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Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon – [Pop Smoke]

By Lee Mcintosh // 3 Jul 2020

While covering Pop Smoke’s highly-anticipated Meet The Woo 2 mixtape back in February, one of my closing points spoke in high regards to his trajectory as an artist, and mentioned that he would “be around for many years to come”. To be such a new artist and have the amount of promise that Pop Smoke had, there was no way anyone could deny the fact that he was ready to take over the world. While 2019 laid the groundwork, 2020 would be the year where Pop Smoke would finally get his just due and become a mainstay amongst the many other emerging stars. It was a huge shock to the music industry to learn that Pop Smoke had been killed not even two weeks after the release of his Meet the Woo 2 mixtape. To be taken from us so suddenly, it was almost unbelievable–that a kid with this much promise, talent, and star power could be taken from us like that. While he is no longer with us physically, his contagious energy is here forever, and the wonderful minds that have blessed the fans with his debut album, Shoot for the Starts, Aim for the Moon. Releasing an album posthumously is by no means …

Before the Storm (Day) – [Vwillz]

By Lee Mcintosh // 1 Jul 2020

Rising superstar out of Colorado Vwillz is someone who has been on my radar for some months now, and he has yet to let me down when it comes to his musical abilities. The way he approaches each song and project with such creativity and attention to detail is nothing but admirable. While a lot of the industry may be focused on simplicity and the “fast food” era of music, Vwillz does not conform to that stereotype or commonality. The work that he has been putting in all year is leading up to his debut album, which he is gearing up to drop sometime this year. While we wait, he is blessing his fans with the first installment of his two-part series Before the Storm (Day). If there’s one thing for certain, Vwillz is very calculated when it comes to his music releases and how he wants to release his music as well. For him to be an unsigned artist, that is something that is admirable to see. The level of detail he puts into projects is something that most artists don’t showcase until the later parts of their careers. However, Vwillz has put together a two part series–Day being the …

Out The Way – [Kahri 1K]

By Lee Mcintosh // 1 Jul 2020

In a world of various sounds, flows and voices, there will always be a love for those artists who can showcase their lyrical range no matter the circumstances. It goes without saying how appreciative it is to have an artist that can make a “woke” record one day, and get right back to the street anthem the very next day. The music industry as a whole will always praise the diversity in hip hop, and here at Lyrical Lemonade, we do as well. Virginia-native Kahri 1K is making yet another appearance on the platform with his latest single and visual release of his song “Out The Way”. While many artists in the game are mostly collaborating with the same producers and beat makers, some artists have that ear for perfect beat selection and can scope out what it takes to make a good song. That being said, Kahri recruits the Virginia-native and uber-talented producer Lex Luger for this song, so it’s almost guaranteed to be a banger. In the visual, Kahri is seen living his best life–enjoying company of some women, flexing his cash and kicking it with his homies. As simple as that may seem, sometimes that’s all a …

Wash Us In The Blood – [Kanye West] ft. [Travis Scott]

By Lee Mcintosh // 30 Jun 2020

“Don’t take me the wrong way, cause God brought me a long way.” -Kanye West The legend that is Kanye West only appears every so often to premiere something—yet alone premiere new music. Whenever fans of Kanye see he appears on Twitter to get some tweets off, it’s safe to assume that something is coming. Rest assured, Mr. West mysteriously re-appeared on the timeline to share some news about all the things he is working on. That includes a “Kids See Ghosts” cartoon alongside Kid Cudi, a new documentary, and his forthcoming album, currently titled God’s Country—executive produced by the legendary Dr. Dre. He also teased a new song as well, and a small snippet of the intro with a release date. Now, anyone who knows Kanye, is well aware by now how he can be with release dates. Kanye releases need to be taken with a grain of salt in order to avoid disappointment. However, Kanye has not let us down this time, for he is here to deliver us his latest single and visual for “Wash Us In The Blood” accompanied by a Travis Scott feature. Coming off of his 2018 release of Jesus Is King, lots of fans were …

Reality Check – [Swae Lee]

By Lee Mcintosh // 19 Jun 2020

Rae Sremmurd superstar Swae Lee has been making a substantial impact since he began working on his solo career. While still a member of Rae Sremmurd, he has released a myriad of solo singles, amazing guest verses like the ever-popular “Sunflower” alongside Post Malone, and he is constantly teasing new snippets and freestyles on his Instagram. Swae Lee has always been known for his amazing hooks, and when he released this snippet on instagram a while back, the “I gotta check on my ex to make sure she ain’t doing better than me” line is what stuck to the fans the most, and excitement for a full release began. At last, Swae Lee is back with another smash and visual for his new single “Reality Check”. Produced by Jaxx, Swae Lee is back delivering his usual feels and vibrations–crooning over wavy synths to match his vibe. In usual fashion, Swae Lee is seen flexing his cars, drip and money–as he raps about his fame and fortune. On top of that, he reflects a bit on life as he addresses not depending on people, planning out his tactics, and how he navigates through the industry. “When I didn’t have it, I …

A Conversation with Sevn Thomas: Toronto Music Scene, Working on ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’, Musical Inspirations and More

By Lee Mcintosh // 19 Jun 2020

A reoccurring theme here on Lyrical Lemonade, is speaking in regards to the importance of producers and songwriters. They are some of the individuals that will never not get the respect as some of the most important individuals in the music industry. Songwriters specifically, are amongst the many individuals in the music industry that are almost always in the shadows. Sometimes by design, other times by choice. For Grammy-Nominated songwriter and producer Sevn Thomas, he has the talent level and the resume to prove that he is one of the most diverse and versatile producers in the game–and his songwriting pen is even stronger. Hailing out of Toronto Canada, Sevn Thomas would spend his earlier days in life inside of various recording studios–navigating his way though them all to find his craft and master it. After many trials and tribulations in his life, the singer turned producer’s efforts eventually lead him to linking up with the legendary producer Boi-1da–most known for his contributions all throughout Drake’s career. Sevn’s musical abilities afforded him the luxury of producing and/or writing for a wide-ranging pool of musical acts such as Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and even Drake himself. He is …

Snow on tha Bluff – [J. Cole]

By Lee Mcintosh // 17 Jun 2020

Through trying times, music has been known to be a healer for many individuals out there. No matter the circumstances, there is a song out there that perfectly aligns with each and every situation that someone can be going through. As we all know, the current state of the world is all over the place. On top of the COVID pandemic, we are now fighting for Black Lives, as well as June being Pride month. If there’s anybody that we all needed to hear from in times like this , it would be J. Cole. As his discography shows, he has always been a prominent voice when speaking on behalf of black lives, political issues, police brutality, the list goes on and on. His music always speaks to all of the souls who may have experienced any of the issues of America–that is why he is held to such a higher standard when it comes to speaking out about these sorts of life issues. On a random Tuesday evening, J. Cole blessed us all with a surprise release of a new single “Snow on tha Bluff”. Starting off with the cover art, it shows a screenshot from the Notes app …

I Wanna – [Kent Jones] feat. [Blac Youngsta] & [Renni Rucci]

By Lee Mcintosh // 12 Jun 2020

DJ Khaled-signee Kent Jones, most known for his breakout single “Don’t Mind” , is most known for delivering some of the waviest and vibe-heavy music out there. Seeing as he is a natural hitmaker by design, it was inevitable that he had to come back with another one. Things had been rather silent for Kent for a while now, but rest assured we know he has been taking this time to cook up and come out swinging. Recently, he released his latest single “I Wanna” featuring Blac Youngsta and Renni Rucci, and this one is guaranteed to be a timeless club record. The music industry is in a. very tricky place. As we are still currently in the middle of a pandemic, as well as dealing with social injustices happening in the world, many artists have been rather silent as of late. However, it can still be nice to receive some new music here and there in hopes to lighten up the mood a little bit. “I Wanna” is a heavy club banger that is impossible not to bounce to. While we may not see a club or a large social gatherings for a little while, this song will surely …