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Trailer: Kid Cudi documentary | A MAN NAMED SCOTT

By Jaxon Brown // 26 Oct 2021

Complex and Amazon Prime video are pairing up to compile a documentary of Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi, with the trailer premiering October 26 as the film is set to release on November 5. The documentary looks into the creativity and passion that helped him deal and combat anxiety and depression. Through his work, he not only was able to create meaningful inspiration that changed the lives of countless others, but also change his own life, too. This documentary explores the journey of Scott finding himself and attacking his demons through creativity, and the treacherous path that he endeavored throughout that trek. “After everything became successful, everything got dark.” Mental illness takes a toll on even the world’s brightest stars who’ve helped the most people, and the public rarely sees that perspective. This documentary aims to depict the shadowy side of fame, and what Cudi did to endure and persevere. Watch the brand new trailer for A MAN NAMED SCOTT on YouTube below!

Deep Thought – [Dom Kennedy]

By Jaxon Brown // 26 Oct 2021

“Don’t ask for a verse, ask what’s the price.” I’d certainly like to know the feature price of Dom Kennedy, whose newest video to “Deep Thought” came out October 22 following the release of his new project, From the West Side With Love 3. The visual directed by Jason Madison is an escape, bringing viewers flying over the ocean using drone footage and sunset shots on a beautiful beach shoreline that brought only positive energy. A refreshing sight, Madison uses staging and beautiful artisan rug and flower decor to add an attractive colorful pop to the set. Featuring Kay Franklin and MyGuyMars, the song uses classic west coast influence tied with a modern poetic twist. This piece eludes to what listeners can expect from his newest album which dropped just over a week ago. His latest project, From the West Side With Love 3, released on all platforms October 15, boosting his name into listeners’ libraries once again, as his unmatchable pacific-time-zone flow entraps the audience throughout its entirety. His monthly listeners on Spotify has climbed to nearly 2 million, and this visual alone has already acquired 80K views in just a few days. Watch “Deep Thought” on YouTube below!

AUTOTONE – [Matty Wood$]

By Jaxon Brown // 25 Oct 2021

There’s a certain feeling when you listen to a project through its entirety, realizing just how good it is as you proceed throughout. That’s the exact feeling I got with AUTOTONE, the latest mastery from St. Louis native, Matty Wood$, a.k.a. the “Backwoods Bandit.” Starting from the top, Wood$ shows off his sound which has found a niche in the industry; harmonious layered autotune softly laid over masterful keys, winds and 808s. With “Here we go again” leading off, listeners get a taste of the melodic nature of his voice, and groovy keys match the tone to give a tremendous preview of the rest of the project. Songs like “Elektra,” and “The Ballad of Tony Tone, Pt. 2,” give glimpses into catchy one-liners-turned-hooks that can’t help but melt to their respective instrumentals. I promise you, “This the sound that money make, 20 thumbin’ through the cake,” won’t leave your head. Moving down the tracklist is a fantastic run of four songs that seemed to impress me more and more as the album proceeded. The hooks drew me in, and the layered beats and vocal tracks flawlessly mended on “Mean Choppa” and “Sticky Icky,” with a slower, reverb-heavy masterpiece in “Dirty.” …

Red Flag – [JayDaYoungan]

By Jaxon Brown // 22 Oct 2021

JayDaYoungan came back tonight with, “Red Flag,” a brand new release with a partnered music video shot by 9films. The visual is high-energy, with multiple jump cuts to Jay and his crew getting animated to the track with sharp, vibrant effects that really make the video pop, adding to the tone of the song. It has garnered nearly 25k views in just over an hour following its release, and one can tell that the Aura Jay brings certainly attracts a plethora of listeners. This release is one of his first following his summer album, 23 Is Back, was an eight song project that brought popularity and excitement to the Louisiana native’s already strong portfolio.  His aggressive delivery and distinctive Louisiana sound have drawn the attention to listeners everywhere, and as his style continues to catch on and gain popularity, there’s no telling how high his stock will climb. Watch and listen to JayDaYoungan’s new visual and accompanying track, “Red Flag,” on YouTube below!

Sun Up to Sun Down – [NoCap]

By Jaxon Brown // 20 Oct 2021

Bama-bred and Atlantic Records member NoCap released a brand new track and accompanying visual on Saturday for his latest hit, “Sun Up to Sun Down.” The masterpiece features NoCap’s brilliant lyricism riding effortlessly over a slower key-heavy instrumental that matches perfectly with the style and niche he’s developed in just a short time among the top in the industry. His wordplay is unmatched, consistently throwing out bars that make listeners pause, analyze and rewind. “(Wall) full of (paper) homie go check out my (background)” *Slight pause to allow for lyrics to set in* The video directed by Rich Porter is crisp, with subtitles lining each clip to add both flavor and functionality, along with stunning close-ups of jewelry, luxury cars and designer fits that the rapper flaunts throughout. A dark environment caused Rich Porter to use various difficult shooting and editing techniques, something that often goes unnoticed to the untrained eye. The detail-oriented video was beautifully done, as one familiar with his work could expect.  The video currently sits at No. 6 on the YouTube top trending music chart with nearly 1.3M views in just a few days, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Watch NoCap – …

Mozzy and Kenny Beats Freestyle: The Cave

By Jaxon Brown // 15 Oct 2021

West-coast icon Mozzy joins beatmaker and hip-hop industry star Kenny Beats for a brand new episode of Kenny’s popular YouTube miniseries, The Cave. Both Kenny and Mozzy’s personalities are felt from the jump, with comical conversation and one-liners that offer glimpses into the side of musicians and entertainers that audiences rarely see. Immediately, Kenny questions Mozzy on what type of beat he was feeling, and went to work. Kenny states he can manicure an instrumental in just 10 minutes, and does exactly that, adhering to Mozzy’s request of some “aggressive-smooth-gangsta shit.” Mozzy approved and began to work diligently on a verse and in a matter of minutes, the Sacramento star was in the studio, with his distinctive voice and creative flow spitting flawlessly over the beat. “It’s either eat or get ate, fuck playin’ it safe, you in the way if you ain’t executing the play.” Check out the latest episode of Kenny Beats’ The Cave featuring Mozzy, as their incredible talents in multiple aspects of entertainment are portrayed.

Just Another Rapper – [Dave East] x [Harry Fraud]

By Jaxon Brown // 12 Oct 2021

The way Dave East is consistently able to up his own ante, track after track, is astounding, and with the latest visual to “Just Another Rapper,” off his latest project HOFFA, it’s clear to see he doesn’t plan on slowing his win-streak any time soon. “I wasn’t tryna be just another rapper, I went and got my own shit ain’t gotta ask ya.” The album is full of solidified hits, all with contribution from Harry Fraud, whom East has worked with consistently and successfully in the past. This track is no exception, and East and co. saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on popularity with a clean new visual. The video is a hit, portraying and matching East’s stoic demeanor that so many have fallen in love with, shows clips of the rapper posted on a neighborhood stoop, in an empty dim crib, and roaming sidewalks in what seems to be his hometown of Harlem as he spits straight-faced bars over the rhythmic instrumental provided by Harry Fraud. Peep the new visual to, “Just Another Rapper,” by Dave East and Harry Fraud below!        

Girls Want Girls (Roymix) – [Roy Woods]

By Jaxon Brown // 12 Oct 2021

OVO member and Toronto R&B superstar Roy Woods is back with another ‘Roymix,’ this time blending his unique vocalics with Drake’s massive hit featuring Lil Baby off his latest chart-topping album Certified Lover Boy.  With some wavy singles and OVOradio appearances, Roy has continued to tease listeners with singles and remixes in waiting for an eventual upcoming project. Recent releases have done numbers, with tracks like, “Touch You,” hitting 1M views on YouTube in just a few months. The track is just as visually appealing as it is musically, with a smooth compilation done by Jesse Dart, depicting static shots of Roy accompanied by two ladies as they chop it up over some liquor, and portrait shots of him posted in a lavish gothic-style mansion.  Roy’s range and undeniable vocal talent give “Girls Want Girls” a whole new feel that’s a must-listen. Check out the visual on YouTube below!