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iced tea – [kmoe]

By Brodie Harvey // 17 Sep 2020

Vancouver’s kmoe has exploded out of the underground scene to become one of the best new acts out. Being only 16, the young prodigy doesn’t really have many strict rules when he records his music in terms of what his sound is. We covered his glitchy hyperpop hit “fumes” with Blackwinterwells earlier this month but that was really just the introduction. While kmoe is heavily involved in the underground scene producing some of the most exciting new artists, his most recent release proves he is capable of making songs destined for massive radio play. Today, kmoe dropped a new single titled “iced tea” that shows off his vocal talents over larger than life strings and keys. While the song starts off somber, as soon as the grandiose chorus comes through and what sounds like an entire orchestra begins filling up the soundscape you begin to become completely immersed in the song. there is no denying the magical feeling this record leaves you with. To accompany the song, kmoe directed the video to show off his quirky personality and what a day in the life of a superstar in the making is all about. There has been a lot of praise …

Only Time Will Tell – [Anklegod]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Sep 2020

At only 18, Anklegod has achieved more than most with a deep catalog of slept on songs that still play perfectly for this era in hip-hop. Being that he began his music career 6 years ago, the Vancouver emcee is no rookie when it comes to his craft. After catching initial attention with the ANKAVELI EP series and a serious selection of lowkey hits on his SoundCloud, Anklegod is here to release his highly anticipated debut album. The artist has always been a master in terms of crafting verses that can relate to the despair many are feeling or songs to just let loose and turn up too, Anklegod is one that has the capability to soundtrack the highs and lows of life beautifully. His career has been leading up to this moment, it seems his time has come to for Anklegod to ascend to the top with one of the best debut projects of the year. Today marks the release of Only Time Will Tell, Anklegod’s first full-length project he has been teasing for a majority of this year. With singles “Ride” and “Showstopper” bringing unbridled energy leading up to the release, listening through the album takes on a very different feeling. …

Insane – [YSB Eli]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Sep 2020

One thing that is evidently clear this year is that North Carolina stays producing some of the best talent in music as of late. To be honest, I would never have thought of North Carolina as a place that would be the state that has an output of the artists I listen to the most, but here we are in 2020 where the unexpected should almost be to no surprise to anybody. One collective that is rising quickly is YSB, who is headed by YSB Tril but he is no longer the only member to be dropping hits. Today we have a new song from YSB Eli that shows how much talent NC really has! On his new song “Insane” YSB Eli shows his uncontainable energy that shines through on each and every bar. His cadence is impeccable, using the simple key-focused beat provided by Internet Money’s Kill Austin allows him to go off. This one would go insane in a packed club, even wilder if Eli was there performing the song live. The YSB collective have been making some serious moves in the past few months and with more of their artists starting to take off in a real …

Nikes – [Mazen]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Sep 2020

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readers to a fresh new artist based in LA by way of Lakeland, FL who goes by the name of Mazen. The Egyptian-American aritst has begun to build a buzz by crafting wildly witty verses over carefully selected production that allows the talented emcee to be ice cold in terms of his delivery. Mazen just dropped a fire new single titled “Nikes” which is by far the best showing of his lyrical talents to date. One of the opening lines claims he’s spitting the verse with “razors in my teeth”, which wouldn’t be surprising with how sharp a lot of these lines come across. Not only is Mazen’s wordplay impressive, but it also sounds even better because the production underneath it so perfectly sets up his clever lines. The beat on it has an incredibly powerful 808 pattern that leaves the perfect space for the artist’s double-timed bars, before changing the vibe completely by letting Mazen flex his singing abilities on a bridge before the 808s come back in to slap you in the face. Joe Craze produced the song, going absolutely crazy letting the artist show off all he is …

F a Friend – [Isaac Zale] Feat. [Eric Reprid]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Sep 2020

Each artist takes a bit of a different path on their journey to stardom, today we have a chill new track from one of my favorite Canadian artists Isaac Zale. Formerly known as Zac Flewids, he is known for his immaculate ability to combines witty lines with some above-average lyricism over his career to cement him as one of the most exciting new artists on the rise. The way he directs his verses all-around chaotic production is reminiscent of a raging river, taking many different forms and molding to the land around it. Zale actually means “power of the sea” and Isaac always lives up to his name, with powerful yet thoughtful verses beautifully built around any beat he finds himself on. Isaac just dropped his latest single “F a Friend” which is the 2nd single leading up to his highly anticipated debut album None Of The Keys Fit. While Zale has put out an impressive string of singles, all signs are pointing towards his upcoming debut to be the strongest display of his talents to date. The entire project is produced by his longtime collaborator and childhood friend Cherry Blu, his ability to craft chaotic but pleasant beats that allow …

Emerald – [Rockstar Payso]

By Brodie Harvey // 9 Sep 2020

Brooklyn’s Rockstar Payso has always been an artist serving up energetic and aggressive tracks that have given him a reputation as one of the borough’s best budding acts. This year, Payso has shown us a new side to his sound bringing a softer melodic element to the music he’s been releasing. He recently dropped a strong new song titled “Emerald” that is a low key bouncy single that is sure to fit well in your playlists as we wind down this crazy summer. Rockstar Payso works incredibly well when he can use the drum pattern to end each line of his verses most impactfully. We see this on his older, more hype tracks but even when he slows things down this talent still shines through. The visuals to accompany the single release help bring to life the dark energy of this song, Payso always pays close attention to detail when it comes to videos, “Emerald is no exception. Rockstar Payso has shown us just how versatile he is, with more strong singles planned to close out 2020 be on the lookout for what else the talented artist has in store! Listen to “Emerald” on all platforms here and watch the …

Blow It All – [YSN Flow] Feat. [Osibih]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Sep 2020

Last Friday, one of the most promising acts exploding out of the Midwest is YSN Flow dropped an explosive new single over glitchy that caught me off guard. The young emcee has already shown us how talented he is at crafting incredible melodic verses, his ability to coast all over any beat is second to none. His most recent single is called  “Blow It All”, it features Osibih and is a perfect example that no matter the production, Flow can provide smooth vocals that feel as if the producer made it precisely for his delivery. The 16-year-old artist has been impressing us on a consistent basis but building off his impressive debut mixtape FLOW $ZN earlier this year, there are no signs of slowing down soon. Both YSN Flow and Osibih effortlessly trade-off between hypnotic harmonies and hard-hitting hooks, each artist brings their own energy but merge perfectly on this track. The visuals to accompany the single bring the feeling of ballin’ during the age of COVID 19, turning your spot into a club and throwing bills to remind yourself what the club once felt like. Even though Flow is only 16 he has been ready for this life for some …

reeboks – [danny G]

By Brodie Harvey // 2 Sep 2020

Today we have a fresh new artist out of Nashville who goes by the name of danny G. The artist bounces between melodic pop anthems and smooth rap-influenced verses in between choruses that are impossible to get out of your head. He recently dropped his latest single titled “reeboks, a smooth song that shows both danny’s melodic talents in addition to his combination of pop vocals with a more hip-hop verse structure. The song is really a vibey ballad to his girl, that he makes a comparison to how she is simple and cool like a timeless pair of white Reeboks. The shoe is one danny has always repped so he’s also letting her know he wants her in her life just like the shoes that have always been a staple. The new artist attributes his unique sound to a genre that has quickly been growing in popularity called ‘flow pop’. A trend that has been growing quickly is using elements from all genres to create music that sounds like a true representation of who the artist is, each individual is able to craft a sound that is going to sound unique to them and that is exactly what danny …