True, Pt. 3 – [Cyrax]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 Sep 2019

When an artist perfectly executes a teaser online, it’s exciting to watch the hype build organically until the song eventually releases. Cyrax teased “True, Pt. 3” on his Instagram a few weeks back and I ended up watching the snippet on loop repeatedly because the song was just that fire. This is the first single from Cyrax’s highly anticipated album Stay Active 2 and it is setting a wild precedent for the rest of the project which is sure to include one of the most talented melodic rappers venturing in a number of different stylistic directions. “True, Pt. 3” is an amazing evolution in Cyrax’s True series. By far the most soulful record in the series, the Divine Council member creates a classic R&B cut that sounds great now but would probably still be popular twenty years in the past or fifty years in the future. The Virginia-based artist has a lot of career experience under his belt already, it seems that he is really coming into his own in terms of his sound and the music he creates. Be on the lookout for Stay Active 2 and stream “True, Pt. 3” on all platforms here! Produced by Genshin

Real Vs Fake (Remix) – [Yung Knxw] ft. [Paul Wall]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 Sep 2019

Rising Houston artist Yung Knxw has been a staple in the evergrowing rap scene, his quick spitting lyrics have given him a modern sound that still reigns true to H-Town. Knxw spent the early part of the year focused on the release of his debut EP Nobody Knxws, a stellar quick 6-song project that fully showed the young emcee’s potential. This wild remix all began when “Real Vs Fake” originally dropped last year, the song was Knxw’s first single on streaming platforms and kickstarted his career. Almost a year later, a Texas Legend laid down a verse to add onto an already energetic and bouncy single. This is the first single Yung Knxw has released since his father Bushwick Bill passed, a redetermined focus shows that Yung Knxw is not coming to play around. After a remix like this, I cannot wait to see what Knxw has planned next. Stream “Real Vs Fake (Remix)” on all platforms here!

The Trap Mamba – [Ola Playa]

By Brodie Harvey // 13 Sep 2019

French producer Brodinski has an impeccable track record of finding Atlanta’s most promising Trap artists. Working with the likes of 21 Savage, Peewee Longway, and HoodRich Pablo Juan early in their careers, Brodinski’s unique style of production has lent well to get the most out of ATL’s best. Brodinski linked up with Atlanta emcee Ola Playa to release The Trap Mamba, a 9 song energy levels that would make Kobe himself proud. While this may be my first interaction with Ola Playa, it will most definitely not be the last. All throughout this project, Ola Playa and Brodinski seem to be a perfect pairing as the electronic meets trap beats are the perfect setting for Playa to go all kinds of crazy. As soon as this project gets going, the energy can be felt whether listening on headphones or earth-shaking speakers. “Willy Wonka” is the first bass abuser on the project, a single that will get your head boppin instantly. Another track to hype up any listener is “Hand Sanitizer”, a mystical beat that Playa attacks with full force to make an anthem. Being that this is only the second time Brodinski has worked with an artist entirely on a project, …

Love The Hate – [ssgkobe]

By Brodie Harvey // 12 Sep 2019

There’s no way to deny that melodic rappers have quickly risen to the top of the charts, people around the world have flocked to it for good reason. One of my favorite rising melody-heavy artists is ssgkobe, a young emcee that has already shown he has an innate ability to ride any beat with ease. Having a steady amount of releases on his SoundCloud, the progression from release to release shows wild levels of growth for the upcoming artist. Earlier this week ssgkobe dropped Love The Hate,  a 3-song EP that is a sample size of what he is capable of. The intro track “Winner” features a much more laidback delivery, compared to “Cherish” which has a beat that could have been from a mid-2000’s R&B banger. “Strain” is the final track on the project and by far the stand out in my eyes, this has ssgkobe with a cadence on par with Tecca. Since Love The Hate is only 3 tracks deep, it only makes sense to give it a run through down below!

Mommy – [So Loki]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Sep 2019

The gruesome twosome that is So Loki has always been two wild personalities that just so happen to make incredible music. Fresh off the release of “Daddy” it’s only right that So Loki followed up with “Mommy”, an equally hilarious title that has begun to have a similar impact on Triller and TikTok. The duo wants their presence to be felt immediately as emcee Sam Lucia comes with an intense delivery that is reminiscent of an angrier SAINt JHN. So Loki is known for the playful nature of their music, but the overall quality of their music has been increasing rapidly. Producer Jaja Blinky consistently provides the perfect production for Sam to contort his voice in an insane amount of ways on this record alone. They’ve been teasing their upcoming project Planet Bando 23 for the better part of the year, a follow up to last year’s Planet Bando. Since that project, they released a collab EP with Lyrical Lemonade favorite bbno$ and founded their own imprint Owake Records, signing their first aritst rising emcee BAINS. So Loki is gearing up for a big release with their next project, be sure to get familiar with their extensive catalog. Stream “Mommy” below!

CLICK CLACK – [Just John] & [Dom Dias]

By Brodie Harvey // 9 Sep 2019

Toronto’s powerhouse duo of rapper Just John and producer Dom Dias seem to be leveling up every few months in terms of their creative outputs. The pair seems to have found their perfect equivalent as Dom Dias’ production style is dark and gritty which pairs exceptionally well with John’s eccentric style of delivery. On their most recent single “CLICK CLACK”, Just John takes his lyrical talents to new heights as he intricately weaves around the dirty 808s that have become a signature in Dom’s production. This is a perfect single coming off their Don III EP that released earlier this year, it has all the energy that fans have come to expect from Just John and Dom Dias. There is a video in the works that John has been teasing on his Instagram that is self-directed by the emcee, a testament to how talented the artist is as a creative powerhouse in the making. That will be released in the near future but in the meantime, listen to “CLICK CLACK” on all platforms here!

Sunset Diner – [Kid Quill]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Sep 2019

There is no doubt that the way most people consume music has changed drastically in recent years. Long gone are the days of driving around your city for months with the same five CDs playing back to front, getting to know every track in order by memory. Currently singles dominate as the overall importance of tracklisting seemed to have lost their importance to fans. So when I first heard Kid Quill’s new album, that is able to weave a cohesive story in 13 songs, the memories of that time period come racing to my head. Kid Quill’s most recent album Sunset Diner is by far the Indiana natives most ambitious to date. As mentioned in the paragraph above, it is an album that all centers around one central storyline that plays out throughout the project. Sunset Diner is the story of a night out with friends all revolving around this diner. The energy on this album is grandiose and leaves listeners with a larger than life feel, a similar feel to Coloring Book by Chance if that helps paint the picture. In all of his music, elements of his upbringing in Indianapolis have carried along with him as he’s progressed throughout his career. This evident on …

Planet4 – [a4]

By Brodie Harvey // 6 Sep 2019

Today we have an EP of astronomical proportions, interplanetary artist a4 released his debut project Planet4 to the human population. On paper, a4 is from the West Coast of Canada but rumor has it he crash-landed on Earth from Planet4 years ago. His music definitely has an out of this world feel to it, spacy beats mixed with autotune laced vocals that create for a sound that can only be influenced by extraterrestrials. Planet4 spans four tracks long but with a small sample size, it is the perfect offering to see just the type of artist a4 is. “Dynamite” and “Rackades” start the project out with beats that are incredibly atmospheric, allowing a4 to glide all over the sporadic production. The EP closes out with the lead single “Reasons” that features his fellow Secret Sound Club members KILLY and SEGA. a4 is one of the few member’s of the elusive Secret Sound Club imprint founded by KILLY. Stream Planet4 on all platforms here!