System – [Curtis Waters]

By Brodie Harvey // 25 Jun 2020

Since we last had Curtis Waters on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade a lot has changed. A few months ago Mr. Waters started promoting his breakout hit “Stunnin” on TikTok with a catchy hook and an incredibly simple dance move that simply took over the world in a matter of weeks. With the song still picking up steam, it seems that Curtis Waters has finally found his way to connect with the masses and this has also come with its fair share of stress. Being an independent artist in this day and age, when you have a song that is starting to make a profound impact on TikTok the major labels begin to surround you like a pack of Great White Sharks. Over the past year, we have seen a ton of artists cash out on their first viral hit but Curtis Waters is here to show that you can manage a hit such as this independently without having to sign away your career. This is where Waters’ highly anticipated follow up takes aim. Earlier this week, Curtis dropped a high energy digitally influenced punk banger called “System” that was written in response to how he felt like he was …

End of Summer – [Alley Coop]

By Brodie Harvey // 22 May 2020

The ongoing pandemic has undoubtedly effected everybody reading this in some way, shape, or form. People everywhere have had life through them a major curveball, but a certain group has had a time in their life put on pause that isn’t necessarily one you can simply relive. Kids everywhere finishing High School looking to move onto the next stage of their life, often celebrated with full force, have had to simply wave goodbye to some of the most profoundly confusing and fun years any of us live in their own isolated spaces. Up until now, I haven’t heard a song that contextualizes this feeling quite as well as Alley Coop on “End of Summer”. One of the smoothest voices I have come across is Oklahoma’s Alley Coop, if you aren’t familiar you better fix that quickly. The artist has an incredibly powerful voice at 18, able to craft larger than life melodies that intertwine with the production seamlessly. Alley Coop begins the song about how the life he once knew is over, with coronavirus stealing his year alongside everybody else. It shifts to a more positive space, shining a light on the end of the tunnel later this summer where …

IDDTFM – [Allan Kingdom]

By Brodie Harvey // 21 May 2020

When it comes to artists who are truly passionate about the music they make, there aren’t many that love pushing their limits to make something that sounds new nearly every time quite like Allan Kingdom. At this point, most of our readers should be familiar with the name, the trailblazing artist has never taken the foot off the gas in terms of releasing quality music that continues to evolve in terms of style and influence as he grows. With the release of his latest EP I Don’t Do This For Money, Allan blesses fans with yet another standout project that allows them behind the curtain to see the creative world inside of his head. The title of the EP should be self-explanatory for the passion that Allan has behind his music, dropping music that always comes off as an authentic representation of one of this past decade’s most versatile voices. Songs like “BLESSED” and “BART” are classic Kingdom, both coming off incredibly playful while he speaks on serious topics with an upbeat perspective. Allan also released a mini-documentary alongside this EP that outlines the motivation behind this project, his journey to Africa to understand what his divine purpose is through music. This perfectly …

Rich Bitch – [Bankrol Hayden]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 May 2020

At this point, there is no getting in the way of Bankrol Hayden and the wave he bringing with him. Fresh off the heels of his biggest hit to date “Costa Rica”, Hayden has returned with another fire single that is guaranteed to get people moving. Starting off this summer in a major way, “Rich Bitch” is a track that pairs perfectly with driving fast with all the windows down when the weather is prime. One thing that Hayden excels at is creating bouncy anthems that are catchy as hell. You can’t really listen to any of his songs without the melody or chorus getting imprinted in your head after the first play. With this song proving that Hayden is wildly consistent in terms of releasing hits, the excitement for his upcoming debut mixtape is at an all-time high. All signs point to the 18-year-old artist being one of this year’s biggest break out stars, it would be wise to start paying attention now before you start seeing his name all over the place. The debut mixtape will be releasing shortly and once that drops there’s no looking back for Bankrol Hayden, the sky is the limit. Stream “Rich Bitch” …


By Brodie Harvey // 14 May 2020

There is really no one way to become a successful rapper. With the possibilities growing by the second, there are paths to stardom that would be inconceivable to a previous generation. Today we have a debut from an artist named ANTY2FLY, who has been able to build a serious fanbase before even releasing his first single. Effectively utilizing apps like Instagram or TikTok to get people familiar with his personality before dropping music has allowed ANTY to get the hard work of building an initial fanbase out of the way and is now ready to take things to the next level. The video and single for “FLAGRANT FOUL” dropped last week and his infectious flow will have you bobbing your head almost instantly. ANTY2FLY’s personality is what made the initial splash but now that his music is beginning to take off its only a matter of time before the LA-based artist is leading the next viral dance craze. Listen to “FLAGRANT FOUL” on all platforms here and watch the video below! Directed by Paul Wildum

Growing Pains – [SGE Kash]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 May 2020

Baltimore got themselves a new star in the making and his name is SGE Kash. After getting some initial heat from winning a contest with WorldStar to promote his music, the artist has quickly capitalized and begun his takeover releasing nothing but strong singles and loading up for a major year. Today we are featuring his most recent single and video for the electric “Growing Pains”. What stands out about Kash is his larger than life melodic voice that carefully crafts street ballads ready to bump on big speakers throughout the country. With only a small handful of releases, we are very much in the early days of SGE Kash’s journey. With an impressive start, he is most definitely an artist to keep your eyes on as this summer heats up! Watch the video for “Growing Pains” below!

The Making of Timeless Music: A Conversation with Jay Worthy and Harry Fraud

By Brodie Harvey // 8 May 2020

When it comes to artists that have been able to build out catalogs with timeless music due to their acute knowledge of classic records far exceeds the average person, there aren’t many that have the depth of taste quite like Harry Fraud and Jay Worthy. Both artists definitely have similar influences throughout their music, the fact that it has taken this long for their paths to cross is actually surprising. They are both kindred souls that have an affinity for a certain time period that is insanely easy to picture once their project starts playing, an era that always hits smooth when the weather starts getting warmer. As restrictions begin to slowly lift, there’s no doubt  Eat When You’re Hungry Sleep When You’re Tired will be played in cars cruising slowly throughout the country. If you know anything about Jay Worthy, its that he is by far one of the most interesting characters in the industry. Hell, he is the uncle to the most talked about children in recent memory X Æ A-12. Worthy is a man with ties to nearly every big name to come out in the past decade, his genuine attitude and consistent output of timeless classics …

Language – [Bryce Hase] Ft. [Tory Lanez]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 May 2020

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to an artist out of Dallas who has leveled up in a major way with the release of his biggest single to date. 18-year-old Bryce Hase has been having an incredibly strong debut year, releasing some incredibly vibe ready R&B music. Last week he dropped a massive song alongside Tory Lanez, the duo pair perfectly with both Bryce and Tory having incredibly smooth verses that cascade on top of the piano-heavy production much like a surfer on a massive wave. With Tory giving Bryce a major cosign on “Language” it would not be surprising if we began to see the name Bryce Hase become a frequent star on choruses all over the charts in no time. Get hip to Bryce Hase and check out the music he has been dropping this year, it would be safe to say he still is only a few releases away from becoming a household name. Listen to “Language” on all platforms here!