i don’t care at all – [bbno$]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Nov 2019

Alright we don’t have to play around here, its understood bbno$ moves different than a lot of these rappers out right now. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the Vancouver based artist, dropping his sophomore album Recess earlier this year and following with a run of hit singles, one that just so happened to crush hundreds of millions of streams. With more attention than ever, he finds himself at an interesting point in his career being that he could sign with any label looking to cash in on his chaotic energy. By the sounds of it, ever since he deactivated stealth mode they’ve been hunting him down to finally give him some money. To no one’s surprise, he’s remained independent as one of the largest artist’s to bet on himself and become one of the top 100 streaming artists on Spotify without a label. By doing this, he is creating a pathway to show how to become a thriving artist in quite possibly the craziest time in the music industry. Today marks the release of bbno$’s third studio album i don’t care at all, an amply titled project considering the more fame he seems to get the less interested he is in …

Keep in Touch – [Armani White]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Nov 2019

One of the most inspiring artists to rise out of West Philly in the past year is Armani White, the rapper filled with life that brings incredibly positive energy to his music and the results show just that on his recent album Keep in Touch. As an artist that has been able to utilize the rough upbringing he had into his music and bring incredible raw emotion and passion behind each of his songs. This EP is incredibly bright and really is a mood uplifter for any listener, beginning with the intro track 2018’s “Onederful” which clearly feels inspired by the work of Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment out of Chicago. This project serves as Armani’s debut and a strong one at that. He took a break from his music after the passing of his father, he dedicated the album to him and where the name Keep in Touch comes from. This level of emotion and personability is what really allows listeners to connect with his music. Even if you have never experienced what Armani has, his lyrics have the power to bring you into that mindset and connect it with events in your own life. Truly music that can uplift the spirit …

Sunset Blvd – [Lavi$h]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Nov 2019

It really is never too late in the year for a summery bop that gets people hopping out of their seats and channeling as much positive energy as possible. Toronto artist Lavi$h released a Carribean influenced R&B track earlier this year and just followed up with some impressive visuals that bring his single “Sunset Blvd” to life. What really make the video fit the track perfectly is the fact Lavi$h left Toronto’s cold to film the video in LA and encapsulate the feeling of the West Coast in his tropical song. The video transitions flawlessly from cinematic shots on the beach and in the hills, to LA’s infamous nightlife scene that fit as a perfect ending to the video. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing the name Lavi$h more frequently by the time next summer rolls around. Watch the video for “Sunset Blvd” below!

Bankroll – [88GLAM] ft. [Lil Keed]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Nov 2019

What has been incredible to watch over the past few years is artists at the top of their game really bringing up talent and setting them up for success in a major way. Two of the most exciting talents to rise up in the past year are XO’s 88GLAM and YSL’s Lil Keed, which pretty much goes without saying at this point. It makes sense that as 88GLAM gears up for their third project, that they would join forces with Keed to show the world exactly what the future will be sounding like. 88GLAM have long been a favorite of mine, long before the artists formed the group their solo releases still get plays from me on the regular. Their sound has developed immensely over the years, their chemistry is otherworldly and that is evident when Derek Wise and 88camino trade verses back and forth effortlessly like they’re sparring. Keed fits in perfectly, using his roaring voice to give the track a different sound entirely. What’s amazing is to see Derek and 88camino branch out of Toronto, recording this song with Keed in Atlanta. This jump across the border is what takes Canadian artists from being beloved in their own …

Triple Helix – [KILLY]

By Brodie Harvey // 5 Nov 2019

Rising Toronto phenom KILLY has been carefully plotting his come up over the past year and the results are evident. Each and every release from KILLY seems to have the genre-pushing artist experimenting with new ways to use his unique voice. His latest single “Triple Helix” has been teased for some time, his fanbase has been eager for this futuristic flexer’s anthem. Simple yet spacey is the best way to describe the production from heavy hitters Oogie Mane and 16yrold, a lane that KILLY consistently dismantles. As one of the most impressive acts to gain international notoriety out of Canada, what 2020 holds for the artist is going to define a whole new look for rap coming out of the North. Stream “Triple Helix” on all platforms here!

HALF GEMINI – [916frosty]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Nov 2019

Something that has become evidently clear within the past year is the gravitation towards genreless music. Artists no longer feel boxed in by their given genre, this has been building up over the past decade but has really flourished this year. 916frosty is an artist that has been making serious waves in the underground for some time but his sound has evolved completely with the release of his debut project HALF GEMINI.  The mysterious artist’s futuristic vocals lend themselves well to a variety of genres throughout the 6-song EP, each showing off truly how powerful his voice is. We have seen beat switch-ups become a popular method to make songs feel fresh and free-flowing, but frosty really stepped it up to another level with each song, going from thumping 808s one moment to 90’s grunge guitar riffs is truly a display of frosty’s wide array of influences. Even though 916frosty turned 18 a month ago, for how complete his sound is at a young age is an impressive feat. The intro song “mr. valentine” sets a strong tone as soon as the beat drops, as one of the most energetic songs on the EP it starts off on a high note. …

Shining On My Ex – [bbno$] ft. [Yung Gravy]

By Brodie Harvey // 2 Nov 2019

This has been an insane week for our favorite Canadian weirdo. First, he dropped the remix to his smash hit “Lalala” alongside Enrique Iglesias and fellow Vancouver-born pop phenom Carly Rae Jepsen. Yeah, you read that right. Completely out of left field, but this type of maneuver has come to be expected from bbno$. This Friday he released another absolute slapper alongside his partner Yung Gravy titled “Shining On My Ex”, a song that is a true classic from the powerhouse duo. These two have developed a certain formula when it comes to putting out music, they effortlessly trade off verses and the topics of their bars are usually lines that you’ve never even thought of. One of my favorites from this single comes with a reference to PnB Rock’s neck. As mentioned in our interview, bbno$ teased the release of Baby Gravy 2 sometime soon, this song has me insanely optimistic for what’s to come when these two release another full-length project. Stream “Shining On My Ex” below!

WHAT THEY SAY NOW (ALIEF EDITION) – [Tobe Nwigwe] ft. [Young Deji]

By Brodie Harvey // 29 Oct 2019

What sets an artist above the rest can often be their creative direction in the way they bring music to life. Tobe Nwigwe has always been a powerhouse in all aspects of creativity, he recently released a video for “WHAT THEY SAY NOW (ALIEF EDITION)” that is a prime example of how to make something simple in concept look incredibly cinematic. What should be noted before we continue this article is that Tobe directed the visuals himself, like I said the man is not playing around when it comes to the art surrounding his music. On his most recent single, Tobe linked up with fellow Houston rising star Young Deji. We’ve covered Deji aka Lil Woah in the past, but he is an artist that seems to be gaining serious steam as an artist moving into the next decade. Both Deji and Tobe are from the Alief neighborhood of Houston, which makes this an extremely special collaboration for the two. Being able to bring their music back to Alief, shooting the video and putting the name right in the song title should show the connection both artists have to their home. A unique setting, coordinated outfits, simple movements that change …