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Controversy – [Young Jasper]

By Jaxon Brown // 22 Jul 2022

“Global now, Chicago forever,” is the slogan that Lyrical Lemonade tags with their brand, so any time I’m able to hear a new artist from the area, it legitimately feels refreshing, humbling, and accurate to the company’s roots. Young Jasper is a prime example of this, a Chicago artist looking to go global, and after hearing this latest work, I don’t see why he won’t. His newest track “Controversy” is an eye-opener for those who’ve never heard his work, including me. A natural and raw talent, Jasper effortlessly delivers drowsy but charismatic bars over a melodic string-emphasized beat that immediately caused me to ‘add to library.’ The lyricism and timing that Jasper delivers with are special and had me nodding my head throughout its entirety. The video, directed by Nolan Busalacchi, is nothing that will blow your mind in terms of special effects, animation, or anything of the sort, but it didn’t need to. The visual is effective and crispy, with appropriate transitions and some spectacular framing that made the piece — which was seemingly shot in one location — incredibly pleasing to the eye. Right after listening to this track a couple of times, I had to go check …

No Recognition – [Aaron May]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2022

It has now taken me almost three weeks to fully process Houston-star Aaron May‘s newest EP in No Recognition. If anyone reading this is familiar with my work, my social media, or my music-streaming libraries, you’ll know how excited I was to hear this project. I’m now roughly a dozen full listens through the seven-song EP, and the same question I’ve asked before still reigns prevalent: Why aren’t more people listening to Aaron May? Let’s dive into the project, and discover exactly why I’ll vouch for Aaron as a clear-cut, soon-to-be star.    My favorite tracks;(01) “Time,” (05) “Last Time,” (04) “Break Bread,” (06) “Rush.” Track 01: “Time” “Time” is exactly what I would send to any acquaintances who hadn’t heard him before. It’s a blend of all aspects that make him different. A vocal sample on a cloudlike beat allows him to glide effortlessly while preaching real ideas and thoughts in his lyrics. These descriptive aspects could almost be copy and pasted through all of his work, but in combination with a crazy catchy hook, “Time” just feels different – like a hit song – that could be one to propel his name even further.  Track 02: “No Recognition” The …

Get Around – [Fresh Porter] x [Pusha T]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2022

If you know anything about the two artists at hand, you can probably assume how this one may sound; tough, gritty, and raw. Those expectations were definitely met in their newest track “Get Around,” but just how well these two artists would mesh is something I wasn’t accounting for. Fresh Porter, who’s becoming a cemented star in the Virginia hip-hop scene, has been working diligently since 2019 to keep his name in circulation, as he’s released six projects in that short time frame while also multitasking as both a father and an entrepreneur. That work ethic and mentality are what make his music different. You can hear the passion and hustle in his voice, as the tandem depicts life in the streets, the struggle, and the come-up. The trials and tribulations he experienced can be felt through his words, something that Pusha T complements seamlessly, as you can find similar themes and messages throughout his legendary discography. These facets of their music are what stood out Virginia producer MØW, who after hearing the track, added some finishing touches that would make this hard-hitting track land a few extra punches. Porter has worked alongside industry stars such as Pooh Shiesty and …

Long Road – [HotBlock JMoe] x [G Herbo]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2022

When I clicked play on the new visual and accompanying track for “Long Road,” I had a familiar feeling that I’ve experienced multiple other times with songs featuring G Herbo, which is that I knew he would swoop in, murder a verse, and get out, seemingly elevating the track and the artist immediately. The number of tracks I can think of him doing this seems endless, and I thought this joint with HotBlock Jmoe would be another similar case. I was wrong. Unknown to me before this song, HotBlock JMoe is a gifted Chicago artist that has had a consistent following for the last couple of years after gaining popularity with proven tracks like “Discrete” and “Aladin,” which have pulled in a combined ~110K views on YouTube. Jmoe utilizes a distinctive style, leaning on his melodic voice that few others in the industry can claim. His style, in combination with that of G Herbo, makes for a blend of unique Chicago sounds that can hardly be replicated. The track emphasizes messages of the journey, of both the struggles and wins, on the “Long Road” to the top. “I know it get hard when you tryna do the right thing, I’m …

Jwett – [Mk Shotz]

By Jaxon Brown // 5 Jul 2022

When I saw an Instagram reel on my popular page saying, “Jacksonville rapper samples Kirk Franklin,” a slew of thoughts raced through my head. Immediately, the thoughts were replaced by excitement as I heard further. Mk Shotz is a 20-year-old budding star out of Jacksonville, who literally seems to be blowing up overnight. In fact, his Instagram @_mk.shotzz (his old account got deleted) went up nearly 500 followers just last night as this song that was just released June 30 continues to build massive traction on social media. The track features a unique Kirk Franklin sample under a vigorous flow that keeps listeners on their toes from the jump. With each lyric, it seems like the song gets harder, and I found myself rewinding the track over and over, more impressed each time, to revisit the bars he spits. The video, shot by Motion Cinematic, matches the energy of the song easily, with Mk turning up with a group of his homies in multiple different home scenes. I think the best part about it, however, was how happy he seemed the whole time, like he knew the track was going to be successful. Throughout the song’s entirety, he’s grinning from …

West District 2 – [SAVON]

By Jaxon Brown // 5 Jul 2022

In musical writing and listening, it’s tough to stray out of your comfort zone, and I’ll go as far as to say I rarely ever do so. But with SAVON’s newest project West District 2, I’m incredibly glad I did. As I look to expand my personal listening library further, this work by Grand Rapids, Michigan artist SAVON will definitely be a part of that growth. From track one (“Silver”), the energy I felt was euphoric. “Silver,” one of my favorite joints on the project, had me acting absolutely ridiculous in the coffee shop I frequent in my hometown. Wait til 02:10 and you’ll see why. The intro to “Flo” (track 02) may be my favorite lead-in of any song on the project, and “Rischow” (track 03) has some of the more unique instrumental usages that normally you’d never think to combine. As the first three songs impressed me, they did not prepare me for what I’d feel with “Calvin’s Party” in track 04. With a nostalgic feel, this piece felt like I was clubbing in a 1997 ski resort. The intro drew me in, and the easy-listening keys kept me through the finish. I didn’t realize ’til after my first …

anyways. – [Nomrah]

By Jaxon Brown // 27 Jun 2022

Scrolling through new music over the weekend, I honestly stumbled across Alabama artist Nomrah’s INDIGO CHILD II. the pink moon, trying to find something new, different, and challenging to what I’m normally accustomed to listening and writing to. I found just that. Produced, mixed, mastered, and compiled all by himself, Nomrah’s effort and potential is palpable. He doesn’t have the numbers, the following, or the streams that many others on this site 0btain, but I felt something different as I listened to each track. I felt raw, untapped emotion that was spilled into the music, the tracks feeling sort of like journal entries or venting sessions with each play.  I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t feel as attracted to some of the work as I did with the track “anyways.” This song was my favorite on the tracklist, and I was hyped to see a video accompanying it. The video depicts Nomrah spitting and singing in multiple city scenes that offer simplistic backdrops that don’t overpower the song.  The track features a variety of flows, with Nomrah showing versatility in his ability to both sing and rap, along with blurring borders between the two styles. It also obtains interesting sound …

Switch on Me – [Doggi Krazy]

By Jaxon Brown // 26 Jun 2022

Doggi Krazy is a bilingual artist originally hailing from Colombia, and currently living in NYC. His diversity and flexibility as an artist are exactly what make him special and different. Racking up views quickly, his newest single “Switch on Me” is a high-energy bop that undoubtedly will gather popularity from a multitude of audiences.  The bouncy, uptempo track doesn’t last over two minutes, but what the song lacks in duration, it makes up for in energy. Easy to move your body to, the track crosses genres and is something I could see being featured in a variety of environments.  Doggi has featured on multiple platforms including Billboard, and on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 fastest-growing artists. He’s opened up for  Quondo Rondo, Trippie Redd, Coi Leray, and more. He recently has agreed to a partnership with Empire Latino shortly after getting co-signed by NBA Young Boy. Doggi Krazy is currently managed by NBA Young Boy’s older brother OG 3hree; making him the first Colombian artist under the NBA/4KT Camp. I’m hyped to see how high Doggi Krazy can elevate his library and platform, and “Switch on Me” is just another example of the talent that’s now coming to light.  Tune in on Spotify below!