deleted Instagram post was the Pierre Bourne-produced song “YELL OH”–now accompanied by a Young Thug feature. It’s been amazing to see the relationship between Trippie and Pierre Bourne begin to flourish once again because whenever these two come together, the magic that they create is beyond amazing. This time around, Trippie continues that dark and gritty vibe that he has been known for since the beginning of his career. The distorted bass and the stuttering effect on the dark piano on the production side really brings out that alternate ego side of Trippie …

S’mores – [dopeSMOOTHIES]

By Lee Mcintosh // 22 Jan 2020

If there’s one region on the map that is extremely slept on when it comes to delivering fresh and groundbreaking artists, it would be the DMV. As much as we like to credit Atlanta with running the game as of late, every once in awhile the DMV blossoms in a new wave of creatives waiting to take over the rap game in every way they can. In an era where a majority of the music sounds a certain way, it can be very refreshing to hear something that you can simply just put on and catch a vibe too. That being said, DMV artist dopeSMOOTHIESis making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his newest single and visual for his track titled “S’mores” featuring SMII Much. Produced by Gekkoh, this track is the embodiment of what feel-good music sounds like. Everything from the classic sample of Cal Tjader’s “Invitation” in the rear of the track, to the slowed breakbeat in the front– dopeSMOOTHIES glides over the track with ease while maintaining his laid-back flow–creating a pocket of his own. The visuals are edited amazingly which is always adds to the overall aesthetic of the track as well. The video shows dope and SMII galavanting through an …